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Bezdrev HFT expert advisor

Provides automated (HFT) trading, manual trading, and alerts, with a manager panel.

Utilises bollinger bands, moving averages, Parabolic SAR, pivots and pending orders with range breakout.

Allows linking takeprofit, stoploss, Sound & push-notifications, buy & sell triggers, to customizable indicators; 8  moving averages, 3 Bollinger bands, PSAR, and daily pivots.

A grasp of the configurability:
Active market hours requirement for all majors.
set timer intervals per timeframe trade trigger.
Multiple seperators & invert usage of seperators. (only buy/sell above/below).
Enable/disable sending takeprofit & stoploss to server, with configurable timer.
Allow takeprofit updates further from current price.
Set minimal loss in points for all activated SL triggers, minimal profit in points for all activated takeprofit triggers.
Disable button mirroring, for manual trend trading.
Loading .set files saved from optimizations will automatically enable the relevant buttons for easy manual visual strategy analysing.
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Версия 1.2 2019.03.17
// 1.2: bugfixes:
// Fixed invalid sl/price occurances when sending tp/sl to broker option is enabled.
// Optimization backtesting: Accidental limitation of specific parameter removed.
// Magic ignore range setting now includes the start and ending number (so that when set to start at 0, it will ignore manual trades).