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Kisselyovs Stochastic

This version of Stochastic shows the possibility of earning a profit desired by the trader. The profit is specified in the settings; and the Stochastic automatically displays possible variants for the market, to whose chart it is applied. There are much more variants and information provided comparing to the standard Stochastic (one can see it on the screenshot).


  1. No yellow channel (flat, it is recommended no to enter).
  2. The yellow channel narrows (the market started moving in some direction).
  3. The yellow channel widens (the market stops moving, the volatility decreases).

One can enter the market according to several variants, for example:

  1. The yellow channel narrows, the main lines crosses the channel inside-out (the volatility grows).
  2. The yellow channel doesn't widen, the main line crosses the channel outside-in.
  3. The yellow channel is narrower than the lines 20-80, the main line crosses the level 80 (20) outside-in.

One can enter either according to the main line, or according to the intersection of the main line and the yellow channel, this is up to the trader.

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Version 1.1 - 2013.07.15
Fixed the error of buffer processing (the indicator could disappear from the window).