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30+ USD
Hi, need a quick and good programmer to make an indicator for me. It'll plot momentum signals on the chart based on FTR and FTB principles.  Like in the attached file, it's simply for the brearish FTR to have a bullish candle between 2 bearish candles, and vice versa. For the FTB, it's to have the mkt came back to test this period. So to make it easy, when a an FTR happens, just  draw a rectangle, the  size of...
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Indicators 2018.12.06
30 - 40 USD
I need Signals for MT4 that are going to make certified profits. Open to offers. If prove to be really good I will be happy to split profits. I am fairly new to trading. I know there's no such thing in magic but I kinda need it ;)
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Experts Other Forex 2018.12.06
30 - 500 USD
Looking for somebody who know how to program a hedging system for range bound markets with an added program that can deal with trends, as you know trends are a hedge equity killer, the hedge should open sell and buy orders every x amount of pip spacing , when following the trend , therefore 1st rule would be to have a very accurate trend following indicator, then every say 50 pips a buy and sell order would be...
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Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging 2018.12.06
1000+ USD
Hello, I have a website and I want to promote my PAMM/MAM services on it. These are the features I need to be developed. Frontend functions (Members area) 1-User can view his balance and the live/closed trades opened on his mt4 account when logged ON our website. Data will be pulled from publication. ( Or any other solution to pull the data from) 2-Automated invoicing. Users can pay their monthly...
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Experts Integration Statistics and mathematics Panels and dialog boxes Custom graphics Java JavaScript PHP SQL MySQL PostgreSQL Python HTML Linux RegExp Trading robot/indicator debugging Uploading data to a website Forex Stocks Options Data mining Product Design 2018.12.06
30 - 80 USD
read this requirements and understand very carefully  and then tell me how much u need time and what is final budget ? u can see english and arbic  1 -  Entry points for immediate selling or buying 2 -  Buy stop and sell stop 3 -  buy limit and sell limit 4 - Automatic entry 5 - Use the stochasTic indicator 6 - EXPERT SYSTEM BASED ON STATUS PRICE OR POSITION Amount to be earned 7 - Introducing the trailing...
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Experts 2018.12.06
30 - 70 USD
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Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Strategy modules Forex Stocks 2018.12.06
Continue the first Job (personal job)
60+ USD
1) Sometimes the panel receives the payout value even before their web trader platform. And other times, it gets the payout a little later. I think that is related to the order of the requisitions, maybe it would really better to decrease the amount of pairs in the panel. It is possible to create 3 EA's, each one with 7 pairs in the panel? How we can set it up with all the 22 pairs working? Is there a solution for...
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Experts 2018.12.06
100 - 150 USD
The EA, it's been tested and testing on live a/c last three months, but it still got bugs. So, I need a good programmer to fix bugs and add panel which will display Realtime statistic and information on operating EA. And lastly, design the product for marketing. More specific advice will be release to a selected  programmer.
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Experts Design Statistics and mathematics Panels and dialog boxes Custom graphics C++ Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Forex Product Design 2018.12.06
Forex Mentor (personal job)
30 - 80 USD
hi bart, how are you? I´d like you as mentor to teach me the system of differents brokers you had make for me. I need understand it better how it works to use another ea I have. Is it possible I use this application on my desktop instead of cloud? Is it possible make it works on mobile? tks
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Experts 2018.12.06
70 - 300 USD
Hello Developers! i need full time developer on fix salery basis weekly or monthly on start we will work weekly basis salery but if you will prove your self good then we will deal monthly salery there will be no tasks limits some time we have 2 tasks a day  some time we have 5 tasks a day some time we have 1 task a day some time no task all day so it will depend here will be no limitation of tasks some time...
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Indicators Experts 2018.12.06
Sa7lab V10 (personal job)
30 - 52 USD
Hi Dionisis, I would like to add the "switch" option to the latest EA we have developed (EA V9) Please note that when I use the "Shift" option, the EA does not follow the exact rules, new trades are opened before the 2 EA crosses each other.  Many thanks, Saleh
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Indicators Experts 2018.12.05
30+ USD
I need template of scrollbar dashboard that involves 7 columns and buttons. All columns should be sort-able. the template should be similar to attached picture. I need mq4 file only and my budget is only $19. Thanks M.H.A
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Experts 2018.12.05
30+ USD
et edit  EN I have an MT4 EA which needs to be converted to MT5 and needs to add hedging functionality to it. Developer also should be willing to login to my VPS to fix any issues found without any long delays. Testing in live demo for minimum 1/2 days before completion of job to make sure all settings work as expected. Details will be provided in private.
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Converting 2018.12.05
30 - 100 USD
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Experts 2018.12.05
30 - 50 USD
basically the EA will go to each symbol ==> specification ==> and extract all data in CVS format  this will be done on all symbols  basically imagine this is the flow chart process :  1- EURUSD ==> Right Click  2- Specification  3- all data found on the specification tab ( contract size, min lots, max lots etc...) to be extracted 4- all data will be saved on an excel file the picture is the data I want...
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Experts 2018.12.05
30+ USD
Hello, I need 2 robots that will be very similar to each other: -  robot #1 for the sell orders -  robot #2 for the buy orders Here are the conditions that must be met: 1. robot will re-place all closed orders as Limit orders (Buy-limit or Sell-limit) 2. let's say i have a buy order at 120, with TP at 125.     once the TP is hit the robot must issue a buy-limit order with the same settings as the previously...
18 Applications
Experts 2018.12.05
Creation of an EA Grid and efficient money management (personal job)
200+ USD
Hi Cai Has talked, here it is the paiement for EA teaching. How to code a Grid EA with efficient money managment, backtesting it for testing the accuracy. Could be great to teach me the most about using DLL and hidden stop loss also hidden take profit I've already some knowledge about MQL coding, but want to enhance my knowledge with an expert for MQL coding. Regards
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Experts 2018.12.05
50+ USD
I have an EA which is working on live system , it has a buying and selling strategy and in the mean time this strategy increasing the lot size on both side. regards and waiting for a professional team.
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Experts 2018.12.05
EA (personal job)
2000+ USD
Basically my deal is that you help me with all the strategy indicators and resources you have to create an EA I will incooperate that with my current knowledge and skills and indicators and I will make an EA After coding is done, which usually takes an hour to 2-3 days depending on my worklod We will test it out and find bad points in the EA to make it better; Lesser losses. And after the product runs...
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Experts Strategy optimization 2018.12.05
Indicator Update (personal job)
150+ USD
CodeChecks: Thefinished indicator is called: 01MechanikosSV The correctGlobal Variable Names are being produced. The synthetictime-codes are generate mathematically accurate Slope Values. Allcode related to Arrows, Dots, and Pivot Point Letters is completelydeleted from the indicator. All code related to timeframeselection in the user-interface section is deleted, this shouldoutput all 28, on all timeframes,...
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Indicators 2018.12.05