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30+ USD
Hey! I would like to create my own telegram signals copier to give to my channel members for free. What would be the requirements, how long would it take? How much maintenance and updates would it need
50 - 100 USD
i have an mt4 indicator, which is made up of actually 3 indicators, arrows, trendlines and support and resistance, i want an EA dat can open trades only when the arrow signal is close with trendline or support/resistance area, then open trades quick and scalp, 5-20 pips, and set a same tight stop loss how much? thanks
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Spécifiez ici votre Cahier des Charges point par point. Essayez de décrire brièvement et clairement vos besoins, afin que votre développeur potentiel puisse évaluer correctement sa complexité et son coût, ainsi que le temps d'exécution requis. Une description mauvaise ou trop générique entraînera l'ignorance de votre commande, ou vous passerez beaucoup de temps à négocier les détails avec chaque demandeur. N'oubliez
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Safe space. Affordable. Open for learning and development to create an open window of wealth. Legitimate space and open to lower class. Ready to make a difference to different personalities and tribes
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MQL5 Experts
30+ USD
Hello , i have a tradingview pinescript i would like to convert to metatrader. If you can do this please kindly bid me now to discuss more about this project. Thanks
30+ USD
Hi dude I am facing the problem to tacking withdraw from metatrader5 so I want somebody to help me for withdraw process from metatrader5 to paypal or skrill in my account
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MQL5 Experts
60 - 70 USD
Hi, I need someone to convert tradingview pine script to tradestation easy language and add a daily start and stop time. For example only take sogbals generated between 8am and 4pm. This is the script link below
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C++ Design C++
30+ USD
Hi , I am looking for Pine script editor to create strategies off Will provide details of the strategy. My strategies are based off trend angle and indicators, therefore must know how to automate trend angle tool. possible? Above is the link for requirement that bot strategy is going to be based off
30+ USD
Prerequisites for ordering a trading robot Why is it important to have a well-prepared Requirements Specification? Requirements Specification examples What is contained in the Requirements Specification? Where do I get Requirements Specification if I can't create it? Terms to use How to write an order description in the Freelance The general idea of ​​a trading strategy Description of a setup preceding the signal
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80 - 100 USD
I want a robot that will be based an candle sticks partterns. I want situation were once i put the robot on the chart and chose buy or sell and the number of trades to open then it will only buy or sell in that particular direction only. That is if i put the robot on the chart and chose buy, number of trades to open 2 and chose the 1 hour time frame then if at the end of the candle it is still a bullish candle then
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Choose one of the indicators that will help you out and I will get you the best I will be here for you if you need me to do anything for you different than the previous one youindicators for your business
2000 - 4000 USD
Need to develop program has many experts robots also can use all feature of technical tools to allow customer to make their Robot . The idea from this program can allow the customer choose if they want to make their expert by themself from our technical tools like ; but if they make their expert so they can link it with brokers API so they make expert and trade from the program also
50 - 60 USD
Hello. I need some tradeview pine converted to tradestation easy language. Also please add a daily start and stop time. For example only take signals generated between 8am and 4pm
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C# Other C#
30 - 50 USD
Hello, I have a bot that needs an update to it. it's made in trading view sending a web hook to run on google cloud server. its going to be a work in progress, but right now, i need it to open longs and shorts currently it only goes 1 way, later i'd like to program in some automated stop losses
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MQL5 Indicators Experts
100 - 200 USD
I am looking for a profitable ready made EA with min 4-5% monthly profit and max 20% of DD. pass the backtest on EURUSD from 2014. EAs with Grid, Hedge, Martingale and pyramiding would be advantage. price is negotiable depending on results. please first send me backtest results of EURUSD from 2014 then I will ask a demo version to test on backtest and live
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MQL5 Experts
80+ USD
I want to create an alert based on a custom indicator which is complex and repaint. I Need the alert send to my MT4 ID. The alert has 3 different SOP that need to be follow. I will explain everything in details if you can do it and have the experience/expertise. The photo represent the custom indicator which is a buy entry according to the SOP
30 - 200 USD
We have an existing PHP based app through which we want to connect MT5 web API. We need help with Connectivity and accessing API functions like getting account profile, Placing an order, cancel an active order etc
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MQL5 Integration PHP
30+ USD
I need a serious and experience developer that can create a simple EA using moving average and MACD plus other input Futures that Will be explained in the inbox. The developer must be very good at understanding EMA Cross Functions and using MACD as filter as well as the ability for the ea to fetch reading from higher selected timeframe to execute order
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30 - 40 USD
Convert a mql4 indicator to pine acript (trading view) with all functions as the same as mql4 ..i have a open code to translate it ..its a small indicator by the way
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this trading strategy remains popular with traders for two main reasons. the first is that is it offers the potential to deliver high profit. the second is due to flexibility that this trading style offers BreakOut occur in all markets. not just forex Making the techniques of BreakOut trading universal. they can also be used in a wide range of market conditions. they do not require strong trending markets to yield a
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