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Creation of License for my EA (personal job)
30+ USD
I need a license for my Global Digital Pro. This license should be able to expire and I should be the only who can renew it. 1. I should be able to set date of issue and expiry. 2. It should be able to have this time to set, 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, quarterly and yearly. 3. At the license I should be able to Key in Broker Name, Server and Login ID so it can only work at that Login ID client gave me. Lastly I should
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(2) MQL5 Other
45+ USD
[EA-50/50] **Tools and Methods:** - Random number generator - Specific entry probability - Risk management **Strategy Basis:** This strategy makes buy or sell decisions based on a specific random number generator. The decisions to open is made based on certain probabilities. **Steps:** 1. **Set Initial Parameters:** - For example, the probability of opening a position might be 50% (0.5). 2. **Generate Random
30+ USD
1. I need an EA which will make trades according to the daily market open prices. 2. BUY TRADE: Let’s say today gold’s opening price is 2328.60, so if the candle closes above the opening price (2328.60) our EA should open a BUY TRADE and the SL will be closing a candle below that daily open price (2328.60) and TP should be 30-40 pips which we can manage in the input setting. 3. SELL TRADE: Let’s say
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(2) MQL4 Experts
30+ USD
hey , my ea isnt passing mql5 verification although older version did pass, new changes are ma filter only, i want it to pass verification please. check the screenshot attached for details
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(29) MQL4 Experts
30+ USD
I need help to pass mql5 verification, I have volume limit and trigger stop out errors the modification task will be done through anydesk send me a private message to review the assignment
75+ USD
Introduction A dragon pattern is a “W” or “M” shape reversal pattern which resembles a Chinese dragon. This pattern indicates that in the near future, the market is about to face a price reversal. This reversal is either bullish or bearish. The bullish and bearish nature of the dragon depends on the shape of the dragon. This blog will address both types of dragons concerning the trading strategy . Components of a
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(2) MQL4 Indicators
Looking for help to code an Expert Advisor for MT5 (personal job)
40+ USD
Need of EA developer for my simple trading strategy. When a sma 60-period intersects with sma 15-period (moving downward). The EA will execute an order of buy-stop-limit, 25 pips from the price 75 pips from the intersection
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(2) MQL5 Experts Forex
G2G Limit orders and Script to export key levels (personal job)
190+ USD
Working on existing EA to create option for the Limit orders. Add protection for Stoploss in case broker removes SL. Add protection for when MQL5 is restrated for EA to detect existing trades and avoid creating pending orders when trades exist on the chart. Script to extract values of market time(Candle Open Time) when the price crosses key levels. Indicator to be renamed to run with the script as a special version
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(13) MQL5 Experts Scripts
30+ USD
I have an expert advisor in mql4 which has a lot of errors mostly of wrong declared variable types that need to be fix. There are in total 13 mq4 files. The achievement of the task is to have no compilation errors. Enjoy
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50 - 100 USD
As per our discussion, the expert advisor that I need will be the one where i can place multiple buy lines eith take profit lines, when the price reach the tp line the buy limit line will automatically be placed back at the set value that was previously set, due to the fact that im not good in IT or programming I need a EA that can be easily installed please
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(1) MQL5 Experts C++
Modify an EA with filters and notifications (personal job)
60+ USD
Hey! Need to modify the EA we discussed adding filters and notifications. If you need more time let me know. No changes to the dashboard appearance. I will prepare and send over requirements once you accept. Thanks again
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(25) MQL4 Indicators Experts
30+ USD
hey , the indicator give tp/sl with each signal and if its a winner it give a colored number in green of how much points, if losers its same number and concept but in red, problem im having is that those numbers are appearing sometimes on the chart without a signal and they are gone when i refresh indicator, simply fix this issue
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(29) MQL4 Indicators
Enhance an existing indicator to allow push notifications and scanning of multiple pairs (personal job)
30+ USD
I am seeking the services of a developer to enhance the existing indicator; The triggers are as follows: Buy Triggers by signal when the High Long signal is triggered and the signal candle is bullish. If the signal candle is bearish then wait for the next candle to close above the open of the signal candle 'previous bearish candle' Sell Trigger sell signal when the High Short signal is triggered and the signal candle
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(10) MQL4 Indicators Experts
Job 17062024 StochTriple5i (personal job)
40+ USD
The Indicator should work with standard symbols & non-standard symbols (symbols with prefix or suffix) on MT5 Requests: - Source code providing - Clean coding (self explanatory) - Reliable programming - Quick turnaround - After-sales support - Competitive pricing
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(61) MQL5 Indicators
100+ USD
1 .Edit EA so that on placing automatic pending stop orders under “Check TP Function”, the placing of stop orders start from 00.30 and ends on 16.00, these times are on inputs name time_to_start…. and time_to_end…….. EA to places 1 pending order per price level and delete old pending order if new order placed On conditions to place stop orders EA to place buy stop orders if candle high is 2 pips above all buy
Create a custom Expert Advisor based on SMC structures for MetaTrader 5 (personal job)
400+ USD
1. The idea of ​​ the trading system is the following: The Expert Advisor must be able to analyze and calculate the SMC BoS and ChoCh structures using a custom indicator provided by the costumer. 2. The must have fixed lot, risk-based lot size and martingale. The stop loss based on risk percentage. 3. Trading Signals:  Buy signal: If a bullish BoS or ChoCh occurs.  Sell signal: If a bearish BoS or ChoCh occurs. 4
1 Application
(4) MQL5 Experts
J17 Modification of an existing EA to best performance! (STA) (personal job)
200+ USD
J17 (STA) Are you a skilled MQL5 programmer with a passion for optimizing trading EAa? We are seeking a talented individual to join our team as an MQL5 EA Performance Enhancement Specialist. In this role, you will take on the exciting challenge of modifying and improving an existing MQL5 trading indicator to achieve optimal performance, speed, and accuracy
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(53) MQL5 Indicators Experts
Create trade Panel for MT5 (personal job)
30+ USD
Assalomu alekum. Xozirgi tayyor EA ga Trading panel joylashtirish kerak. Xuddi rasmdagi bilan bir xil. 1. EA Name (Shrifni katta va rangi GOLD) 2. Version: 3.0 (Yozuv rangi YELLOW) 3. Server: ------- 4. Trading Status: -------- 5. Information (Yellow) 6. Total Balance($) ------- 7. Trading Balance($) Marja 8. Margin level (%) 9. Profit Information (Yellow) 10. Today Total Profit: -------- 11. Weekly Profit Total
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(8) MQL5 Experts Design
Develop an EA based on Tradingview Indicator (personal job)
30+ USD
EA has to be developed based on the TradingView indicator “CCI Crossover Alert” () EA has to place BUY order only when a blue background appears (CCI crossed from below -100 to above -100) and place SELL order only when a Red background appears (CCI crossed from above 100 to below 100)
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(6) MQL4 Experts
35+ USD
Developer is required to convert the following indicators into MT5. 1. Zigzag indicator 2.Cross over indicator An indicator must be 100% converted into MT5. MT4 and MT 5 must be accurate. Thank you NB: No chancers
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(8) MQL5 Indicators Converting