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Hello, i would like to order a trading robot that can win trades and make profit, i am willing to spend 30 - 60 usd however i am willing to negotiate the price if the robot makes good results
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Hy Developers , I NEED a qualified developer who can create a forex trading robot of my strategy that i have ,the Robot must be both automatic and manual showed on dashboard must include ,,,,,on AUTOMATIC TRADING.>must have these options, number of trades to open on that specific direction and automatic close when reaches specific position, ,,,,,on MANUAL TRADING.>Must have number of trade to open on
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import pandas as pd import ta # Example data (replace with your own data or retrieve from a data source) data = pd.DataFrame({ 'timestamp': ['2023-05-21', '2023-05-22', '2023-05-23', '2023-05-24', '2023-05-25'], 'close': [1.2000, 1.2100, 1.2200, 1.2300, 1.2400] }) # Calculate necessary indicators data['rsi'] = ta.momentum.RSIIndicator(data['close'], window=14).rsi() data['ema_fast'] =
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I need a trading robot which can be able to execute trade accurately by responding quickly to significant fundamental,price action,market changes, sentiments and indicator debugging, I want a situation once I put the robot on the chart and chose buy or sell and the number of trades to open then it will only buy or sell in that particular direction only that is if I put the robot on the chart and chose buy or sell the
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Strategy1 A-SLOW MOVING AVERAGE (period , shift, ma method, apply to) to be in RED color FOR EXAMPLE (10, 4,SIMPLE MOVING ,CLOSED) B-FAST MOVING AVERAGE (period , shift, ma method, apply to) to BLUE color. FOR EXAMPLE (10,-4, SIMPLE MOVING ,CLOSED) 1- OPEN Buy =If price touch the slow moving average from down to above , and slow moving average below the fast moving average ,and exit when the candle
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100 - 200 USD
I want -Indian market-Zerodha and angelone-auto trading,with API connection Conditions: No indicator Candle green = buy Candle Red = Sell Open price Stop loss = xx points Target = xx points Trailing stop loss = xx points Account ID = Zerodha Account ID = Angelone Start time = xxx End Time = xx Display option = Buy ,sell, Stop - options
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Hello Coder. I have Grid EA. I want you to add an option to this EA to only place an order on the opening of the bar. EA should only place an order only if other check are all true on the opening of the bar. Also please show me the code that you added. Please. I want you to finish this code today
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Consultation on Design Spec for EA based on the Machine Learning Articles (personal job)
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Greeting Mr Dmitry, Thank you for spending your time reading through my job request. Hope that you are safe and healthy despite the war in Ukraine. I’m a huge fan of your Neural Network is Easy series. The quality and presentation is inspiring to read for non-coder like me. It helps me to have a better view of AI than just a black box system. I hoping for your time for consultation & perhaps produce a design for
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Hello 👋🏻 I need an EA that utilizes the WebRequest network function of MQL5. When a trade closes, I need the EA to post a HTTP webhook to my endpoint. The webhook body would be JSON serialized, and it will need to contain: Symbol Ticket Type (Buy or sell) Open time Close time Open price Close price Profit/Loss Comment
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100 - 300 USD
Please read through the text below to understand the requirement fully: I am running an EA on multiple currencycharts on a MT4 terminal. This MT4 terminal is running on a VPS. I am running multiple MT4 terminals on this VPS with the exact same setup. I am running the exact same setup with a different broker on MT4 terminals on a different VPS. I would like to build a simple utility that I can run on my local machine
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100 - 500 USD
Hello all i am looking for someone to help me to build an EA with a bollinger band strategy for MT5. The strategy is a little more candle specific on open and position of open. If anyone is interested we will pay accordingly just looking for it to be built, then we can test and apply to private investment group strategy. Thankyou please get to me if you have any questions. Jordan
I need to code my strategy in ninjatrader 7 (personal job)
80+ USD
i want to code my strategy so that i can implement the strategy in the attachment to NinjaTrader 7 i want to code my strategy so that i can implement the strategy in the attachment to NinjaTrader 7 This code is an implementation of a trend indicator in MATLAB. The inputs are “price”, the price data, a growing time series, that starts at the open and ends at the close, “alpha”, a smoothing parameter with values
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50 - 150 USD
Hello, I am looking for a coder that can use TradingView indicators (2) in order to make a EA for MT4. The EA would take buy and sell trades based off of the TradingView indicators. Indicators are 1) buy low sell high composite by zacmcc and 2) the braid filter by mango2juice Please let me know if this is a service you can provide. Here are some details… 2 ways the ea can enter a buy: 1. The buy low sell high
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Hi, I want to add 2 things to my scanner 1 setup- action (0-1) break previous top, make one trend of corection and then break the last candle ,signal appear 2 thing is change of place where signal comes. For now, when there is outside bar at the end of trend, signal comes after end of candle (red dot), I want signal to appear earlier, just after break of candle ( purple dot). Soo price first break green line, then
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Need a developer to convert this pinescript to mql5. Indicator needs to have data buffers so its easier for the EA to read. If any qeustions you can reach out to me
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MQL5 Converting
50 - 100 USD
I want to have mt5 trading EA that is based on grid trading I will be sharing the full details. BASIC SETTINGS ▪ Magic Number: ID number of the orders. ▪ Max Spread: maximum spread to trade. Money Management Settings ▪ Lots: number of lots, if the money management option is disabled. ▪ Money Management: if true enables the money management option. ▪ Risk Percent: if the money management option is enabled, it
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Hello great programmers, I am in need of an expert to develop a telegram to ctrader copier for me. Let me know if you can get it done so I can provide full project details. Thank you
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40 - 50 USD
I have a pinescript strategy that I would like to code into MT5 EA for backtesting. Is that something you can help with? I would like the script converted into an MT5 EA for backtesting. Is there anything else you think is important to include for me to be able to get good usage from the EA? Can I double check that I will have all the same settings and functions that are available in Tradingview for the strategy? Ie
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MQL4 Integration
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Binary options master and slave (clients) copy trade. Trades placed on the master account will be automatically copied on all connected clients accounts. See the attached document for sample design. You can get the iq options API on GitHub. I can send it to you as well Files
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am looking for a developer of a High Frequency Trading EA for MT4 to pass prop firms challenges IF anyone has a Ready made HFT EA then we can discuss. I don't want HFT Arbitrage EA between slow and fast brokers. The EA has to work on eightcap. Must work on gold 30 forex pairs -this has to be able to hit the % target for prop firms within a day - No Martin gale strategy' Developers experienced in making HFT /
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