Singapore Trade Balance

SGD, Singapore dollar
Medium S$5.436 B S$6.653 B
S$7.916 B
Last release Importance Actual Forecast
S$6.639 B
S$5.436 B
Next release Actual Forecast
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Trade Balance reflects the difference between exported and imported goods and services in Singapore for the reported month. A positive balance value indicates a trade surplus, while a negative one hints at a trade deficit. Higher than expected readings can affect the Singapore dollar quotes positively.

Last values:

actual data


The chart of the entire available history of the "Singapore Trade Balance" macroeconomic indicator. The dashed line shows the forecast values ​​of the economic indicator for the specified dates.

A significant deviation of a real value from a forecast one may cause a short-term strengthening or weakening of a national currency in the Forex market. The threshold values ​​of the indicators signaling the approach of the critical state of the national (local) economy occupy a special place.

Date (GMT)
Apr 2021
S$5.436 B
S$6.653 B
S$7.916 B
Mar 2021
S$7.918 B
S$4.721 B
S$6.208 B
Feb 2021
S$6.210 B
S$4.286 B
S$5.608 B
Jan 2021
S$5.613 B
S$4.267 B
S$5.721 B
Dec 2020
S$6.202 B
S$4.095 B
S$5.151 B
Nov 2020
S$3.934 B
S$2.506 B
S$4.353 B
Oct 2020
S$4.362 B
S$3.422 B
S$3.035 B
Sep 2020
S$3.037 B
S$3.297 B
S$6.482 B
Aug 2020
S$5.832 B
S$3.051 B
S$3.211 B
Jul 2020
S$3.266 B
S$2.872 B
S$4.720 B
Jun 2020
S$4.989 B
S$2.869 B
S$4.480 B
May 2020
S$4.520 B
S$2.709 B
S$2.460 B
Apr 2020
S$2.456 B
S$3.116 B
S$3.177 B
Mar 2020
S$3.183 B
S$3.213 B
S$1.100 B
Feb 2020
S$1.095 B
S$3.552 B
S$1.604 B
Jan 2020
S$1.583 B
S$3.661 B
S$4.200 B
Dec 2019
S$4.748 B
S$3.539 B
S$3.687 B
Nov 2019
S$3.685 B
S$3.510 B
S$3.739 B
Oct 2019
S$3.784 B
S$3.705 B
S$3.832 B
Sep 2019
S$3.834 B
S$3.259 B
S$3.772 B
Aug 2019
S$3.788 B
S$2.592 B
S$2.853 B
Jul 2019
S$2.831 B
S$3.992 B
S$2.506 B
Jun 2019
S$2.447 B
S$4.219 B
S$3.910 B
May 2019
S$3.963 B
S$4.259 B
S$2.749 B
Apr 2019
S$2.783 B
S$4.373 B
S$3.599 B
Mar 2019
S$3.616 B
S$4.470 B
S$5.222 B
Feb 2019
S$5.200 B
S$2.370 B
Jan 2019
S$2.410 B
S$1.940 B
Dec 2018
S$1.940 B
S$3.800 B
Nov 2018
S$3.800 B
S$4.520 B
Oct 2018
S$4.520 B
S$3.680 B
Sep 2018
S$3.680 B
S$6.760 B
Aug 2018
S$6.760 B
S$2.720 B
Jul 2018
S$2.540 B
S$5.350 B
Jun 2018
S$5.350 B
S$5.400 B
May 2018
S$5.400 B
S$6.000 B
Apr 2018
S$6.000 B
S$5.490 B
Mar 2018
S$5.490 B
S$5.950 B
Feb 2018
S$5.950 B
S$5.140 B
Jan 2018
S$5.140 B
S$5.030 B
Dec 2017
S$5.030 B
S$4.350 B
Nov 2017
S$4.350 B
S$2.950 B
Oct 2017
S$2.950 B
S$5.450 B
Sep 2017
S$5.450 B
S$5.640 B
Aug 2017
S$5.640 B
S$5.720 B
Jul 2017
S$5.500 B
S$6.400 B
Jun 2017
S$6.400 B
S$5.400 B
May 2017
S$5.400 B
S$5.400 B
Apr 2017
S$5.400 B
S$6.100 B
Mar 2017
S$6.100 B
S$7.800 B

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