Deutsche Bundesbank Monthly Report

EUR, Euro

The monthly report of the Deutsche Bundesbank is a comprehensive report comprising more than 100 pages about the current situation and the possible development of the German economy. It starts with short reports on four important and recurring topics:

  • Economic conditions
  • Public finances
  • Securities markets
  • Balance of payments.

Subsequently, individual current topics are discussed in detail and the reports are concluded with a detailed statistical part, which constitutes far more than half of the report.

The “Economic situation” is subdivided into the Underlying trends. Here, the general current situation is summarized and a short-term outlook is given. In most cases, this is followed by comments on the Industry, Construction, the Labour market and Prices.

“Public finances”, on the other hand, have a more varied focus and are more concerned with current hotspots such as Statutory health insurance scheme, Public long-term care insurance scheme or local government finances.

The “Securities markets” are characterized by three focal points: the Bond market, the Equity market and Mutual funds. It explains to what extent money flowed into or out of the respective investment forms, where it came from and where it went.

The “Balance of payments”, the last short report, deals with the individual sub-balances, current account (commodity trading), services balance, balance sheets of primary and secondary income, balance of assets and capital account. This reports shows the extent to which the figures have changed compared with the previous month and the same month of the previous year.

The monthly reports are published on the dates specified by the Bundesbank. This is usually in the middle of the month.

Depending on the figures or the outlook, this may have a positive or negative impact on the euro.