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Advisor works on the basis of determining the impulse movements in wide price ranges.

The algorithm of the adviser determines the size of wave movements, the frequency of touches of the boundaries of the price channels and the amplitude of the price.

If there are sufficient data indicating a strong trend movement, the adviser starts working.

Each position of the adviser has a stop loss and take profit.

Recommended trading tools for working with default settings:

5 minutes timeframe: GBPUSD, EURUSD, EURGBP, USDCAD.


  • Minimum price range - the minimum price range;
  • The number of candles to calculate - the number of bars to calculate the range;
  • Take Profit - Take Profit;
  • Stop Loss - Stop Loss;
  • Comment to order - comments to orders;
  • MaxRisk - Maximum risk for lot calculation;
  • if MaxRisk = 0, Lot will be - If MaxRisk = 0, the lot will be like this;
  • Use the adviser's working time? - Use working time?
  • The hour of commencement of trade - Hour start trading;
  • Minute of commencement of trade - Minute to start trading;
  • Hour of the end of trade - Hour of the end of work;
  • Minute of the end of trade - Minute of completion;
  • Start Trailing Stop - Start Trailing Stop;
  • Step Trailing Stop - Step of the trailing stop;
  • Max Slippage - Maximum slippage level;
  • Max Spread - Maximum Spread;
  • Max Orders - the maximum number of orders;
  • Magic Number - Magic number.
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