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The Expert Advisor uses the dissonance analysis strategy between the wave formation of the price movement of the lower level and the fractals of two consecutive upper levels.

The data of the MACD indicator are confirmatory and decisive when making a decision to enter a transaction.

Each trading position has a stop loss and take profit.

Dangerous trading methods are not used.

The Expert Advisor has a non-linear trailing stop system.

Recommended trading tools for default settings:



  • Trading lot - Trading lot, if Risk = 0;
  • Risk percentage for autolot - Percentage risk for autolot calculation (money management);
  • Limit of maximal lot - Maximum lot limit;
  • Max trades - the maximum number of open positions;
  • MACD TF - Timeframe for MACD;
  • Fast average period - Fast average period;
  • Slow average period - the period of the slow average;
  • Signal line period - The period of the signal line;
  • Price type - price type;
  • Order comment - order comments;
  • Take Profit - Take Profit;
  • Stop Loss - Stop Loss;
  • Start trailing Stop - Start trailing stop;
  • Trailing Step - step of the trailing stop;
  • Slip - Slip;
  • Max spread - the maximum spread;
  • Magic number - Magic number.
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