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Fast Buttons

Fast Buttons allows for the placing of Single/Straddle/Pyramid/Delayed/Multi orders and the closing of trades under various scenarios such as Winning or Gainless orders.

The expert manages Trailing Stops, Take Profit, Expiry Times, Week End closing of its own orders and those of Manual Orders and orders of other nominated experts/scripts.

Program caters for multiple Forex/Commodities/CFD's/Futures/Indices orders by a mouse click on designated action buttons.

Documentation for the expert is to be found under the Comments tab

In the Demo:

  • Click on the Market Price line before using "Special" button "Even", "Reverse", "SL", "TP", "Half", or "Third".
  • "Straddle" and "Arrows" buttons are not operative.
  • "Info" and "Even" do not display in an Alert window but print in the "Journal" tab.
wroger 2016.01.15 18:58 

Works very well and fast.

985398 2015.04.24 21:46 

I purchased this EA and it works very well and is very versatile. Excellent value!

jack_waclaw 2014.12.25 13:34   


First Support Forums will not charge expert black and does not respond to commands other expert are galls and you work well no error.

because there fast

Versão 1.20 2015.03.05
PendingDistance for pending orders corrected
Versão 1.10 2014.11.21
For "Free Demo" in Visual Mode: Click on the Market Price before using "Special" button "Even", "Reverse", "SL", "TP", "Half" or "Third". "Straddle" and "Arrows" are not operative in Free Demo.
"Info" and "Even" in Free Demo only print in the "Journal" tab.