Trend Line OPTIMIZER Manual (ENG)

Trend Line OPTIMIZER Manual (ENG)

5 August 2020, 09:56
Evgenii Aksenov

My broker: Roboforex

The Optimizer automatically searches for optimal parameters for the Trend Line PRO indicator

IMPORTANT!!! Before optimizing, make sure that there is sufficient bar history in the MT4 terminal

To quickly optimize any symbol, use the ready-made set file: Optimizer.set

or fill in the Optimizer parameters sequentially:

1) Specify the name of the file to identify in the folder MQL4>Files>TrendLineOptimizedSettings/ EURUSD_H1 (for example)

2) Set the range of bars for optimization. The larger the range, the longer the optimization will take

I recommend using the ratio of candles depending on the optimized tafmframe: M15-12000, H1-6000, H4-1500

3) optimization Parameter of the indicator calculation Method: 1-4

4) Amplitude optimization Parameter: 1-12

5) Optimization of Take Profit (this parameter is calculated as the value between the High/Low range of candles specified by "Range Bars Number=35": 0.1-5.0

6) Stop Loss is calculated in the same way and optimized in a narrower range: 0.1-2.0


After running the Optimizer, the panel displays the number of passes and the required time for calculations.

The desired parameters will be highlighted in green after optimization is complete. These parameters can be saved for further installation in the Trend Line PRO indicator

1) Save the received parameters

2-3) Upload the saved set file for the indicator

4) Compare the parameters obtained in the Optimizer with the indicator settings


In the next update of the Optimizer, you will be able to search for parameters for Time Filter and HTF Filter

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