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The multifunctional trading indicator INFINITY TrendLine PRO for MT4 is " mast have" for any trader.

This is not a simple indicator with a signal line. This is a ready-made trading system that can determine 3 levels of TakeProfit, the common StopLoss level, Success Rate coefficient, Result.

The uniqueness of the TrendLine PRO indicator is the ability to calculate potential profit. This is indicated by the parameter Result (pips). You can adjust the levels of TP1, TP2, TP3, SL, Amplitude, HTF filter and Time Filter for any currency, index, quotation or e-coin that your broker has. Always focus on the Result value. The more it is, the better for your trading system, the more profit you can get in the future.

The INFINITY indicator is unique because it can determine the trend direction on the current chart and at the same time on all charts of the higher timeframe trends of the pair.

But that is not all!

The Trend Line PRO version is equipped with a powerful Scanner that searches the best entry points for all the pairs that interest you and sends you a detailed notification by alert, Push to your phone or email when get a new signal.

The Scanner panel shows SuccessRate index and new signals received on different timeframes of pairs and Super  signal which means super strong trend. New signals are highlighted in trend color. You can turn on/off the alert by clicking on the bell icon and the timeframe button. 



#1 Move it around the chart by holding the INFINITY label. 

#2 Also, when you click on the "PRO" button opens pop-up Scanner panel which contains a list of additional pairs that can be selected in the main menu of the indicator settings. 

#3 The TrendLine displays the type and price of the new signal and HTF-filter. 

#4 You can set up only one or all TakeProfit target levels. The closer the level from the entry point, the higher its probability but smaller profit.

#5 Use the StopLoss target level to save money.

#6 Trade when the SuccessRate value more 75%



Example: The received Sell signal (H1) is strong as it is confirmed by the HigherTimeframe Filter (H4) and SuccessRate factor more than 75%, Target level SL and three TP hits are defined automatically.

 ---Super signal--- 


On a certain segment of the trend, INFINITI outlines the most powerful timeframes for trading. 

Super signal means a strong local trend when the current trend match with the trends of the higher timeframe trend.

On the Scanner panel the Super signal is highlighted with a yellow frame.


✅ Calculation type - parameter that changes the way the indicator data is calculated and affects the result of trades. For each pair and timeframe, one of them is better suited. When selecting the best parameters, focus on the Result readings

9r  15r

✅ Amplitude -is the main parameter that changes the indicator's reaction to a trend change. A short range of 2-5 is suitable for short timeframes (M5-H1), more than 5 is suitable for timeframes from H1 and longer.

Amp1        amp2

By increasing the Amplitude parameter, some false (premature) signals (# 2) can be eliminated, but at the same time we get a slight delay in the formation of a new signal (# 1).

✅ Range Bars Number (RBN) for TP/SL-  is the number of latest bars to calculate TakeProfit and StopLoss levels. The greater the range of High-Low this parameter, the greater the volume of the levels of TP and SL.

✅ TP1, TP2, TP3-  are recommended levels of profit protection. The calculation of levels comes from the H-L range for the last 35 bars (by default).

✅ Calculation period (bars) -are the number of bars on which the Win/Loss/SuccessRate/Result is calculated and the indicator is displayed. A big parameter value can lead to a slow indicator operation. I recommend use CP=500 (bars) with open Scanner panel or if you have a slowly computer and CP=1000-3000 (bars) with close Scanner panel.

✅ Shift StopLoss level from RBN - is target level for StopLoss.  Is relative to the ExtremeRange parameter, e.g:



You move the SL level closer to the entry point by setting the parameter ShiftPips = -50 pips or you shift the SL level further from the entry point by setting the parameter ShiftPips = 50 pips.

The ShiftPips in the default=0 is mean the SL level located on the ExtremeRange of the 35 latest bars. 

--- Higher Timeframe Filter (HTF) ---

The HTF-filter shows the color of the trend of the older period.

The timeframe symbol is displayed on the rael near the last indicator signal and entry price.

If the current signal matches the HTF-filter, the probability of making a profit increases.

The signal calculates to the Result  if it matches with the signal of the higher timeframe period (HTF). Similarly, using HTF Filter setting in the Trade Utility EA you can take only those transactions that coincide with the higher timeframe period.



 ---Time Filter---

Use a Time filter to exclude false signals in the thin market at night.  

Note: The Time filter is specified by the terminal time. The Time filter may not be useful for pairs with night activity such as: JPY, AUD, NZD and cross-rates with them.

time1 time2

Example # 1: The Time Filter is turned off, as a result of which the indicator counts all transactions including nightly ones while the market is in flat and there are many false signals. Result: 3431.

Example # 2: The Time Filter is set to on 11:00 to 22:00. Such a setting has a positive effect on trade. Result: 5242.

---Scanner PRO settings ---

In the indicator menu you can easily configure the scanner panel to receive signals on all timeframes for any pairs.

You can add as many fx-pairs, indexes and e-coins as you want. Make sure that the pairs are correctly specified in the settings as well as in the Market Watch window of your MT4 terminal.

Don't use the space after the comma.

--- Notification settings ---

You can get the notification

You can get detailed information* from Panel #1 about the type of  new signal (prise of enter point) and TP1, TP2, TP3, SL - levels, SuccessRate index  if activated the flag (true).

Also in the settings you can specify what type of notifications for any signal you need to receive (Alert, Push, by mail). Activate them all or each separately.

Alert    123

To receive a signal to a computer, email or mobile application MT4 in your iPhone is not difficult.

It is not difficult to receive a signal from the indicator to an email or MT4 mobile application on your iPhone.

How to set up a notification on the iPhone:

How to set up email notification:

*The Detailed notification parameter works only from current signal Panel #1 .

The notification from Scanner panel looks like:

To get notification from the scanner it have to open in the chart.

The HTF-Histogram

HTF-Historgram- a unique addition to the TrendLine PRO indicator, the histogram displayed in the basement of your chart shows a temporary change in the local trend. It is very easy to install and intuitive.

Set the Amplitude parameter in the HTF-Histogram the same in the TrendLine. 

Set the TimeFrame parameter on the higher timeframe to know the higher trend.

You can use a several THF-Histogram on the one chart.

The HTF_Histogram  is a special basement indicator from the INFINITY group, which shows the range of the trend of a higher timeframe filter (HTF). You can check your local trend with a higher timeframe to be sure of a strong trend line.

Also you can use the HTF_Histogram as a Amplitude filter. Set up the Amplitude=6 in the TrendLine and set up the Amplitude=2 in the HTF_Histogram, when the color of the both of indicators is same means the strong trend.


The HTF_Histogram works only with paid versions of Trendline PRO and ProfitZone indicators. Link to download at the end of the blog ProfitZone.

A couple of examples how to configure and use INFINITY TrendLine.

Use a pair of EURUSD (H1) with a HTF filter (W1). Calculation of traded transactions only with HTF=true and HistoryBars=3000 candles (about 4 months). Result: 13,686 points.



Or we use the DAX30 index with a period of H1 without a HTF filter.The Result: 60,522 points for same period.



For the installation of the Setfile, use the Load button in the indicator settings.

It is very easy to set up the INFINITY indicators for working in the scalper or long-trading style. 

You can customize the INFINITY indicators for different periods and different trading instruments.

If you still have questions about setting up and using the INFINITY indicators, please contact us by

Be always in touch with INFINITY and profits will not take long.

--- How to update indicator ---

To update any program open the folder: Market//Purchased and click the "Update" button.


---How to get more sets ---

Every week you share sets in a group and it's great! We help each other make the INFINITY project useful. All your sets and recommendations are easy to find, for this open the side window of our group in TM-messenger and select the files folder:

1)  tm3

 2)  TM1  

 3)  TM2

Be sure to check other users' sets on a demo before use on a real.

We need your rating and review. Thank you!


TradeUtility for TrendLine

User's manual (ENG)
User's manual (RUS)



Use the TradeUtility in Manual trade mode for a new Signal from the Scanner of TrendLine:

1. The utility requires a purchased or rented version of the INFINITY TrendLine PRO indicator (located in the Indicators/Market folder).

2. You should add the indicator and utility to the chart and set the same parameters of the indicator and utility.

3. In the utility settings, select the priority of the TakeProfit and StopLoss levels (indicator/utility). In the priority settings mode of the target utility, the levels will be achieved according to the selected settings, but the chart will display the indicator levels until you reset these values in the indicator settings. The utility can trade without attaching the main indicator to the chart, but when selecting the default indicator parameters, it will refer to the infinity TrendLine PRO indicator (with its basic settings) available in the Indicators/Market folder. Therefore, we recommend that you always apply individual indicator and utility settings for each chart and save them with the extension *.set

4. In manual mode (MANUAL), the utility does not perform trading operations on its own, but notifies by available means (Alert/Push/email) about a new indicator signal, after which the user makes an independent decision to support the signal (Confirm Signal) or reject it (Skip Signal). One can do this only during the current bar on which the signal was received.

5. In semi-automatic mode (Semi Auto), the user can choose the direction for the next transaction (OnlySELL/ANY/OnlyBUY). If you select SELL or BUY, the automatic entry will be made only when the corresponding indicator signal is received. Any signal received will be executed in ANY mode. After entering the trade and automatical placing the target levels, the utility will switch to manual mode. To reactivate the semi-automatic mode, press the SemiAuto key.

6. In automatic mode, the utility will log in and out of the trade as a regular Expert. Meanwhile, the user can switch to another mode at any time.

7. Trades opened in any of the three modes are not deleted when switching from one mode to another, but can be simultaneously removed with the fixation of the trade result by pressing the CloseALL button. The user can also remove the utility from the chart by pressing EXIT.


1. What is the Utility for?

The Utility is necessary for opening and tracking transactions in your scenario, when a trader needs to perform automatic or manual deals in a given trend direction.

2. How does a utility differ from an expert?

Any trading robot contains in its logic some kind of trading strategy and trades only according to a given algorithm. The utility has another task, it performs the function of automatic transaction support,

 but does not perform trading operations for any one strategy. You can use the utility in a variety of ways (Channel trading, by trend/against trend, using a HTF filter or your own strategy whith classical indicators)

3. Why do the results differ from the indicator of SuccessRate on the indicator when I run the Utility in automatic mode?

 The indicator counts pips for each of the three levels of TP or SL, and the Utility shows the result in the deposit currency. It all depends on the size of trading lots and the leverage used. There are no such settings in the indicator.

Remember that the Utility is not an Expert Advisor which you can attach to the chart and forget. The Utility is necessary for you as an assistant in the trade, but the decision on the transaction is yours.

4. How to install the Utility in the terminal and how long can I use it?

After payment it is installed automatically in your terminal and activated. You have 10 activations (one for each broker). On a single MT4 terminal, you can use the utility an unlimited number of times and times,

but when installed in a new terminal with another broker or reinstalled on another computer, one activation is burned. Note that you only have 10 product activations. Each activation (installation) has an unlimited period of validity.

5. In what mode is it best for me to trade?

I would advise you to start with manual mode on a demo account, after which you can go into semi-automatic mode and trade on a real account.

6. How do I know that the signal came from the indicator and it's time to open the deal?

You can configure the Utility to notify you by the Alert signal or Push and email notifications. After receiving the signal in the manual mode, you need to make a decision on confirmation of the signal or skip it during the bar (candle) action

on which the signal arrived, otherwise the transaction will be skipped automaticly.

In semi-automatic mode, the Utility will log in in the specified direction and then switch to manual trading mode.

7. How to set up Utility parameters correctly?

 It is very important to set the INFINITY TrendLine PRO  indicator and TradeUtility to the same parameters. Then you will see the same deals as the indicator shows.

8. What parameters should I use to work with the Utility?

It all depends on you and your strategy. The indicator and utility have a lot of use cases. You can scalping on 5-15 minutes or trade longdeal on D1-MN1 or use yours "secret" filters.

9. How to move the edge of the candles when using Utility?

Pull the triangle in the upper right corner of the chart. 


And what is most important is that you don't need to spend all your time at your computer for waiting signal on the indicators.


You will never miss a swift HIT with TRADEUTILITY TrendLine

* * * * *



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