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Trend Chaser

The Expert Advisor opens a trade in the specified direction at the specified time. If the price moves in the profit direction, additional trades are opened after a preset step. Trade are closed by a Stop Loss or upon reaching a target profit.

The Expert Advisor trails the stop loss order, and is provided with multiple breakeven and trade closing functions (See the description of the parameters).

Test and optimize the EA in the Tester using M1 open prices.

The EA parameters can be controlled via a panel.

You should use these inputs;

  • Lot size - the volume of the open position;
  • Start hour – the time of the first sentry, hour (from 0 to 23);
  • Step (pips) – the step for placing trades in the trend direction;
  • Start with – start trading from buying or from selling;
  • Maximum deals - maximum number of open deals at a time;
  • Take profit - the take profit value;
  • Stop loss - the stop loss value;
  • Start trailing if profit > (pips) - trail stop loss if position profit exceeds the preset value;

BREAKEVEN parameters

  • Set breakeven after bars - move a trade to breakeven after a certain time since its opening;
  • Set sl to breakeven if loss > (pips) – move the stop loss of a trade to breakeven if its loss exceeds the specified value;
  • Set tp to breakeven if profit > (pips) - move the take profit of a trade to breakeven if its profit exceeds the specified value;
  • Close all deals by breakeven - close all trades upon reaching breakeven;

DEALS CLOSING – trade closing algorithm

  • Close deals if total loss > (%) - close all trades if the total loss exceeds the preset value;
  • Close deals if total profit > (%) – the same for profit;

GRAPHIC PARAMETERS – visualization parameters for additional information

  • Show deals results – show the trade results on the chart;
  • Show cute panel – show the control panel;


  • Slippage (pips) - allowable slippage value;
  • Magic number - magic number of trades;
  • Write this string as a deal's comment - write this line to the comment.
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