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Copier4Fee Advanced

The utility copies trades from the signal provider accounts (master accounts, one or multiple providers) to unlimited number of receiver accounts (slave accounts). 

Attention! You need to use identifiers (Provider number) of the same length if you use several master copiers. For example. 1, 2, 3 or 11, 13, 22.

The copying can be set in the opposite direction.

The comments with all the recently performed actions are displayed on the screen to monitor the utility actions in slave mode.

To avoid premature closure of positions of a slave account due to the spread difference with the master account, it is possible to disable copying the stop loss and take profit orders by setting the corresponding parameters to 'off'.

The utility copies open profitable orders or unprofitable trades. The size of the profit/loss of the copied position is set by the 'Copy loss trades (-pips) or profit trades (+pips)' parameter in points. If the parameter is set to zero, the trades are copied within the price range of ±Slippage & Price difference (in pips). This feature is not available in the free version.

During the reverse copying of trades the utility starts trailing the stop loss order on the slave account if the trade is closed with a loss on the master account. Trailing is enabled by setting the 'Trail stop loss (in pips)' parameter. This feature is not available in the free version.

Attention! In the slave mode, the Copier uses the comment field to identify the copied trades. Therefore, this field must not be modified by the trading server when opening trades.

Also, you need to use identifiers (Provider number) of the same length if you use several master copiers. For example. 1, 2, 3 or 11, 13, 22.

Parameters of the utility specified both in master and in slave modes:

  • Copier mode - copier operation mode, master (signal provider) or slave (signal copier), slave2 mode - copying signal with closure only by tp/sl or manually.
  • Provider number - account number of the signals provider.
  • Prefix - prefix of the copied pair.
  • Suffix - suffix of the copied pair.

Parameters of the utility specified only in slave mode:

  • Slave number - number of copier of trades from one provider.
  • Copy with reversal - copy trades in the opposite direction (reverse).
  • Recopy closed deals - in case a trade closes on the slave account and the price returns to the trade opening price, and also if the trade is present on the master account, the copier copies it again.
  • How many times to recopy it - how many times to recopy closed deal again.
  • Copy stop loss - copy the stop loss.
  • Copy take profit - copy the take profit.
  • No-trade list (space separated) - list of pair not to copy, separated by commas, with prefixes and suffixes specified, if any.
  • Trail stop loss (in pips) - trail the stop loss order. Enabled in case a trade is closed on the master account.
  • Copy loss trades (-pips) or profit trades (+pips) - copy profitable or unprofitable trades.
  • Slippage & Price difference (in pips) - the maximum allowed value of the difference in price on the master and slave accounts, at which copying is performed.
  • Do not copy if spread > - disable copy trading if the spread exceeds the specified value.
  • Multiply lot of copied deals by - copy trades with the lot size increased by the specified multiplier.
  • Fixed lot size - copy the trade but open it with the specified lot size.
  • Maximum lot size - limit of the maximum volume of the order opened by the copier on a slave account.
  • Lot size as a rate of Free Margin (%) - set lot size as % of Free Margin, all other parameters for sizes should be 0.
  • Play this file if amount of deals changed - play a specified sound file in case of any changes with trades.
  • Show last events - inform of the last utility actions.
  • Replace list in brakets, space separated - symbol names replacement list. For example, S&P(SP500) PNS(PANASONIC) APP(APPLE).

Parameters of the utility specified only in master mode:

  • Send Pending Order - copy pending orders.
  • Do not copy deals with magic (space separated) - do not copy trades with the specified magic number. The numbers must be separated by periods.
  • Copy only deals which have this string in comment - copy only trades that have this string in the comment.
  • Play this file if amount of deals changed - play the specified audio file in case of any changes to trades.
Nabil Salameh
Nabil Salameh 2020.05.04 00:15 

Great Professional Copier ... Recommended Always ... Best Support and Follow UP

Hussein Alebrahimi
Hussein Alebrahimi 2020.04.29 11:54 

Perfect program

Omar Curiel Ruvalcaba
Omar Curiel Ruvalcaba 2020.04.14 02:36   

I bought the copier4fee advanced thinking I can used it from vps master account to another vps slave account. However, I can't seems to make it work. Can someone help me?

JAROMIR KISON 2020.02.06 13:27 

This is a great tool! It works as expected and very reliable. Also the additional features are great and give me a huge flexibility to handle the copied trades.

Vladimir is very responsive and answer all questions, and even better: He is always open for improvement ideas, like I asked him now. You see my request in version 7.6

With this, C4F gives you a great Drawdown control, which even EA's do not gives you.

Extremely thanks Vladimir!

Rafael Farias
Rafael Farias 2020.02.04 16:30   

I got problem here. master account has symbol EURUSDP , and the slave EURUSD (without P). When start copy says slave didnt has EURUSDP symbol. How can i fix it?

Bull n Bear
Bull n Bear 2019.11.23 20:16 

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Vitali Kadel
Vitali Kadel 2019.08.09 19:50 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

Quang Mai Van
Quang Mai Van 2019.08.03 17:21 

Not copy when close a part of the order?

Bahman Babareza
Bahman Babareza 2018.12.27 17:25 

I have bought Copier4Free advanced.

its good

mikeyg17 2018.11.28 18:43 

Good and reliable

Wayan Eka Lautze Putra
Wayan Eka Lautze Putra 2018.07.30 13:35 

Great application, very user friendly. And the most important is, the support is very nice. Very recommended application for copy trade. Thanks alot

renansh 2018.07.20 18:52 

Work very well, and the support reply very fast,

thank you.

Chayapakorn Surangkul
Chayapakorn Surangkul 2018.05.03 13:27 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

Aleh71 2018.04.14 19:04 

Отличный продукт и отличная поддержка автора!! Very good product and support!


PlatoshaXRS 2018.04.04 10:41 

Отлично работает. Сразу купил, так как валюта для триала не пододит. Настроек требуется минимум. Удобно, практично и цена демократична.

slymester 2018.03.05 23:01 

Rented for a year and will definitely buy once this year is up. Great utility that does exactly what it's supposed to do. Two thumbs up.

3108007 2017.06.19 08:06 

Good product with fast response creator!

So far so good use this tools, but I have a little problem. The order on master account becomes double although the master only entry one position. I will check it later about this.

Mun Patrick
Mun Patrick 2017.04.20 12:26 

Working well

metehan 2017.01.18 23:36 

Exceptional support! My broker was changing comments of trades from server side which is breaking EA's functionality and the author provided great support to solve my problem. He spent time and money to solve it. I have never experienced such kind of customer support from anyone or any company in my whole life. You can %100 trust him.

biositall 2016.06.15 09:11 

Отличный копировальщик!

Автор помог настроить под свои нужны за пару минут!

Отдельное ему спасибо!

Oleg Shumarin
Oleg Shumarin 2016.05.24 14:53 

за полчаса модифицировали копир , так как мне надо , огромное спасибо, за скорость реакции на запросы и качество продукта.

всем доволен.

Mujeeb Abdul
Mujeeb Abdul 2016.01.22 09:16 

Excellent easy to use not complicated


Versión 8.1 2020.04.21
Function of replace list was updated.
Versión 8.0 2020.04.21
1. For Slave mode next parameter was added - Close all and do not copy if equity is outside this range $/$
2. For Master mode next parameter was added - Copy if Floating DD Reached %
Versión 7.9 2020.04.09
Some default values of parameters were changed.
Versión 7.7 2020.04.08
1. Added a timer setting to slave mode. When the timer expires, the copied trades will be closed.
2. Added the ability to set the working time interval in the format hh:mm-hh:mm. Outside this interval, the copier in slave mode will not open new trades.
Versión 7.6 2020.02.05
Added the ability to prevent copying transactions if the floating loss is greater than the specified one.
Versión 7.4 2019.11.07
You can disable copier at any days of the week. Use parameter - Do not work at days (1 - mon, 2 - tue ...). By default copier will not load terminal at suterday and sunday.
Versión 7.3 2019.10.14
You can exclude trades from copying by set axact comment field.
Versión 7.2 2019.10.11
Order opened time filtering is added.
Versión 7.1 2019.10.01
You can set magic number of trades to be copied.
Versión 7.0 2019.09.02
Copied lot size can be set as slave/master balance amount.
Versión 6.9 2019.05.06
Code modification
Versión 6.8 2019.04.23
Limit for amount of copied deals is added.
Versión 6.7 2019.03.29
Some features were updated
Versión 6.5 2019.02.06
Feature fixed wich sets take profit and stop loss while deal is being copied in reverse.
Versión 6.4 2018.10.22
1. Added parameter "Copy-only list". Currencies not listed in this list will not be copied. If the list is empty, all currencies will be copied.
2. The values ​​of Stop loss and take profit of copied deals can be set through the parameters "set my own stop loss" and "set my own take profit".
3. Added parameters
"Copy deals if lot size is outside this range"
"... or inside this range or equal (space separated)"
with their help, allowable ranges of volumes of copied positions are set.
The values ​​of volumes in the ranges are specified through the gap. For example.
0.01 0.05
Versión 6.3 2018.07.26
1. Have been added parameter wich define times of copying closed deals.
2. Lot size of copied deals can be defined via Free Margin.
Versión 6.1 2018.02.15
1. Added the replacement list used if copied symbol names are different. For example: If the symbol is called S&P on a master account and SP500 on a slave one, specify S&P(SP500) in the replacement list of the latter one. You can specify any amount of symbols separated by spaces. For example: S&P(SP500) PNS(PANASONIC) APP(APPLE) etc.
2. All data on the utility actions is displayed on the screen on a slave account for more control.
3. If it is impossible to launch the utility by timer, it switches to working by new ticks.
4. The utility uses the comment field of copied trades to identify them. Copying mode was interrupted if a broker added additional info to the comment. This has been fixed.
Versión 5.9 2017.11.30
Added support for copying trades on gold and silver, even if their symbol names are different: XAUUSD=GOLD and XAGUSD=SILVER
Versión 5.8 2017.08.14
Plays the specified sound file if the number of trades on the accounts has changed (trade copying or deletion occurred).
Versión 5.7 2017.07.18
Enhanced working algorithm.
Versión 5.6 2016.12.30
1. Added the possibility to limit the maximum size of the order opened on a slave account.
2. The magic numbers of trades not to copy can be set as a list. Numbers should be separated by commas. For example .3445.6789.78.5.4. - trades with such magic numbers will not be copied to a slave account.
Versión 5.2 2016.06.06
1. Added the 'Timer (in seconds)' parameter, which sets the order scanning interval. It can be used to reduce the load on the terminal. The greater the interval, the less the load.
2. Added the 'Slave number' parameter. It can be used to set the number of the copier, which works in the Slave mode from one Master provider.
Versión 5.1 2016.05.12
Improved the copying algorithm.
Versión 4.0 2016.01.26
1. Added the 'Fixed lot size' parameter. If specified, the copier opens a deal using a specified size in slave and slave2 modes.
2. Added the 'Copy deals which have this string in comment'. If specified, ony the deals having a specified set of symbols in the comment are copied.
Versión 3.5 2015.10.15
1. Bug is fixed, which prevented from opening numerous orders opened at the same time on master account.
2. Lag between copying deals is added - lag_in_sec.
3. Slave2 regime was added. In this mode deals which were closed on master-account manually will not be closed on slave-account.
4. If re_copy parameter is set to "off" the deals which were closed at slave-account, but still opened at master-account, will not be reopened again.
5. Copy pending orders.