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All Forex Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization C++ Statistik und Mathematik Strategy modules
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30 - 100 USD
The EA/Script will: X = a variable  N = any number that I input Buy Repeat:  Buy after X amount of pips has occurred (in a up trend). In other words, buy limit orders.Close opened position (from previous Buy) after X amount of pips has occurredRepeat "Buy and Close cycle" (step 1 and 2) until a given price target - see diagram 1EA will also buy on corrections - see diagram 2.EA will "Buy to a price target" (buy...
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Experts Scripts 2017.12.20
Writing of an Expert Advisor based on Renko (personal job)
80 - 100 USD
EA Specifications: The strategyis based on Renko/flex renko (Value based). Indicatorsin the strategy are ·       Averages Rainbow (heatmap) 1.05  ------ Heatmap ·       Zigzagzug V 1.4 ------- ZigzagZug ·       Fractals – adjustable period trendlines (used only for trailing stoploss purpose)   Rules of Trade: ·       Heatmap indicator is considered as Major indicator – All the lines in heatmap indicator...
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Experts 2017.12.20
30 - 40 USD
Simple job, change a few things on my EA, it works using Renko, Ichimoku and ADX Dynamic iCHIMOKU Tile stop loss, consider the ADX value to change stop loss, increasing or decreasing.(ADX integrated, stoploss also working just need to add logic to the dynamic stoploss) Change input values from indicator on the EA to facilitate backtesting (Renko and Ichimoku, both integrated. Everytime we need to change a value on...
5 Applications
Indicators Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Futures Stocks Options 2017.12.19
30 - 2000 USD
This job will entail subjective extensive detail able to be used (as a program/template/process) as a crawl, walk, and run phases. The process will create multiple programs of conditional "if/then" concepts. The first creation will provide all the potential waves of Elliott Wave sequences known or able to be found and identified. There will be a written/typed out type of potential waves it will be until the final...
4 Applications
Scripts Other Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Strategy modules Uploading data to a website Forex Futures Stocks Options Data mining Product Design 2017.12.18
30 - 50 USD
To apply FIFO trade closing rules fix break-even; Find break even point if currency  open order is >=1. Fix trialing: if currency has >=1 open order, trailing starts after break-even plus x pips. Trail by equity option. Fix backtest  problem. Stop chart from refreshing when currency change selection. Source code will be give after acceptance.
5 Applications
Experts 2017.12.17
Very simple EA + Modification (personal job)
30+ USD
Hi again, I need a very simple EA and adittionally a modification of previous EA you modify, that grid one. It's very simple, check the document I make ^^ Regards.
1 Application
Experts 2017.12.11
90+ USD
I need to convert an indicator from NT7 to MT5. The code is simple. If you are interested, please contact me! Thank you advance ! ! ! ! ! ! !!
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Indicators Converting C++ 2017.12.11
EA v 7.7 (personal job)
30 - 35 USD
Hi Shuku, please update the EA v7.6 by adding the following features: 1. - add "reverse" option (if activated, all "buy signals" become "sells" and vice versa") as a general option 2. - add fractal dimension indi as filter option (trade when line is in last project) 3. - add cosmo arrows as entry & filter option - add cosmo orange line as stop option - add cosmo tick & line as tp option Please...
0 Applications
Experts MySQL 2017.12.05
40+ USD
Need to convert indicator in attachment from mql5 to indicator. Visualization, input parameters must be exactly the same. Work in any instrument, any timeframe etc. Colors, settings must be equal.
1 Application
Indicators Other 2017.11.29
30+ USD
The work is add two news condition of open the trdaevof EA, modify the closepositions and verify an indicators. If you are interested I can send you the EA and the image with the modify.
7 Applications
Experts 2017.11.28
Modify existing indicator (personal job)
30 - 80 USD
I’d like the risk manager to handle all forex, metals, commodities (oil etc), equities. 1. Inputs Risk percentage as per now. Remove entry price and replace stop loss price with a single input. Stop loss - I’d like a single input for the stop loss, for example: 200 pips on USDJPY to be expressed as 2.000 3 points on oil to be expressed as 3.00 200 pips on GBPUSD to be expressed as 0.02000 300 points on...
1 Application
Indicators 2017.11.26
30 - 40 USD
Hello, looking for someone who can write an EA based on Renko chart and non lag MA cross. This script also should send email and screen alerts. Additional details can be shared upon commitment of the project.
4 Applications
Indicators Experts 2017.11.25
Review and update (personal job)
100 - 200 USD
I wanted you to do an upgrade job for EA jesse livermore. martingale multiplier setting. adjustment against hedge. in the LOT multiplier, the correct one will be: if 0.01x 2.0 = 0.02 x2.0 = 0.04 .... in the LOT multiplier, the correct one will be: if 0.01x 2.0 = 0.02 x2.0 = 0.04 .... in martingale, hedge, against hedge. the hedge strategy is reversed. correction: against redge should work after the hedge...
1 Application
Experts Strategy modules 2017.09.29
30+ USD
You are expected to:- 1. Sort & Display results based on some filters 2. Display result score-board as the EOD for profitiblity/loss on all calls made for Analysis based on defined conditions 3. Modify MW explorer for minor mistakes and Edit 2 old indicators for minor errors.
1 Application
Indicators Experts 2017.09.13