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Many of you would likely already have this made but it seems things aren't shared as they once were.  I dont trust any program to trade for me but I do trust them to get the best position on a chart I select. Basically this is what I want  2 EA's   on just buys and one just sells (I drop whichever on on my chart to give me peace of mind) Its got to have all the bells and whistles like money management (based on...
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Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging 2018.06.22
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Hi,  I would like to develop a copier from MT4  to etoro.  either using their alpha api  or as a web automation bridge whatever safer and stable Could you help me on that. details would be discussed upon contact Thanks
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Integration Trading robot/indicator debugging C# Python Forex 2017.11.11
simple MA Cross  Inputs ma1 period, shift  ma2 period, shift  money management position sizing based on account equity  magic number  open buy order when price is above ma2 and ma1 crosses above ma2  sell order reverse  close buy order if price crosses below ma2 and ma1 crosses below ma2  add option to set SL at break even once price moves in favor 10pips  sell order reverse  May be other filters later.
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Experts 2017.01.11