Stoploss/profit box in Mt4 with TradingView style

Pedro Sanchez


I was thinking about creating a SL/Profit box in MT4 similar to the one that they use in TradingView (imagen below).

However, after an small attempt, I realized that, it is quite easy to use 2 rectangle objects for the SL and Profit parts, the chart candles are drawn on top of these 2 rectangles, as expected to see the price evolution. But, the other "rectangles" that contain text like in the TradingView example, do not look that easy. If I use another rectangle the chart candles are drawn on top of this one, which is not desired, and if I use a rectangle label or bmp label it moves to the right with the graph which is not ideal.

Anyone tried something similar?, how did you solve it?.

test.jpg  40 kb
Fernando Carreiro

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Trouble Finding A Certain Script (possibly Indicator)

Fernando Carreiro, 2022.04.28 00:02

Search the CodeBase and/or Market place. Use search keywords such as "Risk Reward Box", "Risk Reward Tool", "Trade View Tool" or similar terms.

I've seen them before while answering similar posts to yours before, so I know there are several there.