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Problems using signals

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i would like to introduce myself short:

i am Melanis, 25 years from hamburg, studiing at university oekonomics. 

i just registered at and downloaded mt5 from here.

then, i start mt5 and registered a new demo account within the mt5 software.

now, i would like to add a signal, for example marianne from here

(its just demo so please no discussion if this is a good choice or not)

 right after that i hit the button "subscribe" on the left which immidiatly opens the window and ask :

Have you installed MetaTrader 5?

Trading terminal is required for using a subscription to signal.

Yes, I have MetaTrader 5
Launch terminal * No, I have no MetaTrader 5
Download MetaTrader 5 for fre bscribe to a Signal

so, i hit Yes i have MetaTrader 5

so, it works till this point.

in metatrader5, nothing happens:

so i reviewed my options and set my account to the community-tab:

AmerenaKirsche with the password.

and, then my log shows this:

2014.01.25 14:37:19.696 Signal '20104639': failed to connect to server -

2014.01.25 14:37:16.696 connection failed

2014.01.25 14:37:16.696 Signal '20104639': failed to connect to server -


any deas what kind of login is wrong? the 201.. account let me log in to mt5. and amarenakirsche let me not log into the signals from mt5.

 PS: when i click the signals tab on mt5, its completly empty

thanks in advance


Trading signals: Marianne Ultimate
Trading signals: Marianne Ultimate
  • reviews: 9
  • 2013.10.30
  • Marianyela Gonzalez
Marianne Ultimate Trading Signal for MetaTrader 5: social trading, mirror trading, copy trading and account monitoring
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