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Good news - NRTR Color Line Indicator was comverted to MT5 with fully improved version. I will upload it to this thread today in the evening with more screenshots. By the way, this indicator will be available to mql5 CodeBase soon with whole the explanation about.

Thus, we are having 2 indicators for this Asctrend system - the system is almost complete. 

Hi, any ideas when NRTR will be published in CodeBase ?
I asked the coder (igorad) to upload it ... may be - he is too busy. I will ask him once again, or I will upload it to CodeBase - I uploaded his 2 indicators with his permission mentioned him as a author in CodeBase so if he is still busy - I can do it.

Hello newdigital,

I found an error in Asctrend indicator, when I change input parameter Risk from default (4) to 1 or 2. I get message "2013.03.22 11:27:25    Asctrend (EURUSD,D1)    array out of range in 'Asctrend.mq5' (152,75)" in expert tab.

I am occupied to correct this problem. But maybe this error influence your backtests/optimization ?

Documentation on MQL5: MQL5 programs / Runtime Errors
Documentation on MQL5: MQL5 programs / Runtime Errors
MQL5 programs / Runtime Errors - Documentation on MQL5

No idea - I asked Service Desk and they could not repeat this error so it may be something with my PC or internet for example ...

Anyway, I will move forward with this thread soon (next week) - I will explain about BrainTrading system and Brainwashing. After that - I will make some practical recommendation for the traders about how they can create their own manual trading system using indicators from CodeBase. After that - we can try to open the thread about 'How to write Technical Specifications for Job service' with the examples and so on. 

So, it is the plan :) 

Hello guys.
Hello guys.
Hello guy :)

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Signal Systems

newdigital, 2013.03.18 11:26



The Theory

  • trading on open bar' and 'trading on close bar' concept 
  • Re-enter: practical example about how to trade asctrend manually with re-enter options.


Manual Trading statements  

Second version of this manual trading system and for now - asctrend indicator together with NRTR indicator


First version of AsctrendND EA.


Next version of AsctrendND EA (verion 1.02) with TrendStrength filter added. 



  • more to follow



  • more to follow


How To Create Your Own Mmanual Trading Signal System Based On Indicators From MT5 CodeBase - Instruction For Non-Programmers


  • more to follow 



I am starting explanation about this system. Just to start about - where to download BrainTrending indicators:

And please find some initial template file just to start about (template is attached).

I modified BrainTrend2Sig a little for allows instead of dots (because it is not good when 2 indicators are having the dots as the signals) so please find modified version attached. 

Edited (25th of March 2017): This is the last indicator for BrainTred system: BrainTrend1Stop - indicator for MetaTrader 5 



So, if we instal everything in correct way so we should have the following charts:







How to instal?

  • Download indicators (see this post) and place them in indicators folder (for example - to this one:  C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 5\MQL5\Indicators
  • Download template file from this post and place it to template folder (for example - to this one: C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 5\Profiles\Templates)
  • Compile indicators in MetaEditor
  • Open the chart, right mouse click on any place of the chart and select our template by name. All the indicators with the settings will be loaded automatically on the chart.