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Creates the OpenCL program kernel and returns its handle.

int  CLKernelCreate(
   int           program,        // Handle to an OpenCL object
   const string  kernel_name     // Kernel name



[in]  Handle to an object of the OpenCL program.


[in]  The name of the kernel function in the appropriate OpenCL program, in which execution begins.

Return Value

A handle to an OpenCL object if successful. In case of error -1 is returned. For information about the error, use the GetLastError() function.


At the moment, the following error codes are used:

  • ERR_OPENCL_INVALID_HANDLE - invalid handle to OpenCL program.
  • ERR_INVALID_PARAMETER - invalid string parameter.
  • ERR_OPENCL_TOO_LONG_KERNEL_NAME - kernel name contains more than 127 characters.
  • ERR_OPENCL_KERNEL_CREATE - internal error occurred while creating an OpenCL object.

Updated: 2015.12.03