Creates an OpenCL context and returns its handle.

int  CLContextCreate(
   int  device=CL_USE_ANY     // Serial number of the OpenCL device or macro



[in]  The ordinal number of the OpenCL-device in the system. Instead of a specific number, you can specify one of the following values:

  • CL_USE_ANY – any available device with OpenCL support is allowed;
  • CL_USE_CPU_ONLY – only OpenCL emulation on CPU is allowed;
  • CL_USE_GPU_ONLY – OpenCL emulation is prohibited and only specialized devices with OpenCL support (video cards) can be used;
  • CL_USE_GPU_DOUBLE_ONLY –  only the GPUs that support type double are allowed.

Return Value

A handle to the OpenCL context if successful, otherwise -1. For information about the error, use the GetLastError() function.