Completes transaction execution.

bool  DatabaseTransactionCommit(
   int  database      // database handle received in DatabaseOpen



[in]  Database handle received in DatabaseOpen().

Return true if successful, otherwise false. To get the error code, use GetLastError(), the possible responses are:

  • ERR_INTERNAL_ERROR (4001)                   –  critical runtime error;
  • ERR_INVALID_PARAMETER (4003)              –  sql parameter contains an empty string;
  • ERR_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY (4004)          –  insufficient memory;
  • ERR_WRONG_STRING_PARAMETER (5040)  – error converting a request into a UTF-8 string;
  • ERR_DATABASE_INTERNAL (5120)              – internal database error;
  • ERR_DATABASE_INVALID_HANDLE (5121)   – invalid database handle;
  • ERR_DATABASE_EXECUTE (5124)               –  request execution error.


The DatabaseTransactionCommit() function completes all transactions executed after calling the DatabaseBeginTransaction() function. Any transaction should start with calling DatabaseTransactionBegin() and end with calling DatabaseTransactionCommit() for successful completion.

See also

DatabaseExecute, DatabasePrepare, DatabaseTransactionBegin, DatabaseTransactionRollback