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Egyptian Fighter Arman EA2

The expert works like the first expert method

Egyptian Fighter Arman EA2 is primarily a Scalping EA that combines data from multiple indicators such as (Stochastic, MACD, RSI and MAs) on 1 Min time frame to make a trading decision when there is decent trading opportunity. the expert itself tries to minimize your Risk exposure by using Risk Management system inherited into its code so as it will determine the most appropriate Lot Size for you to not put your money into risk, moreover after opening a new position expert will follow up on only opened position and will put an opposite STOP Order after predetermined STEP points to hedge against unfavorable movement. the EA will continuously monitor your opened positions and put new positions when necessary until certain amount of PIPs have reached then it will close all opened and pending orders simultaneously.


  • Lot1: Manual Lot Size
  • Auto_Lot: Set true to automatically calculate optimal Lot Size based on risk preferences, Set False if you want use manual lot size.
  • Max_Risk: Max Risk as percentage of Equity* the greater this percentage is the greater the lot size if auto lot is used.
  • Take_Profit: Take Profit in points adjusted for 30 or 20 Digits brokers.
  • Stop_Loss: Stop Loss in points adjusted for 50 or 30 Digits brokers   Prefer not to use.
  • Start_Time: Start Time in GMT time. EA starting Time.
  • End_Time: Ending Time in GMT time. EA Ending Time.
  • Magic_Number: EA Magic Number


EA technically works on any currency pair, but for best results use

it on the following currencies: EURUSD  GBPUSD USDJPY USDCHF AUDUSD EURJPY USDCAD . or any other currency whose spread less than 8pips

Time Frame:

5 Minute Time frame

Minimum recommended amount and Leverage :

Min Recommended Leverage: 1:400 or More.

Min Recommended Deposit : 1000 USD or Equivalent amount.

Lot 0.01

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