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Super ATR

Super ATR is a powerful tool for analyzing the ATR (Average True Range) levels. The intuitive interface allows you to easily monitor all the main ranges of volatility.

Key Features

  • Plots the daily АТR areas on the chart.
  • Plots the weekly АТR areas on the chart.
  • Plots the monthly АТR areas on the chart.
  • Displays a panel with the current values of the main volatility ranges (M5,H1,D1,W1,MN) on the chart. The areas and values in the table change their color when the ATR level is reached.
  • Draws the Gann lines according to the M30 strategy. The Gann angle is calculated by Hi-Low (Тruе Range) or by АТR of the daily range (in the settings - Gann mode > HiLow mode or ATR mode).

The EA is controlled using hot keys. The hot keys can be reassigned.

In default:

  • key 1: launch/delete Day ATR
  • key 2: launch/delete Week ATR
  • key 3: launch/delete Month ATR
  • key G: launch/delete Gann line
  • key L: launch/delete ATR label
  • key C: Change zone colors
  • key Tab: ATR zone elongation
  • key Tilde: ATR zone shortening
  • key X: Object delete
  • key D: Delete all
  • key Q: Show period separators
  • key A: launch/delete Input menu

The settings can be changed by pressing (by default) the key А - Input menu

Input parameters


  1. Days to calculate - default is 60
  2. Days to display - default is 30
  3. Line width
  4. ATR Hi color
  5. ATR Low color

Week ATR

  1. Week to calculate - default is 12
  2. Week to display - default is 12
  3. ATR Hi color
  4. ATR Low color
  5. Fill zone

Month ATR

  1. Month to calculate - default is 36
  2. Month to display - default is 6
  3. ATR Hi color
  4. ATR Low color
  5. Fill zone

Gann line

  1. Line color
  2. Gann mode - HiLow mode or ATR mode

ATR label

  1. M5 to calculate - default is 120
  2. H1 to calculate - default is 120
  3. Label color - color of the information table
  4. Label alpha - transparency of the information table
  5. Label width - width of the information table


  1. Zone color above ATR
  2. Value color above ATR
  3. Draw in background - display in the background
  4. Rectangle line width - width of the rectangle lines
  5. Font color - text color
  6. Display values - display the text
  7. Reset - restore the default parameters

You can evaluate the operation of the Expert Advisor using the free version "Super ATR demo". The demo version works only on GBPAUD.

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