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Green Point AUTO

The EA consists of multiple virtual Prototype-1 robots (up to 100 strategies depending on the currency pair). Each strategy has different settings. Once the lot sizes for all strategies are calculated, the EA obtains the resulting trading lot.

The operation principle is trading within a corridor. When leaving the corridor, the EA closes the positions and saves them for opening in the future.

The best condition for trading is a flat, the worst condition is a long trend without rollbacks.

Recommended period is M15

Can be used in conjunction with the HotPointAuto EA, and also participate in global recovery

The EA has a parameter limiting the maximum number of lots (MaxTotalLots), thereby making trading more secure. See the screenshots with various options of MaxTotalLots.

Virtual strategies based on the Prototype-1 EA use the averaging and martingale methods. The use of virtual strategies reduces the probability of completely wiping the Deposit when using the martingale strategy.

The EA contains optimized strategies for pairs best suited for this type of algorithm. The optimization has been performed for all available history, from 1999 to the present on two different brokers.

There is a news filter, but the EA was optimized to work without it.

Recommended pairs and spread which were used for optimization

  • Best result: AUDCAD-2.6, EURUSD-1.5, EURCHF-2.1, USDJPY-1.5, NZDCAD-3.7;
  • Average result: AUDUSD-1.7, USDCAD-1.9, EURGBP-1.8, GBPCHF-4.0, NZDUSD-2.3, GBPCAD-4.4;
  • The other pairs are not recommended for this algorithm, but you can use them.

Recommendations for account

  • ECN, Standard, Pro.
  • 1:500 (at low risk, you can use a leverage of 1:50 or 1:100).
  • The number of simultaneous positions >200.
  • Minimum lot size of the broker - 0.01.
  • Can work in compliance with the FIFO rule.

If one virtual strategy loses, only 1% of the real account is lost (if Risk=10000 and 100 strategies are used).

Formula: RealLoss, % = NumberOfLostStrategies / UsedStrategies * 10000 / Risk * 100%


  • Risk – risk (<2 000 – high, >5 000 – low);
  • Fixed Balance - fix the balance;
  • AutoFixBAlance - automatic fixed balance;
  • Min Lot To Start, relative value – the lower limit of all lots. A relative value;
  • Frequency – minimum value of the lot. A relative value;
  • Max.Total Lots, relative value – the upper limit of all lots. A relative value;
  • Auto GMT – automatic calculation of GMT;
  • ManualGMTOffset=2 – manual time zone;
  • SummerTime – true - summer time, false - winter time. Required for the strategy tester.
  • Slippage – slippage;
  • Magic Number – unique number;
  • HotPointAutoMagicNumber – unique number of HotPointAuto;
  • FIFO – use the FIFO rule;
  • Time Filter – enable/disable time filter; Hour Start – start; Hour End – end (GMT);
  • Close And Remember Before Weekend – close and remember the positions before the weekend;
  • Close All And Restart After DD,% – close all positions and resume the EA operation after a drawdown in percents of the deposit;
  • Open Positions Equal To Frequency - open positions with volume equal to Frequency parameter.
  • Partial Closure – partial closure;
  • Limit Orders Of Symbol – limitation of open orders per symbol, 0 - no limit.
  • SpreadLimit – set the spread limit in points.
  • Slow Closing on Friday - if TRUE, virtual strategies do not start trading on Friday if they were closed with profit.
  • ExtraRecovery (work if >1) – additional recovery of losing strategies. The value sets how much riskier trading will be performed until the lost deposit is recovered.
  • Global Variable for ExtraRecovery - use a global variable for ExtraRecovery. All the GreenPointAuto instances with the same account and magic number will participate in the simultaneous recovery.
  • Commission - compensation of commission from trades.
  • HotPointAutoGlobalVariable - use a global variable HotPointAuto.
  • NewsFilter - news filter. Impact: HighImpact - high. MiddleImpact - middle. LowImpact - low. Speaks - speeches. USDNewsForAll - USD news for all pairs. MinsBeforeNews - minutes before the news. MinsAfterNews - minutes after the news.
JC Quebec
JC Quebec 2018.02.08 01:35 

Stable profit! Excellent EA!

Yuan Tan
Yuan Tan 2017.09.30 06:59 


yukifune 2017.09.16 02:39 

It's a wonderful system,

The speed of profit determination is slow, DD is large, the risk setting is over 10000, more than 20000,

ygwbd123 2017.08.13 16:35 

Big DD,Martingale is always martingale,i total lost so much money by this EA!Terrible ea!

Version 3.1 2019.01.20
- Added GlobalRecovery2019.
- Calculation of Global and Local variables for recovery changed, compatible with GeneratorPro. If your variables are not empty, you will need to adjust them or reset them.
- Added a new SpreadLimit with the calculation of the average value for 10 ticks. When SpreadLimit is triggered, trading is suspended.
- Added VirtualMaxLots, VirtualBalance parameters.