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Be Free mt4 Premium

This grid Expert Advisor covers loss-making deals by profitable ones. Virtual take profit and stop loss are used. The trading robot works on any symbol with default settings. However, you can also perform an optimization. Recommended timeframe - М15.

It is protected by the built-in News Stop Trading system that suspends trading during news. The EA can receive news from the two economic calendars based on user's choice. The expanded version is provided by the trading panel allowing you to manage the EA settings directly from the chart without opening the settings.

Real operation monitoring as well as my other products can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/mechanic/seller

Input parameters

The product works both on 4 and 5-digit quotes. Specify values in points like for 5 decimal places in the input parameters, and it will automatically recalculate everything for 4 decimal places.

  • StartLots - initial lot;
  • StopLoss - stop loss in points from the first order;
  • TakeProfit - take profit in points;
  • GridStep_1 - step between additional orders in points;
  • GridStep_2 - step between additional orders in points; activated when Сhange grid step order number parameter value is reached;
  • Сhange grid step order number - number of an order, after reaching which a grid step is changed from GridStep_1 to GridStep_2;
  • Martin_1- lot multiplier for the second and the following orders;
  • Martin_2 - lot multiplier after Сhange martin order number parameter is reached;
  • Сhange martin order number - the ordinal number of the order, reaching which the multiplier will be changed from Martin_1 to Martin_2;
  • LockOrderNo - number of an order opening of locking orders starts from;
  • Klock - locking ratio from the available series (in unit fractions);
  • TrailStart - profit in points to activate trailing stop;
  • TrailDistance - trailing stop distance;
  • TrailStartLock - profit in points to activate trailing stop of a locking order;
  • TrailDistance - profit in points to activate trailing stop of a locking order;
  • Overlap - order coverage method: LAST_ORDER - the first order is closed using the profit of the last one, LOCK_ORDER - the first order is closed using the profit of the locking one;
  • OverlapPercent - profit percentage for order coverage;
  • OverlapOrderNo - number of an order order coverage is activated from;
  • Orders - maximum number of orders the EA is allowed to open;
  • MaxLot - the maximal volume that can be opened by the Expert Advisor;
  • Long - first order's direction is buy (enable/disable);
  • Short - first order's direction is sell (enable/disable);
  • Magic - the number for the EA to recognize its own positions;
  • NewCycle - when enabled, the EA works non-stop, otherwise, the EA does not open new orders after a series of trades (enable/disable);
  • Imp1DRAW, Imp2DRAW, Imp3DRAW - display news on the chart (enable/disable);
  • Pause before a high importance news - suspend the EA operation before important news in minutes;
  • Pause after a high importance news - suspend the EA operation after important news in minutes;
  • Pause before a medium importance news - suspend the EA operation before medium importance news in minutes;
  • Pause after a medium importance news - suspend the EA operation after medium importance news in minutes;
  • Pause before a low importance news - suspend the EA operation before low importance news in minutes;
  • Pause after a low importance news - suspend the EA operation after low importance news in minutes;

To enable News Stop Trading, tick “Allow WebRequest” option and add "http://www.worldtimeserver.com" to the list of URLs for WebRequest. To do this, open Tools > Options > Expert Advisors. Check the option "Allow WebRequests for listed URL:". Add the following: "http://www.worldtimeserver.com" and click "OK". The EA takes news from the specified websites.

Ugo Della Rocca
Ugo Della Rocca 2019.04.01 15:11 

besides being difficult to set up and therefore having little chance of results Ramil changes the name of the applications and the ones you bought you can't download anymore ... so you threw money

Jin Hyun Cho
Jin Hyun Cho 2019.03.15 21:16 

Amazing profit progress!

E58AA112 2019.01.29 05:35 

Very good EA.... i ur EA/ Indicators, SIgnal very good for me (beginner / PRo)

Aleksei Ostroborodov
Aleksei Ostroborodov 2019.01.16 06:40 

Хороший советник. Рекомендую использовать только при постоянном выводе прибыли

Semen72 2018.11.17 18:05   

Всем доброго времени суток. Тут никто не может написать отзыв не приобретя советника. Я приобрёл уже третьего и четвёртого "Forex Star Premium" советника Автора Рамиля!!! Отзыв о покупке тоже имеется!!! Так же имеется два Хомяка для MT4 и MT5, а так же индикатор для ручной торговли!!! И все советники меня очень радуют и надеюсь будут радовать дальше. Если не использовать советники для разгона депозита , а иметь стабильный постоянный доход. То это то что именно надо!!!

Так что Ещё раз Респект и Уважение Автору этих советников Рамилю.

Продолжай в том же духе радовать людей своими знаниями в создании торговых советников!!!!

Team GTR
Team GTR 2018.08.15 10:24 

Very secure EA for long term!

bananalama80 2018.05.02 03:23 

Its been 2 months since I bought this EA. Im running NZDUSD and AUDUSD with $1000 deposits. NZDUSD is not working well with this EA. Its actually 2nd time that my account blow.

2017/9/18 updated

Iam trying with $10,000. It seems much more stable. Let's see how long it will survive.


Just blew up my account of 10,000. Ok, Im leaving:(

Olivier Mensonides
Olivier Mensonides 2018.04.12 21:56 

Quick respons, very helpful, thank you Ramil!

Aleksandr 2018.02.10 11:23 


ifatedi 2018.01.21 16:23 

Top Expert !

Nice Job !

Traderbossi 2018.01.09 18:38 

Thank you Ramil, this EA is great, i love it :)

Lunno Goncalves
Lunno Goncalves 2017.12.20 22:20 

So far a good EA, giving me good profits and low risk. More than one year running it.

Andrey Inkin
Andrey Inkin 2017.12.15 10:45 

Грамотно, качественно и как всегда на 5!

Victor Minaev
Victor Minaev 2017.11.29 15:15 

Отличный советник!

Главное не жадничать и соблюдать ММ.

bigbigbbking 2017.10.11 19:14 

it is a very good ea, i love it, thanks you Ramil

Sergey Kharchenko
Sergey Kharchenko 2017.09.14 13:31 

Спасибо за советник! гибкие настройки, и отличная прибыль!!

burak bahadir
burak bahadir 2017.09.06 18:56 

If you want to loose all of your money then use it

Kirill Afzalutdinov
Kirill Afzalutdinov 2017.09.05 14:50 


Lev Vladimirovic Marushkin
Lev Vladimirovic Marushkin 2017.08.19 07:11 

How to make money with this EA? Here is a step by step guide for newbies. Step 1: Turn on the EA. 2) Step 2: Go to sleep. Step 3: Dream about making money while aslepp. Step 4: Wake up and be grateful for your dreams came true. Step 5: Fly to Russia and give Ramil a sweet little kiss.

Falkorrr 2017.08.17 14:46 

Although an older EA it is still pretty stable and reliable.

You could say it has won the test of time.

mql2017pr 2017.08.16 11:59 

Ramil thank you for the special price tonight. You are simply the best !

zzz69 2017.08.02 19:28   

Как и все продукты Рамиля - этот, высочайшего класса!

Я уже несколько лет с некоторыми работаю, и с этим в том числе.

Я использую очень мягкие настройки( по стариковски боюсь слить деп).

Могу вам сказать что с 2011г. не слил ни одного депозита.

Когда стал работать с произведениями трейдерского искусства от автора,

то стал успешным (дело в том что советники Рамиля позволяют исключить

бестолковую нервозность и необдуманные действия из процесса ).

Рамилю - большое спасибо и респект!

Ещё раз повторюсь - заработок обеспечен, если не жадничаете т. е.

всё решают настройки - мартин, лот, и гридстэп.

Удачи вам друзья в нашем нелёгком деле!

А Рамилю - поклон и спасибо!

Отзывчивость, кстати, тоже выше всякой похвалы.

Vladimir Sadov
Vladimir Sadov 2017.07.05 17:26   

Отличный советник !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Спасибо !

gasik 2017.06.27 08:03 


Eduardo Zuloaga
Eduardo Zuloaga 2017.06.24 16:35 

Be Free is one the best EAs in MQL5. You must keep monitoring it but with a $4k equity you'll be safe Ramil is an excellent developer.

Joel Simmons
Joel Simmons 2017.05.29 02:05 

One of his better EA’s. Be sure to follow his setting on the signal “Be Free Premium Low Risk. The EA survived pretty well, including the US presidency election and all the craziness in the market since April of this year.

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2017.05.22 23:22 


Memon 2017.04.21 05:41 

Good EA. I think this is better from other EAs offered by Ramil

Chun Yin Kwong
Chun Yin Kwong 2017.04.17 18:36 

Great support from Ramil and good work!!

fetz77 2017.04.08 08:18 

One of the best EA´s on MQL5

with the right settings you have stable income with acceptable risk

Very good Job Ramil!!

Tjommas M
Tjommas M 2017.03.31 09:00 

I change my review since Ramil has updated it.

It seems now better than it was.

The "autolot" feature is there :D And I've found that the max orders should make it really safe. With good settings you could have a very safe ea if you're not too greedy. The EA is flexible, you can use it as a martingale grid, or as a kind of scalper, or as a mix of both. Just try to understand well all the features and set (test on demo before) your strategy.

The entry direction seems improved also (?)

I'm testing it on a demo account : seems good so far. If it keeps doing profit for 1 or 2 months with the low DD I had until now, i'll add 1 more star.

mandand 2017.03.22 00:31 

I am using Be Free premium on one account with 1000 capital on 4 pairs EURUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY, AUDUSD at 0.01-0.5 max lot. After 22 days of trading on live account it has made me profit of 280, the drawdown has been very minimum and currently it is on positive. So I feel quite safe using this EA so far. Initially I was quite concerned due to reviews it can blow your account but so far so good, no big drawdowns as of yet. I am thinking of using all pairs on a bigger capital and see how it performs. I will post another review in a month or so. Thanks Ramil for your EAs. God bless.

JustUncleL 2017.03.21 00:03 

This is my 3rd EA I've purchased from Ramil and he has not let me down, another great EA. I selected the EA to complement the highly recommended "Channel Trading System Premium". I found in back testing showed low draw down and good returns using Ramil's "Low Risk" settings. I am now running this EA with all 5 recommended pairs, so far so good. Recommend to give it a try with the Lower risk settings.

Vladimir Semikin
Vladimir Semikin 2017.03.16 05:51 

Спасибо автору за качественный продукт! Советником доволен!

Atep Novic
Atep Novic 2017.03.11 23:04 

i am use same setting same broker still mc, danger

alexvfill 2017.02.26 18:08 

Спасибо за честную работу. Советник действительно позволяет зарабатывать. И хорошо, что настраивается под характер или жизненные обстоятельства.

Rozana Sustar
Rozana Sustar 2017.02.16 18:18 

Great and amazing. Thanks

LUIZ CLAUDIO TRANNIN 2017.02.11 19:05 

Excellent EXPERT ADVISOR, a more current version of BE FREE, you can either go in safe mode or in aggressive mode, using the RAMIL-oriented settings there will be no problems, not to mention the prompt reply of the author, always willing to help in the doubts.

*** remembering, do not try to do anything different from the author's guidelines, EA has great potential, just follow proper risk management.

Thank you for everything RAMIL, great friend.

Fedor Knyazev
Fedor Knyazev 2017.02.09 14:00 

Очень прибыльный советник! Главное грамотно подобрать настройки, пары и депо.

Не стесняйтесь обращайтесь к Рамилю, смотрите его сигналы, он всегда оперативно поможет!

Akadiy 2017.02.07 19:38 

Достойный советник!

Рекомендую Всем.

lawrencium2002 2017.02.02 05:07 

Simply follow instructions as recommended by Ramil and the results are phenomenal. In december 2016, I ran $50k account with the following pairs USDCAD, XAUUSD, USDJPY, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF all at once with 1.0 lot(slightly risky - i'll advise 0.5) and tripled account $164K in 1.5months(not joking). Phenomenal!!!

Advice: make sure you withdraw your accounts as you go on. Ramil is awesome, I have purchased in past Razgonyaika(NZDUSD and AUDUSD pairs) and other EAs in the past from him and they have not fallen short! Well done. Forex Boss!

Noel Nobleza
Noel Nobleza 2017.01.23 07:24 

My favorite.

Huan Kiang Weng
Huan Kiang Weng 2017.01.21 04:37 

Excellence EA!!

I'm using it in a $6000 real account on Eurusd 0.10lot with default setting(max lot:10), Monthly earn about $1000.

Thanks Ramil for your job.

svyatoslav.kuvs 2017.01.17 08:05 

Данный робот обладает большими возможностями. При оптимизации, можно получить соотношение прибыли к риску более чем 4 к 1.


Evolve 2017.01.14 12:41 

If have close all button on chart, able to select how many positions can be open in 1 time bar and time to trade will be my perfect tool to trade!

Mick Semenzin
Mick Semenzin 2017.01.13 11:54 

Great EA!!

I'm using it in a 3000 € real account on five pairs with safer setting.

Thanks Ramil for your job.

RedBull 2016.12.19 20:48 

Good EA.

Use at least 10000 $/cent for 0.01 and 8 pairs

I used 50000 cent/pair .

Gennadiy Voltornist
Gennadiy Voltornist 2016.12.18 16:32 


Slavomir Revak
Slavomir Revak 2016.12.08 19:43 

0.01 start lot , open loss $3000+ with original settings.. :( .. ultimately its only matter of time when the robot hits longer trend and ruin your account.. although logic behind is good and EA made some profits, you d need much larger initial deposit than suggested by Ramil .

Maksim Skaradumau
Maksim Skaradumau 2016.12.06 11:53 

Идеальный вариант для разгона новогодних бонусов.

я использую только на EURUSD, и вам рекомендую.

и поддержка на высшем уровне.

Спасибо !

Daniel Laverdiere
Daniel Laverdiere 2016.12.02 08:20 

I have bought many EA so far and very often i have been deceived.

I have back tested this EA with great data on many pairs and setups. I have to congratulate the author, the algorythm is very simple but efficient under most circonstances.

But i Think you should not buy this software because in trending situation it keeps opening trades until it washes up your account. I have lost 95% of a real account by trusting it too far... This EA has no recovery strategy,

Need a good broker? http://forexcue.com

sb999 2016.11.30 18:42 

Уже зарекомендовавшая себя Befree стала еще лучше!

Это отличный робот, который может стабильно приносить прибыль при условии соблюдения мани-менеджмента.

Приостановка торговли до и после выхода новостей - отличная функция, с помощью которой избегаю открытия ордеров во время резких скачков цены.

Одним словом, и без того отличный робот стал еще лучше! Главное - тестируйте, подбирайте настройки, соблюдайте мани-менеджмент и наблюдайте как наращивается профит! Я торгую на своих любимых таймфреймах на м1 и м5, результаты весьма положительные.

Рамилю респект за отличного бота! Ждем новых разработок!

Danil Belogradov
Danil Belogradov 2016.11.29 16:32 

Сова просто шикарна!!! Это лучший сеточник в маркете, самый доходный и самый безопасный!!! Рамиль на каждый вопрос ответит быстро, точно и развернуто. Советую!

Alexandr Platonov
Alexandr Platonov 2016.11.29 09:11 

На отлично!!!

Stefan Marjoram
Stefan Marjoram 2016.11.25 20:34 

I only purchased this to give it a review, since Ramil was kind enough to give it to me initially as a loyal customer of his other products.

I use much more conservative settings but so far this month have made around £800 profit on 2 separate accounts 20% and 280% regardless to say with the right settings this EA can make lots of good safe profit best EA on mql5 especially for the price point you cannot go wrong! This is the only EA I have used that survived the US elections, NFP and all manner of other occasions, if you want to know my settings pm me.

Anthony Anderson
Anthony Anderson 2016.11.22 20:11 

Great bot, and Rami is very helpful. he has lots of patience and stands by his great bot. i recommend all the way .

tatarudin 2016.11.18 11:19 

This EA has a more accurate prediction of price direction and gives opportunity to trade with lower risk

Denis Izryadnov
Denis Izryadnov 2016.11.16 07:13 

На вкус и цвет, конечно. Бразилька тоже работает, хотя после выборов и слила 3000 на одной паре, при лоте 0,01. НО! BE FREE - это вещь! Спокойно, стабильно, уверенно. И ребейт по ней получать реально! Спасибо за советники!

Fallet Willy
Fallet Willy 2016.11.15 14:11 

je recommande il est vraiment très bien comme expert advisor

I recommend it is really good

Radzhab Radzhabov
Radzhab Radzhabov 2016.11.15 10:46 

Прекрасный робот!Доступный и надёжный, если придерживаться инструкциям разработчика.А Рамиль всегда поможет.Главное не жадничать.Брать с рынка немного но стабильно! Спасибо за разработки!

60012345 2016.10.29 09:27 

Отличный советник Спасибо автору

Zsolt Tekula
Zsolt Tekula 2016.10.28 17:25 

Perfect EA. Very easy to use and very flexible.

Thank You Ramil

Juan Carlos Saez
Juan Carlos Saez 2016.10.26 15:24 

Robot very profitable. Just be patient and start with 3000 € / $ with 7-8 pairs, with lots of 0.01. Fully recommended, with an acceptable risk and potential for high profits. Its author, Ramil, very careful, resolve all your doubts almost immediately. Without doubt, the best robot I've ever had.

Ramil thank you very much for sharing with us ¡¡¡

Dave 2016.10.17 16:21 

Fantastic EA! Very profitable and very stable with $3000 deposit. Thank you Ramil.

Nicola Furini
Nicola Furini 2016.10.16 20:18 

Good EA. Thanks Ramil

Nikolay Chepikov
Nikolay Chepikov 2016.10.14 19:33 

Отличный советник. Манименеджмент для спокойной торговли 500 единиц валюты на 0,01 лота на одной паре. Настройки по-умолчанию. Рекомендую к покупке. Автору спасибо за работу и за помощь в настройке. Не рекомендую использовать пары с GBP.

NataAr 2016.10.13 11:10 

Спасибо, Рамиль! Отличный советник!

Petr Prohorow
Petr Prohorow 2016.10.11 09:50 

Всем доброго дня

благодарю Рамиля за такого великолепшейшего советника. Скальпирует как надо. Главное ещё депозит минимум 30-40 $ для центовика иметь. А так робот мне понравился.

Так держать Рамиль.

Буду ждать прибыли. Сети расставлены.

OLEG TARASKIN 2016.10.11 08:57 

Очень интересный и гибкий в настройках советник. Зарабатывает все, что можно заработать. )))

Важно за ним присматривать и настройки делать умеренные.

Рамиль, спасибо за ответы на мои вопросы!

Andrey Mazhara
Andrey Mazhara 2016.10.04 13:41 

Просадка маленькая, настройки понятные, рамил всегда на связи. я доволен советником. спс

boxmenik 2016.09.28 12:58 

trying it out will update soon

David Garcia
David Garcia 2016.09.24 12:22 

I am running the EA for only a couple of weeks in a Cent account. So far I am very glad with the way it trades. I think it trades less stressful than I expected. I will see how it goes in the coming weeks and will update the review if needed. By now... good product at an excellent price... a must have EA...

Update 24/9/2016 The cent account is performing very well. I am moving now to standard accounts. After testing deeper with more settings, pairs and time frames I find the EA has a lot of potential if I play smart with my money management.

Thank you Ramil!

Franck 2016.09.21 21:43 

One more review for Ramil! Less risky than "Brazil" EA. (Not saying that "Brazil" is bad, but "Be free" is suiting more to my trading style. low drawdown and medium returns, with less risk of account blowing up) Just encountered FED decision, and with the new "news" settings, it worked perfectly. Thanks to this new parameter which many traders would like to see in more EA's. 0.01 lot on 5 currencies long and short with custom settings on 2000$ account is medium risk for myself. Martingale parameters are the best you could wish for. Best Martingale EA on in MQL5 community! Good luck to all!

Maksim Chernov
Maksim Chernov 2016.09.18 07:14 

Всё хорошо.

Fredy Tello
Fredy Tello 2016.09.15 17:03 

is a very profitable and less risky for which signal has acostmbrados the autor signal ... is the best !!!

Spiros Galiatsatos
Spiros Galiatsatos 2016.09.08 16:31 

I'm running this EA on 12 pairs on a $5000 demo account and I can tell you it performs pretty well. The news feature is a nice touch also. The author is friendly and responds to all your questions. Excellent !!

Nedal Almandel
Nedal Almandel 2016.08.31 01:09   

Can I pay through Western Union?

with all due respect


Sami Cem Talu
Sami Cem Talu 2016.08.26 21:41 

Best of the Best

Thank you Ramil

Valeriu Zdrobau
Valeriu Zdrobau 2016.08.25 11:06 


Konstantin Grebenshikov
Konstantin Grebenshikov 2016.08.24 12:35 


Mikhail Rozhkov
Mikhail Rozhkov 2016.08.24 12:23 

Хороший советник! С панелью параметров и новостным блоком, просто Великолепно! Все настройки перед глазами, очень удобно, даже когда торгуешь на большом количестве пар, т.к. сразу видно все параметры.

Alexander Gusev
Alexander Gusev 2016.08.24 11:47 

Отличный советник Спасибо автору)

Yongyi Liao
Yongyi Liao 2016.08.24 10:07 

Great improvement

Roman 2016.08.24 07:25 

Отличный советник!

Ildar Valiullin
Ildar Valiullin 2016.08.23 15:32 

Спасибо !!

Igor Dervuk
Igor Dervuk 2016.08.23 12:26 

Спасибо за хороший советник !

版本 8.0 2017.10.18
Added buttons for closing orders from the chart
版本 7.0 2017.04.04
Changed site for automatic news time detection
版本 6.0 2017.03.20
Fix errors when loading news
版本 5.0 2017.03.06
Optimized downloading news
版本 4.0 2017.02.23
Added automatic detection of the time zone
版本 3.0 2016.09.23
Fixed errors when working with different magic numbers
版本 2.0 2016.09.05
Added a new parameter:
MaxLot - maximum lot allowed to be opened.