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WindExpansion MT5

WindExpansion is a fully automated solution to get a smart edge type from the market: it will enter when the “smart money” is starting to heavy push the market (after accumulation/distribution phases that form tiny ranges) and volume is expanding due big interest to sustain the price caused by psychological buying/selling pressure; when this situation happens many traders will try to fade the move but “big dogs” will be stronger and collect profits by the crowd; when the opposite situation happens it will implement some great trade management techniques that allow locking-in profit as soon as possible.

Technical details

WindExpansion open two trade at once, the first with fixed target profit and the second is simply trailed all along the moves; it always uses tiny stop loss and try to ride big moves while it lock-in your profits (as soon as possible) until target is reached; it use only genuine trade/money management concepts.

This EA will open trades at the open of new candle and it takes advantage from two expansion levels that happen on two different time frame (M30 and H1) with 4 different set files for each time frame; each set file will work to take a portion of the move (as you probably know the market has many dimensions) from smallest to the largest move to improve its edge over different move types in fact it implement 4 different risk:reward figure in its set files (1:0.5, 1:1, 1:2, 1:3). You can notice that while the first set file work much like a scalper, the other three set files will work like a big “pips-catcher”. The algo is fully optimized (walk forward optimization type with progressive out-of-the sample periods to avoid curve fitting risk) to work with the most liquid and followed pair: EurUsd.

WindExpansion is ultimately a good solution if you want to get your reliable edge in a relaxed environment; it isn't a “get quick rich scheme” any serious trader aims to have stability over the years and at same time a good night's sleep because you are sure to trade with something that you know deeply.

Main features

  • NO martingale, NO grid or any dangerous method! There are no ways to cheat the market! IT IS PROVEN!
  • It isn't “broker-dependent” but a good broker choice (low spread, good speed execution, etc..) will allow you to have improved results
  • It open a basket of trades between 2 and 16 at once based on expansion strength
  • It runs on 2 different time frame (M30 and H1) with 4 different set files for each TF to catch expansion in multi-dimensional and multi-amplitude fashion
  • Professional trade management that lock-in and protect your pips as a stalker!
  • Optimizable for other pairs (remember: EurUsd is the TOP traded forex pair)
  • Automatically adjusting for 4-5 digits

Main parameters

  • Show_infoPanel - enable/disable the info dashboard
  • expansion_lvl - minimum (in pips) expansion of the candle
  • expansionLvl_limit - maximum (in pips) expansion of the candle
  • expansion_Period - period of (price based) dynamic indicator
  • expansion_strength - a factor to measure the specific breakout's power
  • Trigger_hunting - enable/disable the pending orders mode
  • th_fix - number of pips beyond/behind the expansion candle to set the pending orders
  • th_dynamic - a percentage factor (calculated on the expansion candle) to set the pending orders
  • pending_expiry - number of bars after which the existing pending orders will be deleted
  • use_XYStop - enable/disable a time stop for the trades and select an advanced mode for the time stop based
  • XY_Timefactor - the number of bars after which trades will be closed based on the "use_XYStop" selected mode
  • dynamic_SL/dynamic_TP - dynamic factor to set stop loss/take profit (for TP it work only if TP_lvl=O)
  • TP_lvl/Trailing_lvl - take profit and trailing stop (in pips)
  • minSL_lvl/maxSL_lvl - minimum and maximum (absolute) stop loss (in pips)
  • riskoffset - level (in pips) at which EA will trail the stop loss to "lock_pips" level
  • lock_pips - level (in pips) of profit locked-in
  • AggressiveMM - it will enable/disable and select a mode to have an Aggressive money management type (soft/hard)
  • hard_factor - a multiplier factor to increase the lotsize when "hard" mode is selected (martingale MM)
  • Trading_only_News - it will enable/disable the opportunity to trade the strategy only in the news events periods
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