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Roman5 MT4 Copier Master

Note: Please don't use this EA when you have a broker that does requote your orders.

The MT4 Copier allows you to copy trades from one or more master accounts to multiple slave accounts on the MetaTrader 4 platform.

  • The success of copying trades is determined by the speed at which duplication takes place. With a synchronization rate of 50 ms, MT4 Copier checks for updates across all accounts at a rate of 20 times per second.
  • No DLLs needed.

You need Roman5 MT4 Copier Slave EA (free edition with unlimited terminals) to receive the orders from the Master - click here.


  • TimerInMillisecond = 50 - re-scanning and looking for any new order or close order every 50 ms.

  • Name_of_Group - you can have multiple Masters with different groups, Slaves can be linked to, e.g., Group_A.

  • Send_Pending_Order = true / false - send pending orders to Slave(s).

  • Send_TP_and_SL = true / false - modify TP/SL to Slave(s).

  • Suffix_Remove_Before_Symbol - For example: Master's symbol is xEURUSD, so set Suffix_Remove_Before_Symbol = x and it will send this string “EURUSD” to Slave(s).

  • Suffix_Remove_After_Symbol - For example: Master's symbol is EURUSD.lmx, so set Suffix_Remove_After_Symbol = .lmx and it will send this string “EURUSD” to Slave(s).

  • CloseOrderWhenSlaveCloseOrderInLoss and CloseOrderWhenSlaveCloseOrderInProfit - True = When you close that order or stop out in slave, the same order in master also will be closed.

  • TrailingStopWhenSlaveCloseOrderInLoss and TrailingStopWhenSlaveCloseOrderInProfit - True = When you close that order or stop out in slave, the same order in master will be activated the trailing stop.

Seng Yang
Seng Yang 2019.09.12 11:34 

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Andrew Mir
Andrew Mir 2018.03.19 11:51 

Great reliable trade copier and very helpful support. Thank you.

raindrop 2016.03.18 13:17 

Very straight forward setup and it works without issues. Very helpful support.

Md. Shahadat Hossain
Md. Shahadat Hossain 2016.03.09 20:15 

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Versão 2.62 2017.05.02
New parameters:
- Added EnableFIFO = True / False
- Send_Existing_Orders_Loss and Send_Existing_Orders_Profit = True / False.
True - it will copy all the trades that you have already opened.
False - it will only start copying the new trades that start opening from this point when you have placed EA on the chart.
Versão 2.52 2016.09.02
Fixed and updated the alerts
Versão 2.50 2016.08.11
- Fixed bugs
Versão 2.47 2016.04.29
- Added ability to enable/disable the filter for Magic Number. It will copy the trade with a specific Magic Number.
Versão 2.44 2016.03.09
Added error description in expert log.
Versão 2.43 2016.01.21
Versão 2.3 2015.10.23
Added new parameter in Slave EA
- Swap the stop loss and take profit.
Versão 2.2 2015.10.21
Added the new parameter:
- Activate the trailing stop when the slave closed the order (True/False)
Versão 2.1 2015.10.09
MM_MODE_MULTIPLIER – This is a multiplier. For example = 100:
Master lots size is 0.01 and slave lots size is calculated to 1.00