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SonicTradeCopier MT5 Demo


Easy Fast Reliable trade copier. Copy trades from one terminal to an other (internet copy feature coming soon.)

  • MT4 to MT4.
  • MT4 to MT5.
  • MT5 to MT5.
  • MT5 to MT4.


(Setting up copying policies)

  • Sender only has to setup signal name and start sending signals.
  • Receiver sets up signal name.
  • Receiver can setup symbols list which he wants to copy , and also symbol mapping/translation .
  • Receiver Mode  Currently only 0 mode is available [this is receiver processing engine].
  • Receiver Order opening policy [= Open order as we receive signal.  1=If price is not in range open pending. = If price is not in range ignore signal].
  • Receiver Order modifying policy [0=If order is not found do not create one.  1=If order is not found do create one].
  • Receiver Order closing policy [0=Immediate close when signl arrives. 1=If price has slipped use tp to close].
  • Receiver Range [Specify range in points for signal slippage decisions].
  • Receiver Lot policy [0=Same as signal providers/sender lot. 1=Use fixed lot. 2=Use same ratio to calculate lot as sender.3=Use specified % of risk].
  • Receiver Lot Size enter here lotsize. ie 0.01 0.02 etc.
  • Receiver Risk to lot ratio  enter here percent of your equity you want to risk.

Full version Link

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Versión 1.6 2018.10.17
Symbol Mapping / Translation
Symbol list
Versión 1.4 2018.10.12
GUI bug fixing.