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Hello, this EA is designed to scalp the market in the direction of the trend.

I give you the ability to modify a lot of parameters in order to optimize the EA on different assets and timeframes. As a matter of fact, I noticed that the strategy is relatively adaptable among some Forex pairs and some assets from the daily timeframe to the 5 minutes one. I hope that you will be able to diversify your portfolio thanks to this skill.

All backtests are done with a real tick database.


  • OBlong, OSlong, OBshort, OSshort - overbought and oversold level according to the trading side for better optimization
  • PMAlong, PMAshort - MA period according to the trading side
  • MagicNumber
  • TOD_From_Hour, TOD_From_Min, TOD_To_Hour, TOD_To_Min - trading schedule
  • TradeMonday (to friday) - Days to trade
  • TradeSize - number of lots
  • Hedging - type of your account
  • MinFreeMargin - the minimum free margin necessary to take another trade, including the next trade. For example, if you want a min free margin of $1000 and that your actual free margin is $1200, the EA will not take a trade for which the required margin is $200 or more.
  • MaxSpread, MaxSlippage
  • NextOpenTradeAfterBars - minimum amount of bars between two trades
  • MaxOpenTrades, MaxLongTrades, MaxShortTrades
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