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Master Levels mt4

Master Levels mt4 (version for MT5) analyzes the market situation over the last few days and determines the current levels. It tracks the breakouts of these levels. Trades are opened in the breakout direction.

The Expert Advisor is fully automated. Master Levels is equipped with a flexible position management system. You can set any number of take profit parts. It also features a trailing stop system, which allows to protect the obtained profit. Depending on the settings, the EA can work both as a scalper, and as an expert with medium profit targets. The EA is able to work in two modes: market orders and pending orders. Pending orders are used by default.

Master Levels allows controlling slippages and spread at the moment of entry, which is crucial for a scalper.

The EA implements algorithms for limiting its operation by time. There is a trading pause module. You can set any interval, for example, time of news release, during which new trades will not be performed. You can also choose the actions for the open positions during the specified pause interval.

Features & Benefits

  • Ability to take profit in any number of parts
  • Trailing stop allows reducing losses and drawdown
  • Automatic calculation of lot for any currency depending on risk per trade
  • Option to work with pending or market orders
  • Spread control
  • Advanced trading pause module.

Recommendations on Usage

  • Use ECN account with minimum spread and commission
  • Choose a broker with good execution of orders
  • Use the maximum leverage of 1:100 or higher
  • Trade volatile currency pairs with minimal spread

Default settings are intended for operation on ECN accounts with the average spread less than 1 point. Optimized for EURUSD M15.

New features will be added with time. You can make suggestions, and they will not be left unnoticed! For my part, I am always open to dialogue and timely support of the product.


Trading Logic

  • Days analyze - The number of days to analyze the levels. The latest days are considered, including the current.
  • Level amplitude - The minimum required amplitude for the levels. The price should pass the specified distance on both sides of the level.
  • Entry shift - Entry distance. Offset in points from the level, where entry is made. Negative value - entry on reaching the level. Positive values - after crossing the level.

Time parameters

  • Start trade hour (Start trade minute) - End trade hour (End trade minute) - Operation interval of the EA. Start hour=2, the EA starts operation at 2:00:01. End hour=17, the EA ends operation at 17:00:00.
  • Days filter - Disable trading on certain days of the week. To disable, set to false.
  • New trades pause - Enable/disable pausing trading in the time intervals (false - disable, true - enable)
  • Open trade actions - Actions with the open trade when the interval starts
    • Current manage
    • Close trade
  • Pause intervals - String for setting the pause intervals. You can define several intervals. The format is hh:mm-hh:mm, or hh:mm-hh:mm;hh:mm-hh:mm;......;...... The intervals are active during the current and subsequent days until disabled.

Trade Requests

  • Slippage - Slippage when sending a trade request
  • Requests - The number of attempts to open or modify a position
  • Spread filter - Maximum allowed spread at the moment of entry

Risk parameters

  • Orders Mode - Market orders or pending orders
  • Out of time close - Close opened deals when the EA operation time ends.
  • Allowed trades per day (0 - no limit)
  • Fixed Volume
  • Risk per trade, % - If set to 0, the value of fixed volume is used.
  • Percentage of balance used, %
  • StopLoss
  • TakeProfit

Position management

  • Closing parts - true/false
  • Parts - The number of parts for taking profit
  • Close first part, % - Percentage for closing the first part (of the total deal volume)
  • First part TP - Take profit of the first part
  • Enable trailing stop - true/false
  • Trailing activate - Profit in points to activate trailing
  • Main trailing


  • Pause levels color
  • Pause levels style
  • Levels color
  • Levels line style
  • Orders comment
  • Magic
Jesús Torres
Jesús Torres 2019.08.17 19:42 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

daejung kim
daejung kim 2018.09.24 13:53   

erro ?

2018.09.24 20 : 25 : 11.648 'stdlib.ex4 :: CompareDoubles

Master Levels mt4 EURUSD,M1: unresolved import function call

erro ?

Ragnarill 2018.02.02 17:20 

Doesn't seem to open any trades.

AntonLoubser 2017.09.10 06:20 

I'm Trading with bigger SL and trailing.Not many trades but stable profit.Good EA.

simon7806 2017.08.31 15:16 

I've tried for almost a month, even with the author's set files; however, only seldom deals but big lossess with small gains, with half-half ratio.

Vilmar Tavares
Vilmar Tavares 2017.08.21 13:28 

I have tried for several times this EA, it has always been more losses than gains. In the backtester is perfect, but in the actual account very bad.

Csaba Zvekan
Csaba Zvekan 2017.08.06 08:35 

I have this EA running on EURUSD pair with fixed spread for some time now. It was installed on MQL's own superfast VPS server running 1.18 ms latency. Still the EA makes hardly any trades in the days and if it did they were all big loosers. I can not recommend this EA!

Even one star is too much

mayamak 2017.04.21 14:11 

Start date of EA: 25.01.2017, vps mql5 - latency less than 1.5-2ms.

***I will update my rewiev with stars rating and 3 real accounts results (LMAX lev-1:100, Tickmill-UK lev-1:100, ICMarkets lev-1:500) after more than one month of using.

update #1: 4 stars for now (it EA will continue profit longterm I will give it 5*). Result covers expectations. So far: Best results on LMAX worst on Tickmill-UK, ICMarkets medium (not bad - not good enough)

live account results screenshots: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/18407#!tab=comments&page=6&comment=4073313




very good result with VPS ~1ms latency

Dmitry is hard-working person, makes updates that are upgrading EA with good results.

Jaldip Ramani
Jaldip Ramani 2017.03.07 19:38 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

Francisco Javier Lucena Zurera
Francisco Javier Lucena Zurera 2017.02.05 00:36 

Very Spread dependable. Not stable

Yaotang Liu
Yaotang Liu 2017.01.25 14:05 

Nice strategy. Nice support.

Igor Dervuk
Igor Dervuk 2016.10.15 13:27 

При тесте показывает хорошие результаты, главное выбор брокера с миним. спредом и исполнением отличн. выбрать. Автор отвечает на вопросы оперативно и консультирует!

Versión 1.42 2018.02.15
- Fixed bugs that distorted trading results.
Versión 1.41 2018.01.10
- Fixed bug with automatic lot calculation
- Fixed bug with placement of pending orders
Versión 1.40 2017.12.06
Completely redesigned and optimized the code.
Versión 1.32 2017.09.20
- Fixed a bug in operation of the partial closure function
Versión 1.31 2017.09.15
Optimized the EA's code. Addressed the flaws of working with pending orders.
Versión 1.30 2017.09.13
- Added the mode for working with pending orders
Versión 1.26 2017.05.23
- Fixed the operation of the lot calculation function when the 'Risk per trade' parameter is set.
Versión 1.25 2017.05.17
- Fixed an error that could occur when working with the partial closure block.
- Improved lot calculation system with a set Risk per trade parameter
Versión 1.24 2017.05.03
- Fixed the error in the operation of partial closure function
- Fixes in the block of automatic lot calculation. Removed the parameter for postfix of the currency pair. Now, if the currency pair name is EURUSD.ecn, then it is not necessary to enter .ecn. The EA will determine everything automatically.
Versión 1.23 2017.04.21
- Adjusted calculations, which could result in an error in certain situations
Versión 1.22 2017.04.13
- The EA operation time is set in hours and minutes
- Added a parameter for closing open deals when the EA operation time ends
Versión 1.21 2017.03.28
- Fixed error in trade logic.
Versión 1.2 2017.03.14
- Added the EA status bar to the info panel.
- Added the display of the daily total trade volume to the panel.
- Input parameters are set in 5-digit quotes.
- Added a parameter for limiting the number of deals performed per day.
- Optimized and improved the code.
Versión 1.1 2016.10.25
- Fixed minor bugs.
- The working time interval can now be specified with cross days. For example, hour start 22 to hour end 17.
- Added the commission parameter. It allows to evaluate the size of commission during testing. The total commission is output by the OnTester function to the tester log.