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Scalper Tick Manager

Scalper Tick Manager


It serves a large number of pairs, the more movement there is in the currency pair, the better it works, recommended pairs.


I tried it on other pairs and it works well too, but for now I recommend doing the test on the recommended ones.

The EA, It is not king-size gala, It is not an unnecessary high risk system, You can see it for yourself, the DDs are very low, in normal conditions they do not exceed 10%.

Recommended Spread

Try testing the one with the broker, it is clear that the less Spread the better results.

The Expert has the maximum desired spread

There is no problem in high spread schedules since the expert does not operate at the configured Maximum Spread.

Working hours

It also has working hours.

Capital management

It has automatic capital management according to the balance in account.

Trades with automatic Stop loss and Trail Stop, all options can be configured.

The test configuration will be uploaded in the EA comments.

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