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Compact Scalper Expert Advisor

Compact Scalper is an Expert Adviser (EA) totally automatic that works by a little period of time each day.

It has an advanced algorithm that use the price like the principal indicator. Our system has a preset Stop Loss and Take Profit, but Its principal close system is, the dynamic close, considers the price where the order was opened and the subsequent behavior of the price, closing the orders when the conditions leave to be the appropriate. Each broker has its operation therefore can not act the same way in all the conditions must be for each independent broker and compact scalper take this into account and act automatically . We have put a little bit parameters to make the use more easy, you can put Compact Scalper in Demo or Live accounts in all the mt4 brokers .

In the description of the signals the .set files are available to be downloaded.

We recommend using the Compact Scalper on M5 charts

Signals: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/gastor

The system complies with the FIFO rules for closing orders.


Control the risk and work with appropriate volumes (lots) to your capital.

Do Backtest of good quality (99.9%).

Whatever consultation that you have you can send us a message that will be answered as soon as possible.


  • FIFO ? - Place the yes option if your broker uses the FIFO rules for closing orders.
  • COMMENT - Place your personal comment.
  • Número mágico - Magic number
  • Use Risk % - In true Active Risk% per order
  • Risk % per order - Maximum risk permitted by operation.
  • Lots Fixed - Position size.
  • Use Risk - In true if you want to calculate the lot dynamically
  • Lot Dynamic - If you want to calculate the lot dynamically as a fixed value of their capital
  • Dynamic Stop Loss - If true, dynamic stop loss is active
  • Dynamic Stop Loss - It is a drop-down menu with options, choose one of them.
  • Stop_Low - Choose the option if you want Stop Loss Short
  • Stop_medium - Choose the option if you want Stop Loss medium
  • Stop_High - Choose the option if you want Stop Loss Long
  • Dynamic Take Profit - if true, activate dynamic take profit
  • Stop Loss - Allowed stop loss (dynamic stop should be set to false)
  • Take profit - Take profit (dynamic take profit must be false)
  • Filter - It is a drop-down menu with options, choose one of them.
    • Compact_slow - Choose this option if you want to place a slow filter.
    • Compact_Medium - Choose this option to work an slow filter.
    • Compact_fast - Choose this option to work an fast filter.
  • Function- It is a drop-down menu to choose the ( function one) or choose the (function Two)
  • Function One - Choose this option if you want to use only one filter for orders.
  • Function Two - Choose this option to use two filters for orders.
  • Max orders - Maximum open orders.
  • Max Slippage - Maximum slippage allowed.
  • Maximum spread allowed. Maximum spread allowed to open an order..
  • Allow new orders every "seconds"Minimum time allowed to open a new order
  • Orders Buy - If true, activate buy orders
  • Orders Sell - If true, activate sell orders
  • Activate minimum distance - In true active minimum allowed distance
  • Minimum distance between orders ( <=8 )- Minimum distance between orders
  • Start time -Start time of operations
  • Start minute - start time of the transactions.
  • End Time-End time of operations
  • End minute - final minute of operations
  • Orders in Weekly opening - In false , Cancels operations in weekly opening
  • Use news filter ? Turn on or off the news filter.
  • Do not operate if there is news in (minutes) , If there is a news within (minutes) do not open operations
  • Don't operate if it was published a news time ago (minuts) If there was news within (minutes) do not open operations.
  • News Lines - If true, activate the lines
  • Filter News All Pairs - If true, filter the news of all the currency pairs
  • Include high impact news. - Turn on or off high impact news
  • Include medium impact news - Turn on or off medium impact news
  • Include Low impact news - Filter the low impact news.
  • Include Speaks - Turn on or off the impact news
  • High Impact Color - Choose the color of high impact news.
  • Medium Impact Color - Choose the color of the medium impact news.
  • Display Corner - Display position
  • Font Size News
  • Web Refresh - In zero = quick update
Nicola Furini
Nicola Furini 2019.05.12 18:25 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

zarraaoa53 2019.04.10 17:59   

Desde el dia 8 de Abril me da el siguiente error: FFCal Error - Web page download not complete!

Tenia hasta ahora introducido en Herramientas del MT4 y en el EA de Compac lo siguiente: http://www.forexfactory.com/ffcal_week_this.xml

¿Ha habido algun cambio en la direccion de la web?

_Norman 2018.05.09 15:57 

Reflejan mis cinco estrellas el trabajo continuo de la autora, recomiendo el sistema con buen risk control

Evgenii Golovan
Evgenii Golovan 2018.05.08 23:00 

Топчется на месте или торгует в убыток. Сожалею о покупке

JGSP 2018.01.25 16:06 

Giving Aida an early good review here. I will explain why. I bought this last year and used it, and lost money. I made the rookie mistake and hung up it up after the loss, only to watch it recover without me. This was no Aida's fault, but mine of course. I have since started back with it this year. I am only a week in using it on her recommend 3 pairs with buy only direction trades, but results look good. With this EA, I feel it is very important to follow Aida's advice and run it on the pairs she recommends, and with the set files she recommends (and direction of pairs as well if this is being filtered). As she knows the EA best I feel you will have better results following her recommendations with it, vs. experimenting with your own settings (even if back testing). Shes been helpful and honest, and is working hard with this. All of this is why I am giving it 4 stars. Will revert back again after a decent sized sample period of trading data.

JMoney 2018.01.10 21:54 

Through extensive backtesting, using your own sets, and having a solid broker with lower overnight spreads, I have had fantastic success, even greater results than the suggested sets and signals. If you invest a little time and care in it, you can work some magic even though from time to time there will be breaking news, but that's just the nature of trading.

Felipe Ponce Aragon
Felipe Ponce Aragon 2017.10.31 04:03 

I'm sorry for rating one star because Aida is a wonderful person, but I have stopped using the EA and consider it unable to achieve profits in the long term despite beautiful Aida making several updates to the EA. If Aida ever achieves long-term profit in her signals I may try it again and rate with more stars.

FritzFerz 2017.10.16 15:38 

Использую настройки по умолчанию, пары строго рекомендованные. Торговать в плюс не получается - в лучшем случае топчется на месте.

Часто приносит убыток. Аида при ответе только сетует на плохой спред, но что значит хорошие условия по спреду - непонятно.

Чувствую себя обманутым.

Richard Jehl
Richard Jehl 2017.09.19 23:49 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Audrey Versace
Audrey Versace 2017.09.17 05:21 

EA sans intérêt

mt4_jupo 2017.09.15 10:04 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Juanxmosca Mosca
Juanxmosca Mosca 2017.08.19 11:33 

No hace mucho que adquirí este sistema al igual que otros muchos , Con respecto a CS es un buen sistema con una codificación muy buena . Veo muchos comentarios y la verdad es que muchos no entienden que el riesgo lo elige cada uno , no el sistema , yo en mi caso uso un riesgo máximo de 1,5 % por operación abierta para todos los sistemas que tengo en el gráfico , de esa manera protejo mi capital de una forma ordenada .Les aseguro que si no invierten esperando resultados en el largo plazo no podrán estar mucho tiempo en este negocio . Adjunto 4 estrellas a este sistema y un gran saludo para la autora .

Alwina Rotfus
Alwina Rotfus 2017.08.16 23:35 

Attention, can blow your account. Be Careful!

Wei Song
Wei Song 2017.08.15 17:39 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Plamen Ivanov
Plamen Ivanov 2017.08.04 10:56 

Time for a new chance with the new version...

Lucas_Alvarez 2017.07.31 17:50 

Buen Comienzo Gracias

david.l 2017.07.28 03:35 

just fair..

project13et 2017.07.19 20:43 

The EA make profit in live market. The developer answer very fast and is always open to improve the EA.

Ugo Della Rocca
Ugo Della Rocca 2017.06.05 22:05 

...è difficile fare profitto... tante piccole perdite e piccoli guadagni... alla fine un po' costoso per quello che non rende...almeno lo sviluppatore è onesto nel non nascondere i segnali

Joel Simmons
Joel Simmons 2017.05.29 02:35 

After using for about 6 months, I can say it only works on 3 pairs. It works moderately well on CADCHF and EURCAD, and very well on GBPUSD. Everything thing else there were either no gain, or even some with loss.

Richard Leonel Bergara Barrios
Richard Leonel Bergara Barrios 2017.04.27 23:13 

Luego de unos meses de haber comprado el sistema coloco mi comentario , es un sistema muy estable solo hay que tener tranquilidad y dejar que el sistema actué solo en los pares recomendados por Aida , en mi caso uso un riesgo que me puedo permitir en mi cuenta de esa manera estoy tranquilo , La atención que he recibido es muy buena gran soporte no se escatima en medios para la atención , en mi caso hasta la configuración del sistema en mi vps , muchas gracias, merecidas cinco estrellas para a este EA .

27/04/2017 Yo tampoco entiendo las malas criticas de este EA , me parece un muy buen sistema , si alguien quiere hacer muchas ganancias en forex tiene que aumentar mucho el riesgo , para poder trabajar y tener reales ganancias se necesita un capital , esto no es tan fácil no es solo colocar el sistema en un grafico hay muchas variantes las cuales es uno que las tiene que controlar como el broker el vps y muchas cosas mas , yo por mi parte estoy conforme con este EA y aun lo recomiendo y sigo dando las gracias a Aida por su gran sistema de muy bajo precio y como muchas personas han comentado la atención al cliente es muy buena .

Kirill Maloletkin
Kirill Maloletkin 2017.04.27 22:20 

Не могу понять почему отзывы отрицательные? С ноября 2016 года только февраль был убыточным в 1%

luis.getino 2017.04.14 19:30 

Using for several months now, I am happy. There are some bad weeks, but the EA is profitable and safe. The price is low, and the support is great.

Important to say that seller shows real signals, and does not fake balance growth by constantly adding money like others scalpers sellers out there.

Thank you Aida!

Giuseppe888 2017.03.31 22:46 

In past fabulous (I can only say thanks Aida), now ... . Don't give up Aida !!! Let us dream again !!!

Matthew Winfield
Matthew Winfield 2017.03.31 01:03 

I've been using Compact Scalper for about 5 months now. Its a very high quality EA with a good dynamic close system that makes for safe and predictable trading.

Vincent Visoiu
Vincent Visoiu 2017.03.23 17:17 

One of the best Asia EAs here hands down. There may be large losses some days but if you keep trading it it will usually recover. Broker selection is crucial since certain brokers are defeating well against Asian EAs by widening spreads and giving slippage. If you win a lot you may not be able to withdraw your profits with this EA so be careful. There have been technical issues with this EA such as with the news filter implementation, risk calculation etc. but the vendor is quick to respond and fix. Support is tops as well. I had an issue with the news filter and Aida was nice enough to jump on Teamviewer and help locate the issue. What vendor does that nowadays after they sell you the product? Seller also keep releasing updates and supporting the product rather than moving on to new products and abandoning the current products like most vendors do. In a nutshell considering the good (and the bad) I still give this product a top rating.

RedBull 2017.03.21 06:59 

Best EA.

Try it in real account and see unbelievable results.

Update: 21/03/17

EA is not good as start release.

Small profit but big loss.

I thought that market condition is changed.

Not good EA now .

dimitris 2017.03.18 13:08 

Initially it was producing to many errors. This was fixed but it took very long time.

Later versions had issues with DST time.

Testing from 2010 up to now, in one year steps, produce poor results for most pairs.

Most importantly, it does not give the option to adjust the trading times. This is like trading in the dark.

jkshop 2017.03.15 20:09 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Gianluca Bonfanti
Gianluca Bonfanti 2017.03.13 23:02 

Until now ( i am using since october ) EA was in profit every month (2% to 10 % per month) i use risk settings lot dynamic 20/# of pairs as AIDA suggested, i avoided the pairs that are not performing well in the last 1-2 months.

i love how the EA manage the closing position (dynamical closing when the trend is against the open possition)

340 kb of coding when all rest of the EA's are in average 50/60 kb make you understand the work to build this robot.

if you do proper backtesting, using 99% quality data you will see that in one year it can be that 1 or 2 month can be negative, said that calm and discipline should bring in the long term good results.

i have tested the bot with many brokers and like always i recommend to check it not only from commisssion and spread but also from quality of trading and slippage.

richiedinc 2017.03.13 21:42 


Marco Reis
Marco Reis 2017.03.12 15:34 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

cocoliso2016 2017.03.10 01:22 

Comenzó bien este EA pero este año va de mal en peor. muy pocas ganancias y grandes pérdidas, igual que un principiante.

zpalz 2017.03.08 20:02 

Something is going wrong with the EA, need update.

Update: It seems to be ok after update, good job Aida

Update 08.03.17: I suspended the EA until the performance is stabilizing

mloloklo 2017.02.17 12:35 

Me parece un EA excelente. Sobre todo también valoro mucho la implicación de sus creadores.

TradeOrDie 2017.02.07 08:51 

Results can be different depending on your broker.

Damir Hadzic
Damir Hadzic 2017.02.06 18:06 

Ein sehr guter EA der seit nun zwei Monaten stätig einen sehr guten Gewinn bringt.

Aida ist ein sehr hilfsbereiter und freundliche Person die bei allen Fragen und Problemen hilft.

6 STERNE für diesen EA und AIDA.

Vanderlei Kulzer
Vanderlei Kulzer 2017.02.02 12:42 

Very good EA, I rented it for three months and learned it. Now bought.

Safe, steady and profitable.

aendy 2017.01.25 03:24 

Did not work for me. Had it for one month, never got into gain for long. Last 3 nights were really bad. The losing positions are not at all in proposition to the winning positions. Please, this is my personal opinion and doesn't reflect anything else than that. Do your own experiment and researches, this is a personal opinion; not more, not less.

Alan NO
Alan NO 2017.01.20 21:22 

Very Good EA so far, I have started 2 months ago and already made 20% profit by adapting the money management to the best pair.

I am also running 12 pairs on demo account and calculate the KPIs on monthly basis to decide to add/remove them on the real account.

I will make an update in 3 months.

PierGaetano 2017.01.20 10:08 

very good EA and support from Aida and ADN.

Is the first EA I bought so I can not make comparison but my impression is that this EA is probably the best in the market now: constant profit for the suggested pairs, good risks management following instruction and constant SW developing improvement.

My best compliment

Decreased to 4 stars: the volatility is quite destructive and even if has been introduced the news reading to avoid events with big impacts seems not to be enough.

Please evaluate introduction of these 2 requests in next version:

- not trading during all day events with high impact (stop trading the evening of that day and the following morning)

- start trading week 1.5 hrs later market opening so Monday at 00.30 GMT+1

Back to 5: the bad result of last 2 months of 2016 due to markets conditions are gone. Anyway this EA must be used carefully disabling it manually during in specific situation

Mohammad Shaban
Mohammad Shaban 2016.12.22 05:28 

not good EA anymore, heavy losses on usdcad and eurcad last night, one day loss it will eat up whole week profit!, dont recommend, wish there is half or minus star to rate it less.

Wei Zhang
Wei Zhang 2016.12.22 03:12 

i used it for a long time , once it was perfect , now it is die , littie profit big loss.

Albert Feixas
Albert Feixas 2016.12.18 19:02 


Mario Wegener
Mario Wegener 2016.12.14 17:09 

At first thanks to AIDA for his quickly answers!

I use this EA since 1 Week on Life Account and it works PROFITABLE!

And yes, there are any Losttrades, but much more Profittrades. Summary EVERY night i take Profit!

But not all Pairs are "Profit Pairs"!!! (Try in tester before using on real Account)

It runs well on much more Pairs profitable as the recommend Pairs!

My tests with "function_one" are often much more profitable as function_two. ("two" is standard - u must change it to try)

I run this EA on 14 Pairs, and any Pairs with two Charts for both functions - one chart for "function_one" and one chart for "function_two" :)

Xavier Pages
Xavier Pages 2016.12.14 10:42 

Hay que entender este EA para poder calificarlo. También influye el broker, porque dependiendo de el broker donde esté instalado, te da un resultado u otro. Yo no tengo quejas. Hace tres meses que lo tengo y con beneficios sustanciales. Estoy muy satisfecho. Cierto que, cuando toca perder, pierde, pero gana más que pierde. Yo también tuve dudas sobre este EA, pero el tiempo me dice que es rentable. Por otra parte, Aida contesta a todas las dudas que le he planteado.

Patrick A.
Patrick A. 2016.12.12 00:53 







Manabu Yanagita
Manabu Yanagita 2016.12.12 00:25 

Winning small, lose big.

Same as the amateur's method!

Eric Schuepbach
Eric Schuepbach 2016.12.08 13:03 

You probably need to be an experienced algorithmic trader to understand the value of this extraordinary EA.

For example, observe the size of the .ex4 file to see that there are a few thousand lines of code.

It must be observed at work to see its ability to react dynamically to the market.

The proximity of average gain and average loss is fairly unique for a scalper.

mhforex01 2016.12.04 14:29 

This is a great EA if you follow all the guidelines of Aida (pairs, file set, MM, brokers...).

She keeps on improving the EA et she is available for a kindly support

I have been using this EA for one month and i am very satisfied.

One month is not enough of course to make sure it is safe in most of the situations. I will update the rating in a couple of months

Daniel Hoop
Daniel Hoop 2016.12.01 20:46 

Thanks for providing news filter and winter time setting. Draw down will occur from time to time. However I am sure that we will be safer now.

sarat 2016.12.01 17:45 

Aida always does her best.Answered all my questions promptly as fast as she possibly can.Coming to the EA,yes, there are losses.You should take them just as you accept profits.I don't know why people keep calm when the EA is winning.Then,just a few losses,they bombard the author with all sorts of negative reviews.Yes,losing hard earned money hurts,but you should be patient with the Ea as it wins in long term.Reduce the risk and play safe for long term without expecting 100% overnight.

The early start issue is fixed in V1.5 and Aida submitted it to the moderators.So 5 stars from me for Aida and her compact scalper.

11191680 2016.11.30 21:59 

Ожидал большего, к сожалению надежд не оправдал. Из 50 сделок 40 закрылись с убытком. К сожалению!

Guido Mittmann
Guido Mittmann 2016.11.30 20:23 

I fully agree the last good reviews: Aida is working hard to make this awesome EA even better. If he find any issue he is making recommendations for little workarounds. He answers all the questions as fast as possible. What do you want more!?

And for all who have losses the last days:

1. Start your mt4-terminal at 21:30 gmt until the version 1.5, which will have a inbuild setting for the winter timeshift! The EA has earned back all losses from 18. til 22. november for me.

2. If you are dissatisfied with the results, why not open an account at one of the signal-brokers!?

3. Use ONLY the recommended currency pairs and the .set-files from Aida!

4. Don't expect point-accurate results like the signals, this is a scalper! They WILL vary, depending on lotsize and latency of your vps or pc!

5. This is a longterm strategy, why are some writing bad reviews after 3 days of use?

All i can say is, that i'am very satisfied!!! Hats off Aida, keep up with your nice work!!!

Cettex 2016.11.30 12:25 

I completely agree with sarat! Aida is doing her best to support everyone and answer very quickly to your questions! Most of the people who are complaining about this ea are too stupid to use ONLY! the recommended currencies or they are using too much risk every order! THIS is an EA, NOT A MONEY PRINTING MASCHINE! Every EA will have trades with losses! That’s absolutely normal! You have to use the recommended settings from Aida and this EA WILL BE VERY PROFITABLE!

Thanks Aida! :)

billz01 2016.11.29 04:35 


losetrade for EA

inver61 2016.11.28 14:22 

Hola, quitando esos dos dias negros, llevo dos semanas con el EA, y el resto con beneficos. a la espera de lanueva version. Esto es una carrera de fondo, de largo plazo. Veremos como funciona.

Sestante 2016.11.28 10:15 

Using set files provided by the author. Only suggested currency.

always profitable!

BigFinance 2016.11.26 19:43 

My balance %70 lose. First week better and good profit. But after explode my balance. I am unhappy.

Kwok Fung Chan
Kwok Fung Chan 2016.11.24 14:24 

very good

mohdhemsi 2016.11.24 04:17 

The Developer has to improve the EA performance and allow the ability to change the trading time. The EA starts trading before 30 minutes of US stock market close and this is very risky.

Mikhail Tsygankov
Mikhail Tsygankov 2016.11.24 04:17 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Riland Jones
Riland Jones 2016.11.23 03:42 

I would like to say this was my first bot and the support I got was excellent. The bot performed very well, most trades were winners. I have nothing bad to say. It doesn't trade real often but when it does it's usually a winner. Again, the support was awesome.

jinhee Lee
jinhee Lee 2016.11.22 23:41 

Very good ea!

Update 23 Nov 2016.

These days really bad so I changed my rating to 1 star..

Prathan Nuanprasit
Prathan Nuanprasit 2016.11.22 19:59 


Joycelyn Chan
Joycelyn Chan 2016.11.22 08:27 

To everyone who says it's bad for the last 3 days; it went well for me. All trades were in profit. Kindly Google how to differentiate been fake ECN and real ECN account. There are many brokers out there who wants to cheat client money by manipulating trades. Please don't ask me for broker recommendations because I don't want my liquidity to be affected when everyone starts using this EA with my broker. My best advice to you is avoid fake ECN accounts. Signs of fake ECN include: giving free deposit bonus, offering negative balance protection, stop level not zero (don't allow scalping), etc.

I gave 4 star because I have only used this EA for 3 working days. I will raise rating to 5 stars if EA proves to be successful long term.

jrc74 2016.11.22 07:15 

Bad results in the last 10 days...All trades are negatives and loss :(

Avto-Forex 2016.11.19 15:03 

Купил робота в силу большого количества положительных отзывов и в течении месяца потерял большую часть депозита. Категорически не рекомендую покупать.

wanghuan1987 2016.11.18 04:11 

Demo testing showed awesome result but disappointed after purchasing the EA. It's making more loss than profit. waste of money and time. if you show some patience than you may see some profit but not worth waiting that long... Another failure.. I don't understand how other people are rating it good.

Yet Wah Yung
Yet Wah Yung 2016.11.18 00:04 

works great for me :D

princezahid2010 2016.11.16 14:04 

Demo testing showed awesome result but disappointed after purchasing the EA. It's making more loss than profit. waste of money and time. if you show some patience than you may see some profit but not worth waiting that long... Another failure.. I don't understand how other people are rating it good..

compactaccount 2016.11.16 12:08 

had a huge losses

Carine Hilda Kaefer
Carine Hilda Kaefer 2016.11.10 20:04   

I bought and placed in real account and does not open orders, I did all the instructions of the seller and it does not work and seller does not solve problem, I do not recommend.

sunke138 2016.11.05 10:53 

Very good EA, completely free trade in the free time, do not have to consider the news, so you have more time to think!

Marvi616 2016.11.01 22:58 

My second profitable day, using this EA. works like wonder!

mayamak 2016.10.27 15:01 

Worth to buy for full prize! EA made nice profit, with lot of winning trades for last one month on my 3 accounts - LMAX (MTF), ICMarkets (ECN) and AdmiralMarkets (NDD).

server558 2016.10.10 00:07 

best EA Well done 10 star

jefecitotennis 2016.10.03 20:24 

5 estrellas por el apoyo y el servicio tecnico. Estaré probando la EA durante un mes.


Mike Geesing
Mike Geesing 2016.09.21 00:08 

Great EA! Well done Aida.

Igor Otkidach
Igor Otkidach 2016.09.20 19:43 

Реально хорошая EA! Ставлю 5 звезд!!!

aretz70 2016.09.18 02:58 

let it run on 2 live-accounts since 2 weeks. works on both (1x stp & 1x ecn) perfect. this ea is a masterpiece!

Timo Schroeter
Timo Schroeter 2016.09.17 20:51 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

BlueDot 2016.08.30 06:38 

I am also testing few days with real account micro lot. It is working good.

It does not hold long hours which is big relief. It is quick trade and make profit. Nice job Aida!

index itinet
index itinet 2016.08.17 21:34 

Aida Chavez es símbolo de profesionalismo. Gran equipo transparente y líder de mql5. Muy recomendable.

Yutish Govsky
Yutish Govsky 2016.07.28 07:41 

Estoy probando este EA con varios brokers, por ahora está funcionando muy bien. Muchas gracias!

So far good result with Compact Scalper EA on Global Prime and FXCC, many thanks!

Version 2.4 2018.09.03
New parameters

  Monday = true;
  Tuesday = true;
  Wednesday = true;
  Thursday = true;
Maximum allowed time of open operations (minutes).

The limit of daily operations was removed.
Version 2.3 2017.11.23
The default hour was changed.
Version 2.2 2017.09.07
New parameters

Dynamic Stop Loss
Dynamic Take Profit
Stop Loss
Take profit
Version 2.1 2017.06.20
New security checks.
Version 2.0 2017.05.30
Parameters removed.

Gmt broker

Winter or summer time

New Parameters

Start time
End Time

Activate minimum distance
Minimum distance between orders ( <=8 )
Version 1.9 2017.04.27
Correction of the parameter- Orders in Weekly opening
Version 1.8 2017.03.21
Fixed dynamic lot error.
Version 1.7 2017.03.13
New parameters

End Time - final hour of operations
End minute - final minute of operations
Orders in Weekly opening - cancel the opening of orders in the weekly opening
Filter News All Pairs
Include Low impact news - filter the low impact news
Font Size News
Web Refresh
Orders Buy
Orders Sell
Version 1.6 2017.01.23
There are no new parameters or settings, only the default settings have been changed
Version 1.5 2016.11.30
New Parameters .

Dynamic Stop Loss It is a drop-down menu with options, choose one of them.
Stop_Low Choose the option if you want Stop Loss Short
Stop_medium Choose the option if you want Stop Loss medium
Stop_High Choose the option if you want Stop Loss Long

Maximum spread allowed. Maximum spread allowed to open an order..
Allow new orders every "seconds"Minimum time allowed to open a new order
Winter or summer time Choose the winter or summer option depending on your broker's schedule
Use news filter ? Turn on or off the news filter.
Do not operate if there is news in (minutes) , If there is a news within (minutes) do not open operations
Don't operate if it was published a news time ago (minuts) If there was news within (minutes) do not open operations.
Include high impact news. Turn on or off high impact news
Include meduim impact news. Active o desactive las noticias de medio impacto
Include Speaks Turn on or off the impact news
High Impact Color Choose the color of high impact news.
Medium Impact Color Choose the color of the medium impact news.
Display Corner Display position
Version 1.4 2016.10.25
New Parameters .

FIFO ?- Place the yes option if your broker uses the FIFO rules for closing orders.
COMMENT- Place your personal comment.
Use Risk % - In true Active Risk% per order
Risk % per order- Maximum risk permitted by operation
Max orders - Maxims open orders.
Version 1.3 2016.09.20
New Parameters

Max Slippage - Maximum slippage allowed.
Version 1.2 2016.09.01
Internal adjustments.
Version 1.1 2016.08.24
Internal adjustments.