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100 - 2000 USD
Hello, I am looking for a proven working EA with these requirements: 1. No martingale, grid, hedging or any other dangerous strategy 2. Greater then 15 orders per month with stable profit of 15% each month 3. DD Profit <= 3%, DD Equity <= 7% 4. Able to pass 5 years of backtest and with 1200 orders 5. Works on major Forex pair and 4 other pairs making up 10 pairs 6. Provide demo copy for backtest with set files 7
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Scripts Consultation 2020.07.05
30 - 208 USD
Copier must copy only wining Orders from +0.00, copier must not copy losing or loss orders or reverse orders. Copy Only wining Orders within a second, copier should be used on mt5 & mt4
4 Applications
Experts Scripts 2020.07.03
30+ USD
Manual drawn line that can set alerts to Desktop App and Mobile App. This alert must work for all different timeframes and the alert should come with the Timeframe information as well
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Scripts 2020.07.03
30 - 200 USD
Hey, I have a website where I sell EA and indicator. I need a downloadable file where the buyer can change the account number of the product he bought. The client can only have 1 license by product, so 1 account. If he change the account of the license, the last will not work. Thank's
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Scripts Integration 2020.07.02
75+ USD
Would like to have an auto order execution system: 1. Should take the trends from TrendScreener Pro MT5 for the currency pairs given in our system 2. Place order per market; First of all we will have an order set up: Lot size is fixed and as per the order set up of our system; will be an input to our system a) If the trend is strong uptrend per the TrendScreener; Long i) If it moves in the non intended direction by a
5 Applications
Experts Scripts 2020.07.02
50 - 250 USD
Hello everyone I need an EA that will trade gold perfectly. I also need to see the longtime performance of the EA. And myfxbook. With e low drawn down. An excellent EA that trade almost every day. (Track Record must be Provided)
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Experts Scripts 2020.07.01
30 - 200 USD
Need to following tradingview pint script converted into mt5, all items should have option to enable / disable individually. Numbers should be edible , Back testing in mt5 should also work. If you need more info, search on google for trading view VuManChu B-Divergences study(title = 'VuManChu B Divergences', shorttitle = 'VMC Cipher_B_Divergences') // WaveTrend wtShow = input(true, title = 'Show WaveTrend', type =
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Scripts Converting 2020.06.21
30 - 50 USD
Necesito modificar bot de iq option para aplicarle límite a las operaciones perdidas consecutivas, que tenga la opción de realizar operaciones hasta que el límite de dinero que el usuario haya establecido se cumpla
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Scripts Design 2020.06.17
30 - 50 USD
Need programmer to write a script to replace server time with local time in chart of Metatrader 4. Any orders generated to follow local time instead of server time. If you can’t replace or change the internal time that plots on time axis in MT4 but you can display local time above that axis. Please give your best suggestion. Thank you for your attention
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Scripts Other Custom graphics 2020.06.13
30 - 170 USD
We would like to have an automatic function for our Tradingview private script for trading automaticcaly on MT4 or MT5. We heard it is not that difficult, so we hope this is done in less then a day
9 Applications
Experts Scripts Java JavaScript Trading robot/indicator debugging 2020.06.10
100 - 150 USD
O trabalho é simples. O Robo ira ler uma planilha excel com 9 colunas: ATIVO / OPERACAO / ENTRADA / TAKE PROFIT / STOP LOSS / PORCENTAGEM DESEJADA/ POSICAO ATUAL / PORCENTAGEM ATUAL e a principio uma media de apenas 5 linhas, podendo variar para 2 ate 10 exemplo de uma linha VALE3 / COMPRA / 60.00 / 65.00 / 55.00 / 50% / 0 / 0% Ver a posição na corretora, vai estar com por exemplo 20mil (conseguir separar o que esta
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Experts Scripts 2020.06.05
200 - 700 USD
I would like a real time stock scanner that will go through all stocks on NYSE and NASDAQ and post the ones that fit my criteria within 10 seconds. Is this possible on Metatrader
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Scripts Other C++ Python Strategy optimization Strategy modules Stocks 2020.05.31
500+ USD
Looking for an experienced python developer to utilize some open source libs to back and live-test strategy. Please message if you multiple years of backtesting with python and utilizing python backtesting libaries. Kind regards
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Scripts Other Statistics and mathematics SQL MySQL PostgreSQL Python 2020.05.28
60 - 90 USD
I need a EA telegram bot to submit order to MT4, requirement as below: place new order / modify existing order / close current order / cancel pending order Auto lot calculation based on capital in account and percentage of risk defined by me if auto lot calculation is off, take from my manually keyed in lot size Rule 1 (Order with 3 TP) Based on entry price, open a position Then when profit take reach, close partial
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Experts Scripts Statistics and mathematics Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex 2020.05.21
40+ USD
Good Morning, I would like an EA to copy orders from one account to another that is not in the same location, it may be a system already ready, however only authorized computers can copy orders from the master computer. It can be MT4 to MT4 or MT5
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Experts Scripts Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Forex 2020.05.21
30 - 300 USD
I need a trading bot based on candle pattern, market consolidation range, and fib levels. 1 It has to execute an order after certain style candle sticks on specific time ftame, 2. Has to identify trend and swing low and high and throw fib to execute order 3 Identify consolidation range and execute order after break out etc Please message me if you can get it done for me
7 Applications
Experts Scripts Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex 2020.05.20
30 - 60 USD
Hi, I would like a complete dummies guide to a robot/automated trading method/program. My trades are small, usually around 0.01 but have recently increased to 1. I would like to further increase this to 5, then 10, then 50 and eventually 200. I would like a buy & and a sell complete in one. So it recognises the market and executes the trade when i click it. I would like to manually adjust the parameters when
9 Applications
Experts Scripts 2020.05.19
30+ USD
I want the two minutes. In short, I want the candle burning for about two minutes. However, no default menu is available at this time. (1 minute, 5, 15 ...). I want to make sure, you want to use
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Indicators Scripts Statistics and mathematics 2020.05.19
50 - 200 USD
Hello! I'm looking for someone who has the time to write a personal EA. Requirements: MQL4 & MQL5 Versions Basic functions: Entering a Position Placing SL Placing TP Moving SL to breakeven + more - Send your messages in
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Experts Scripts 2020.05.18
30 - 100 USD
Looking for someone develop a super straight-forward trading robot that executes trades using a custom CCI indicator that already gives me signals. I just simply need it automated for MT5
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Experts Scripts 2020.05.16