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300 - 1000 USD
EA needed to copy trades from MT4 to MT4, however the slave account should not show the live opened trades, else they can also copy in another account. therefore I need a system to copy the trades but without showing the live trades into the slave account. The trades can be showed once closed
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Experts Scripts 2019.08.14
30+ USD
what i need is to build 5 indicators 1 baseline indicator 2 confirmation indicators 1 volume indicator 1 exit indicator i already using some indicators so you can use them as an example to build a good algo. if your interested. message me so i can show you more details
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Indicators Scripts Statistics and mathematics C++ C# Java JavaScript MySQL Strategy optimization Strategy modules Collection of data on the internet Forex Data mining 2019.08.13
35+ USD
We have a CryptoCompare API that we need to integrate with our MT5 platform in the form of a gateway API. We have the documentation for CryptoCompare API if needed
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Scripts Other 2019.08.12
30+ USD
if you interest the job you can applicantion, then i will told you how to do the job, thanks. the ea is about auto trade and muti symbol trade, take profit calculation
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Experts Scripts Strategy modules 2019.08.07
30+ USD
Określona specyfikacja dotycząca tutaj punkt po punkcie. Wybierz opis swoich możliwości w tym trybie, aby Twój potencjalny deweloper był w stanie poprawnie ocenić jego złożoność i koszt, wymagany czas wykonania. Zły lub zbyt ogólny opis, Twoje zamówienie zostanie zarchiwizowane lub spedytowane. Pamiętaj:Pamiętaj: Pamiętaj:Remember: Lepiej spędzić trzydzieści minut na przygotowanie dobrego tekstu niż na utratę godzin
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Scripts Translation 2019.08.04
30 - 50 USD
Dear Developers, I trade binary options on IQ Option Broker using my EA on MT4 (to be provided separately). I would like a plugin that can take MT4 alerts of BUY/SELL from my EA and place a trade on IQ Option either web or Windows application. Before i commit myself, i would want to see a DEMO via Developer TeamViewer. I will give higher priority to programmers who have accomplished similar project
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Experts Scripts 2019.08.02
500+ USD
Looking for help in developing my current Forex trading indicator into a working strategy for use during backtesting. The current indicator uses a 2 EMA cross approach, and I manually set a stop loss and more than 1 take profit levels based on previous key price zones and fibonacci levels. I need to be able to alter the 2 moving average input values, and the TP/SL levels to be able to tweak the strategy for different
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Indicators Scripts Python 2019.07.31
50 - 200 USD
I have an idea for an indicator and I want someone to create it for me it’s a guaranteed winning strategy 90% win rate I need someone to come in and bring my ideas to life there’s a ton more examples or either the candles getting smaller at the end of the up move or down move or there’s long legged dojis or a combination of dojis and smaller indecisive dojis I need an indicator that recognizes the difference between
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Indicators Scripts 2019.07.30
Vexcap.Averages (personal job)
75+ USD
I need a program that compares any two kinds of lines....example if line 'A' is above line 'B' then "buy" and visa versa... I want to be able to use any 2 kinds of moving averages. For Example......" 11 exponential open cross down a 100 smooth high
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Indicators Scripts Forex 2019.07.27
30+ USD
Assume I opened pending order, if the order executed and close @ predetermined TP I need the same pending order to be opened again at the same price of the old one
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Experts Scripts 2019.07.21
30+ USD
MY broker is MRG Trade https://www.mrgtrade.co.id/ Premium account. min lot 0.1 leverage 1:200 I really have problem backtesting it. please optimize my EA. I use 10% martingale and if it lose it doesnt reset to 1 but reset to previous lot size. my plan to let it run and withdraw money when it trade 5 lot size and reset the ea again and again. I have problem with the optimisation. when optimize with date and not with
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Experts Scripts Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization 2019.07.19
30+ USD
I have a simple script that writes the datetime/open/high/low/close values per minute to a text file. When I copied the code over to an EA the quote values I am getting are incorrect. So I need help in getting the same code that works in a script to work every minute via a timer
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Experts Scripts Text writing 2019.07.15
30 - 50 USD
Hi, I have an indicator(s) which I'd like to be protected. I'm looking for a way to distribute my indicator(s) without having to edit the source code, compile the files, and send out to the client. Can anyone help with this request
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Indicators Scripts 2019.07.11
Who can help me write ea? 2 by99405 (personal job)
30+ USD
Third logic: How to trade: Please see photo A. I will buy 1 lot, then buy 2 lot, then buy 4 lot. Please see photo B. I will buy 1 lot, then buy 2 lot, then sell 1 lot, then sell 2 lot, then sell 4 lot
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Experts Scripts 2019.07.09
30 - 250 USD
I need an expert advisor/script that will take a set of closed trades that I provide in CSV format (will be several hundred or more) and then provide me with a report showing the life cycle of the trade. How far it went out of the money and how far in the money it was while the trade was open. ID Open Time Symbol Size Item Price S / L T / P Close Time Price Commission Taxes Swap Profit ($) Profit (Pips) Max Profit
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Experts Scripts 2019.07.08
30 - 100 USD
Nadex Robot/Script Im looking for a Nadex Script that will enter during a specified time of the day plus place 2x orders simultaneously from a single symbol eg Forex Binaries - Eur/Usd - Daily - 1x Buy + 1x Sell or 2x Sell or 2x Buy But orders must be able to be ATM,ITM or OTM and by given amount. Thanks
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Experts Scripts PHP SQL Python Forex Options 2019.07.06
30+ USD
need for following A script for buy stop. must place Buy Stop order with number of pips or set, above the ask price and must set TP at specified pips, must also allow setting of SL if required. must not show_inputs. all values should be editable from meta editor. must allow setting hot key A script for sell stop. must place Sell Stop with number of pips set, bellow bid price and must set TP at specified pips, must
10 Applications
Scripts C++ C# Java JavaScript Forex 2019.07.05
30+ USD
I have Ea send quote from mt4 to other mt4 by Pipe connection. I want same system from mt4 to mt5 and from mt5 to mt4 Need convert it sennder and receiver in mt5
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Experts Scripts 2019.07.01
30+ USD
I am manually drawing supply and demand zones . i want to receive alerts when price taps these zones I would also like a trade script that calculates the lots according to %risk and pips to stop loss as i draw line on chart
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Indicators Scripts 2019.06.23
30 - 10000 USD
Hello, I am looking to create a tool that will easily allow me to move an entire MetaTrader 4/5 installation from my local computer to a remote computer. I would like the program to work as follows: 1. User selects which MT4/MT5 they would like to move to the remote computer 2. User inputs authorization credentials to connect to the remote computer (computer IP address, Administrator username, and password) 3. After
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Scripts Other 2019.06.20