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30+ USD
I got a simple expert (This is the MovingAverage.mq4) provided by MT4, which can not loose more than 20% if the account. context : Balance is 10000 Euros / Currency Euro pair EURUSD Leverage 1:200 You need to write a new function which calculates how much money is engaged by a total of all trades (from a same expert ) and displays an alert means, if the expert looses 2000 euros, the expert must stop immedialty
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Experts Scripts 2019.09.13
30+ USD
Hello, i would like an indicator to show statistics of multiple eas ( profit, loss, relative DD, maximum DD, pf etc.. : all same statistics that show when you save a detailed report from the account history) running on the same account based on magic number or comments of the Eas
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Indicators Scripts 2019.09.08
Arbitrage Trading (personal job)
500+ USD
P Trading (Arbitrage Trading on Brent and Crude Oils and other potential pairs) I would like to get a new EA developed to trade with 2 brokers at the same time. I have made some manual tests and found an opportunity with trading by hedging Brent Oil against Crude Oil. These 2 instruments usually move in the same direction and same number of pips everyday, however a few times a day this changes and gives an
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Experts Scripts 2019.09.03
Work1 (personal job)
35+ USD
Agreed stuff on the chat. We will work closely if script is working to gather the right. Csv data set, where data is easily manipulated in right order. Seems around 2 to five days should be ok. We will comunitcatr
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Indicators Scripts 2019.08.19
Binary some dijit (personal job)
50+ USD
Hello The scrip you made for me is working very well. I want to make a modification, I want to add a number rotator for Last Digit Prediction, every time a trade is executed the number changes. If you can do it let me know and I'll explain better
1 Application
Scripts 2019.08.14
30+ USD
MT4 does not have built-in “BuyStop Limit” & “Sell Stop Limit” order types as MT5 does (https://www.metatrader5.com/en/terminal/help/trading/general_concept#pending_order). I am looking for an EA or a script that allows me to place these typesof order (viz Buy Stop Limit or Sell Stop Limit) on MT4. Kindly indicate the required variables to be inputted. Thankyou
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Experts Scripts Forex 2019.06.02
200 - 280 USD
Budget is further negotiable in case if you would require slightly higher budget. Please kindly judge complexity of the project, your time and efforts needed only when you review entire description in attached file and understand it. This is because i like to do longer text description to go further into details what needs to be done and to be understandable even more. So the text size doesn't yet show the complexity
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Experts Scripts 2019.05.11