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30+ USD
Hi!, I need an easy panel for my account: I can select the magis numbers that I want to see The colour of the table and type and size of the text shall be selectable. Regards
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Experts Scripts 2020.08.03
100+ USD
I have a very simple thinkscript script (11 lines) that was developed for backtesting purposes on ToS. I now need to convert this to an EA for MT4. Currently, the script only triggers long trades so we will need to add the short trades lines as well. In summary, Current thinkscript works as desired for long trades. *Developer needed to convert it to EA for MT4 *Developer will add lines to make it work for short
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Experts Scripts 2020.07.31
30+ USD
MQL5 script to be written that takes input.csv data, processes it based on broker data (full logic will be specified) and outputs a numeric result into same csv (as new column)
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Experts Scripts 2020.07.30
35+ USD
Hello, Need to make a Manual Trading Panel. which should include 1. Buy/sell Option 1.1 but position and sell position open trade as pending order. (true/false) when true then if 1 trade open manually 1.00, then next pending x order should open 1.05 point then 2.00 then 2.05 like this or more (what i set in parameter)if i set max 5 trade then after x pips later open all 5 pending order. same for close.if i close one
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Experts Scripts 2020.07.27
30+ USD
Hi there, I need a simple script or indicator, that after executing will export 2 csv's with following data - "Pair", "Date", "Time", "Open", "High", "Low", "Close" First CSV will put only Daily candle data. Second CSV will only introduce 30m candle data. Parameters for the script/indicator "Execution Type" - 2 options, "Daily"/"Backtesting". If daily, data to export should be only the last day. If Backtesting, data
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Indicators Scripts 2020.07.27
Modtify mt5 ea (personal job)
30+ USD
cc.chaiya 1. I hope you tell me how to generate your EA. 2. I hope it can run any symbol. 3. Add trailing stop. 4. When EA generate no any error and warning. 5. If the orders is exist, do not open the orders again until the orders is not exist
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Experts Scripts 2020.07.02
50 - 100 USD
Need to create a script to automate daily investment strategy for a basket of various underlying asset (CFD, ETF). Need to make 1 transaction per asset, going long or short at opening of the market and closing the position at the end of day (or when a take profit/stop loss is hit). The idea is to have one "basket order" each day, with 4 different strategies to be applied on the underlying assets (each one with it's
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Experts Scripts Trading robot/indicator debugging 2020.05.07
50 - 100 USD
Hi, i am looking to publish me own personal trades using a simple script, that sending all info about the orders to a web server whenever there is trading activity in real time. Please send me your offer. Thanks
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Experts Scripts 2020.04.17