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30 - 50 USD
the idea is very simple the idea is that when a candle closes above / below a moving average it will open a buy / sell with an option that it will generate a step after closing. example: XAU/USD candle closed above EMA it have to go a certain number of pips to activate the signal (10 30 pips whatever) i need the EA in which i insert the following settings: 1. EMA period 2. EMA shift 3. pips after Candle closing (true
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Experts Design 2019.08.14
30+ USD
Need an utility which will alert me in my mobile phone after: 1) a set level of price change; 2) after existing position closes; 3) after pending orders are executed, 4) after price reaches a certain point. Also I need to have the option of making the alarm off in each case. The EA will work always whether I keep my platform open or closed. The EA will auto-activate unless I make the alarms off
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Experts Design 2019.08.07
500 - 1000 USD
Hi , I need programmer to develop a trade replica for IQ Option broker .. Users will get my my trades automatically while they will sleep or away and i will get profit share from them at the end of every month
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Experts Design 2019.08.05
30+ USD
Hello, There is a API to get the Price feed from MT4 server to website which will return the value as Static If you use PHP. We want to use AJAX or latest technology to get the REALTIME live price feed from Website to HTML or PHP page. Please let me know if you have any AJAX, Javascript expert to do this? Thanks
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Other Design Java JavaScript PHP HTML 2019.07.19
30 - 200 USD
Hello, my is Taylor I’m looking for someone to design and build a trading bot that could even consistently make 10% or 20% per day on average. It is the consistency that matters, not the one-off win. The reason for this is to pay off some of my student loans and my parents home loan
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Experts Design Strategy optimization Forex Product Design 2019.07.12
100 - 500 USD
Whatever is the technology, the Software should be able to copy trades from/to these platforms: MT4, MT5, cTrader, FXCM Trade Station, LMax or various FIX APIs etc. Should be able to copy manual trades from mobile phone or trading robots (EA) attached to master account(s) The software should be self-hosted, i.e. hosted on my website or if you prefer design it first on your own test website and we can transfer it
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Integration Design Panels and dialog boxes Custom graphics HTML Collection of data on the internet Uploading data to a website Forex Product Design 2019.07.11
30 - 55 USD
I have a position sizing EA that i been using for the longest , but its not working proper anymore. The EA works as you move the lines of entry and SL and it will calculate your risk position based on xx% of your account. Problems - Lately it started to stop showing the confirmation box before i place a order , so i want to fix it to show the confirmation box. - When i confirm to place the trade , it opens the trade
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Experts Design Custom graphics Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex Product Design 2019.07.02
50 - 200 USD
I want to trade from MT4 using Bitmex's API . (https://www.bitmex.com/app/wsAPI) It has to has all chart timeframes and functions like other forex pairs on MT4. Hope someone can help me do this work. Thanks
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Other Design 2019.07.01
30+ USD
We have our own feed of Expert Advisor's screenshots, made on MT5 every 1 sec on our VPS. We need a consultation and a developer's work on: 1. Loading our EA's-screenshots continuously into a website chart with an auto-refresh image function which will replace each screenshot in background on the website every 1 sec so that the chart will not blink, flash or blank when viewed with different devices. Each chart window
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Integration Design HTML Uploading data to a website Product Design 2019.06.30
30 - 70 USD
please find a picture of my chart attached. This is a template I created using a few indictors. What I would like to create is this not to be a temptale anymore but a program or that you download on your p.c that will be linked to a mT4. I would also like the software to be registered to foreverdinesty and be compatable with all mt4s
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Design Product Design 2019.06.28
30 - 1000 USD
I need indicator or expert advisor to - Fetch list of accounts in my iqoption account - Get Account balance of specified account id (real or demo or tournament) - Place Call or Put order directly to my iqoption account - Get Order results update
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Design Python 2019.06.22
50 - 100 USD
Hello everyone. Im not here looking to get a job done. Im here looking for a job that is already done. Im in search of a profitable ea. Ea can be used on an account starting at $100. Ea must have MM strategy to grow small account. Ea must be profitable. Can enter the market an exit with small profit. As least Drawdown as possible
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Experts Design Strategy optimization Strategy modules Forex Product Design 2019.06.14
60 - 120 USD
i need making EA with 3 corellation pair.i dont have a logic just have idea the logic need to from progammer. need progammer who have experience in making corellation EA that really profitable.before start the work i need to know the logic of the EA.thank you
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Experts Design Custom graphics Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy modules 2019.06.06
200+ USD
Hello, I need a auto copier Mobile App for Android phone, the app will allow clients to sign up and link their account to our master trading account, all clients will have a profit and will payment for their service monthly. The subscription fee will be base on the current balance of the account link. The app will enable auto copier of trades from our master account to their trading account
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Experts Design Statistics and mathematics C++ PHP SQL MySQL HTML 2019.06.05
100+ USD
Hi Expert corders I am looking for auto trading robot stand alone software to use binary borkers (2nos)..IQ option & Binary.com Kindly let me know your experience and previously broker name. the below are minimum requirements and further details will provide up on request 1. robot development stand alone 2. indicator signal to built in 3. expert advisor for copy signal from mt4 to broker account directly 3
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Integration Design 2019.06.04
30+ USD
Hello, I need an application that will copy trades from one account/Terminal to other accounts/Terminals From Mt4 >>> Mt4 and Mt5 From Mt5 >>> Mt4 and Mt5 Notice : it is necessary to be open source Because i need some restrictions for example : i want it to work as free for only demo accounts for anyone will use but making some restrictions with real accounts look at table below : demo accounts can copy from >>> real
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Experts Design 2019.05.24
30 - 300 USD
I'm wanting to set up an EA that I can set deviations from the forecast to the actual numbers on the news release that is pretty much instantaneous to the release online? DataFlash has the auto-click trading setup which is fantastic but the problem is I need to be awake at all times of the night to be able to use it, so I'm hoping to try and automate the whole process? As DataFlash requires a subscription I'm not
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Experts Design Collection of data on the internet Uploading data to a website Forex 2019.05.21
40 - 70 USD
Hi , please make sure you can do clean and bug/errors free coding because i will make sure to check every function to be working 100% perfectly. What i need is a correlation EA which can trade on multiple set of pairs at 1 time , there are no indicators or some strange rules involved, its just simple calculations to enter and exit trades. Ea should be able to work from one chart with main panel and should be able to
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Experts Design Panels and dialog boxes 2019.05.12
150 - 200 USD
I need a developer who can develop website for binary.com web trade copy trade .. Copiers can copy us by using api token and pay us monthly fee ..first month will be free then subscription fee every month..only the copiers have to redirect to binary.com website to guide how to create api token. subscription fee after first month free
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Experts Design 2019.05.05
100 - 500 USD
Developers –I manage many individuals accounts in MT5. I need someone to develop amulti-account manager (MAM) where I can insert one order and the system will make theallocation according to each client’s equity. I pay 500 dollars for the job and ask you to get in touch with me for furtherdetails. Please send me emails at vitoria_saddi@yahoo.com Here are a few links with the idea I want you to create
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Design C# Java JavaScript Forex Stocks Product Design 2019.04.30