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30+ USD
I'm looking to modify our indicators. I will provide all source codes with the job specification. If you are experienced developer then you can join with us. This job application for the first indicator
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Indicators Design Panels and dialog boxes Forex Product Design 2020.06.27
I want to modify my Indicator Project D3-1 (personal job)
30+ USD
I'm looking to modify the existing indicator Project D3-1. I will provide the source code with the job specification information. If you are creative and fast then you can do this. Thank you
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Indicators Design Panels and dialog boxes Custom graphics Forex 2020.06.25
30 - 500 USD
HI Experts i need Someone to create the best high probability and high accuracy system for Indian stocks and commodities with entry exit indication with alerts and backtest the accuracy and profitablilty. Money not an issue can be negotiated depending on the product offer
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Design Strategy optimization Strategy modules Product Design 2020.06.24
30+ USD
I'm looking mql4 programmer to develop existing indicators. I will provide the source code with the job specification information. I need honest, creative and timely working programmer who like to finish 100+ jobs after this job. Every job budget will be 30$. But i am planing to give tip for each success jobs. Source code provide Code structure provide Trading strategy provide Thank you
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Indicators Design Custom graphics Forex Product Design 2020.06.21
800 - 2000 USD
Hey, I will start a website where I will sell my indicators and EA. I will sell the indicator and EA with the .exe so I need a system of security. Each person who buy one of my product should subscribe to one of my trading partner, and after they will receive the .exe for his account. Thanks
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Converting Design 2020.06.18
50 - 200 USD
I want to have program on which I can put trade based on live chart from mt4 or mt5 And that trade should not be on mt4 or mt5 bcz this broker allows only Charting but to practice our own we want to have our own Trade book and order book. And it should have all options as its in mt4 and mt5 like commission. And we also want Admin panal for this program.Experience developer only who have done this kind of work. I wish
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Integration Design 2020.06.18
30 - 50 USD
Necesito modificar bot de iq option para aplicarle límite a las operaciones perdidas consecutivas, que tenga la opción de realizar operaciones hasta que el límite de dinero que el usuario haya establecido se cumpla
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Scripts Design 2020.06.17
150 - 200 USD
DESCRIPTION Primarily a scanner, scanning price values with respect to Moving averages/RSI/P-SAR for different time frames and for different pairs, that can give notifications and alerts under predefined conditions. The way I see it as: A tab showing, PAIRS - that you can select which pairs you want to be active in scanning.(MAJOR/CROSS/EXOTIC/OTHERS) SCANNER – scanning price values as per MA/RSI/P-SAR on different
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Indicators Design 2020.06.09
30 - 80 USD
Hello Colleagues i want something base on these things . please read it and if you could do that let me know Robot A = that I wanna you code for me Robot B , C = 2 Robots that I have ( just compile files not sources ) 1. Robot A , Turn off auto trading by command ( telegram ) and a rules ? 2. Robot A , Turnoff trading of Robot B or C ? 3. Robot A , Manage all orders ( open , close , close % , close base of rules ) of
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Experts Design Statistics and mathematics 2020.06.08
30 - 50 USD
Hello all, I have got a rather unusual job here. It is to program a bot which will automatically place and replace indicators into the NNFX algo backtester(look it up and download the lite version),run the backtest over all 28 currency pairs and then extract the data to a spreadsheet. I would like it done relatively quickly but I appreciate this is a complex job. Please take a look at
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Design 2020.06.05
30 - 200 USD
Hi The design requirements for this product are based on the wants and needs of the intended customer. These wants and needs must be identified by the company making the product, and they are often communicated by the target customer in nontechnical and sometimes vague terms. Internship may be required or working as an assistant
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Design Statistics and mathematics Custom graphics Futures OpenCL Photoshop Strategy optimization Strategy modules Collection of data on the internet Uploading data to a website Forex Stocks Options Data mining Product Design 2020.06.01
70+ USD
Does any one has a telegram copier software that doesn’t need administrative rights just download and copy any channel ..or if a software is readily available hit me up let’s discuss
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Experts Design Forex 2020.05.26
30+ USD
I need a robot that does two functions.1.I can set several a buy or sell orders at specific times (at least at 5 different hours) i.e noon or midnight input the time specific window and the buy/ sell price.2. a robot i can set several buy or sell positions i.e when the specific price is reached.( for example setting a sell position at a price that is below buying price but the robot will execute that order I've set
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Design Statistics and mathematics Custom graphics MySQL Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex 2020.05.26
500 - 1000 USD
API bridge for MT5 and MT4 Need connection bride. .exe file developer need. python must Connection bridge for stock market. API tarding. only experienced developer. minimum projects should be 1000+ only apply job. gffffsdddddd dhsds sdhsdc sdchsx sxchsdjs sfdsxfsfs sdsfdsds dsafdasf Thank you
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Integration Design Statistics and mathematics Panels and dialog boxes Java JavaScript PHP MySQL Python HTML Uploading data to a website Forex Stocks Options Product Design 2020.05.25
50+ USD
As per title, would be interested to buy a social trading code system it won't be as complex as zulutrade. please go to https://www.fxcopy.com/traders for the features that is available. Few requirement: 1) you will need to have the source code already, while im not looking to develop a new one from scratch. 2) you will need show me the demo of your site 3) go to www.fxcopy.com for features that is require 4) Once
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Experts Design 2020.05.24
30 - 31 USD
I need application or something (any solution can be OK, desktop app, batch file...) that can get profit, balance, deposit, and withdraw amount of MT5 account. We will prepare CSV with account number and read password, so the application will use them and read infomation output to csv one by one. estimated account number is around ten to few hundreds, and want to get info with selected date or week or month (Like
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Design 2020.05.21
100 - 200 USD
Hello I need a customized solution for the right programmer for the right price. My project will include 3 things: A backtesting program which can: 1. Pull historical data via api from Binance and BitMEX executed by update button 2. Must automatically and systematically run through a series of values to find the most optimal value to run my script 3. Conversion of my existing pine script to work in the program I
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Indicators Design 2020.05.20
30 - 60 USD
It’s pretty simple I’m looking to get a indicator that will scan forex and indices and when conditions are met across all timeframes I’ll get an alert on the dash board to buy or sell
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Indicators Design Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Forex Stocks Product Design 2020.05.19
100 - 200 USD
Buenas tardes con todos requiero algo simple. Un EA robot que funcione con la mayoría de pares de Forex. Que tenga una rentabilidad de 70 al 100% mensual. Que sea para mt4 plataforma. Adicional que sea fácil la Configuración explicativa. Finalmente conseguir un bot rentable. Realmente una prueba de 15 días lo pondría bien en práctica. El pago?? El pago es en % a mis ganancias del primer mes. Esta en un rango de 10 a
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Experts Design Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Strategy modules Forex 2020.05.16
30+ USD
Interested to see if anyone can help me complete the last part to a python homework assignment. I can explain the code and instructions when we connect. It has to do with printing values from a dictionary
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Integration Design Python Collection of data on the internet 2020.05.06