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30 - 100 USD
Create a script/function that allows you to reverse an open position directly on the chart via drag and drop with a dialog box for options to (1) increase the volume/lot size by a multiple, (2) a stop loss, and (3) a take profit. This should be integrated in the context menu and available to all open charts as opposed to a script that's run on individual charts. The same function should also be available in the
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Scripts Integration Panels and dialog boxes 2020.08.01
500 - 1500 USD
We are looking forward for someone who is experienced enough to develop the strategies as per our guidance, back test for several scenarios, work as a team to crack several challenges. The developer should have a proven track record
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Experts Scripts 2020.07.30
50+ USD
I have a strategy that has been developed in Trading View Pine Script.I would like this converted to an EA in MQL4. I would need to test the EA on various parameters to ensure that it gives identical results as Trading View. The EA would have to generate a price chart, when run that shows the trades entered and closed. I would need to be able to adjust the required settings.(ATR Length, ATR Multiplier, Time Frame 1
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Scripts Converting Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex 2020.07.30
30 - 50 USD
Hi There, I am using a signal provider that is proving quite profitable and require a trade copier to save the time of manually setting up the trades. I have the format of how the trades are sent over, risk management would also need to be implemented
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Experts Scripts 2020.07.30
30 - 150 USD
I have currently coded a robot that works quite well. However, I have to constantly optimize it with the strategy tester to find the right parameters that can currently work on a chart. I want one that he can perform his own optimization, and be able to modify the optimization function as I wish. By integrating these lines of code into my robot, I would like it to be able to: - every evening at midnight (and I would
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Experts Scripts 2020.07.25
50 - 500 USD
Hello, I am looking for someone to code me a bot off of a script I already have in thinkscript on tdameritrade. Though I do not know much about coding, I do not think it should be that difficult as it is quite basic, only about 10 lines of code. Thanks
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Experts Scripts Futures C++ C# Python Trading robot/indicator debugging 2020.07.22
30+ USD
I have one terminal in one machine, and another terminal in another machine. Two terminals are from different brokers. I want a script or an ea to copy all the objects of all the pairs in one terminal to the other terminal
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Experts Scripts 2020.07.16
40+ USD
Hey, I have a Wordpress website where I sell some Indicator and EA. I would like to know if there is a possibility to make a "license" who will active the product on ONLY 1 account. He can change the number of this account himself without touching the .mq4 Thank's
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Scripts Integration 2020.07.12
30 - 200 USD
That slave has two function 1. Copies running wining order from master account severally, that is if master has a running profits order of eur/use at +$1, slave copies and closed this particular order in to three times and above, making it lock in +$3 and above, the slave should copy and multiple or X3 the wining running order or closed order from master 2. It should also copy and multiple or X3 only orders closed in
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Experts Scripts 2020.07.03