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70 - 600 USD
I need an EA that execute buy/sell order from php/mysql/text file. I enter order via a php website, saved in mysql, EA executes the trades. Via php website I also want to update SL, TP or close a position. I also need EA to send to php website current price, balance, equity etc. Please let me know your approach
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Experts Integration PHP MySQL 2019.08.16
100 - 1000 USD
Hello developers. I want profitable ea with low drow down with source code. (Mql4) It must profitable ea with low drow down. I accept the job for who his ea has a better profit factor. Please send your ea backtest and result to me. Thank you for answering
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Experts Integration 2019.08.16
50 - 200 USD
I´m looking for Forex Robot which trades on forex based on an integration with an EA of a software with Meta Trader 4. This software is called harmonic scanner and was designed for a company called Imarkets live wich offers Forex Education. EA on MPQL 4 make signals to trade with a very accurate entry point, stop loss and three suggested take profit levels. We can provide further information regarding on this issue
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Experts Integration 2019.08.15
30+ USD
I am looking for solution to copy trading from MT4 to Ctrader, and Ctrader to mt4 locally on my VPS (Windows) - Copy trading instantly (below 1s) - Copy SL, TP, Pending Order - Copy all pairs automatically (only 1 chart to attach EA) - Auto risk by equity, and balance - Fixed lot - Unlimited master and slave
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Experts Integration 2019.08.14
200 - 400 USD
Hello, I have EA running on MT4, The broker i plan to use provide API, I want a bridge (software or dll) to be created which can help me trade from mt4 directly with the broker
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Integration 2019.08.14
30+ USD
I need to speed up my program using OpenCL. To do this, I need the code of the universal function for calculating the Pearson correlation coefficient using OpenCL acceleration, and preferably OpenCL parallelization. Script file with an example of the type: "What do we clalculate?" attached to the description, with which we can then see the difference in acceleration. It is required: 1) OpenCL source code in a
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Integration Statistics and mathematics OpenCL Data mining 2019.08.07
50 - 150 USD
I would like to have Dashboard (SOP will give later) with integration of Bot Telegram. It also have whitelist for user . The user can specific timeframe + pair required to have the screenshot( when the SOP meet). Thank You. regards HR
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Integration Trading robot/indicator debugging 2019.08.02
600+ USD
Looking for a Programmer/Developer to code a Forex/Nadex Signal Table. Take the signals from our indicator in our MT4 and display it to our Wordpress website. You have to be good with MQL4 and APIs architecture. Please apply ASAP! You must be: Able to communicate with me at all time Have advanced programming skills Have a great technology and programing knowledge and research Work fast and efficient in agile
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Indicators Integration C++ C# Java JavaScript PHP SQL MySQL Python HTML Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Collection of data on the internet Uploading data to a website Forex 2019.07.24
150 - 250 USD
I am searching for a MetaTrader PHP API to implement auto trading to many user accounts that will follow one account (which is running on EA). The aim is to offer a site where users can sign up and receive signals or auto-trading system. The system has to be easy to implement and understandable for users who do not have experience with Metatrader
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Integration C++ C# PHP 2019.07.19
Converting mt4 indicator to tradingview (personal job)
30+ USD
I would also like waddah attar explosion converted https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/535517437815422986/591569655387258896/Waddah_Attar_Explosion_added_atr_and_volume_calculation.mq4 and finally TDFI converted https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/531528399966175253/590163721750577162/Trend_direction__force_index_-_averages_alerts_2.mq4I I would like the tdfi to be slightly different and have columns under the
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Indicators Integration 2019.07.17
Converting mql4 to mql5 (personal job)
30 - 200 USD
Hi guys, i have an EA working on MT4 and i need it to work on MT5... i already bought the code from the source but is on MQL4 i need to convert or rewrite everything to MQL5
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Experts Integration 2019.07.15
30 - 200 USD
HI, I'm looking for someone to make an EA that can accept signals from other EA and send the trades to bitmex.com Via API. I need to be able to use the EA along with other EAs and send trades to different Bitmex accounts. Also need to able to select order type used for each type. If the Signal EA sends Market order then Connection EA should place Market order. If Signal EA sends trailing stop, then connection EA
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Integration 2019.07.12
100 - 500 USD
Whatever is the technology, the Software should be able to copy trades from/to these platforms: MT4, MT5, cTrader, FXCM Trade Station, LMax or various FIX APIs etc. Should be able to copy manual trades from mobile phone or trading robots (EA) attached to master account(s) The software should be self-hosted, i.e. hosted on my website or if you prefer design it first on your own test website and we can transfer it
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Integration Design Panels and dialog boxes Custom graphics HTML Collection of data on the internet Uploading data to a website Forex Product Design 2019.07.11
30 - 200 USD
SERIOUS DEVELOPER ONLY !!! Source : https://github.com/vdemydiuk/mtapi Completed Copy Trade software communication with my website Feature Mt4 to Mt5 Mt5 to Mt4 Different broker compatible with MT new build compatible metatrader client or multi terminal Copy from one or several master accounts Copy to one or several slave accounts Copy from one or several master accounts Copy to one or several slave accounts "Copy
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Libraries Integration JavaScript PHP SQL MySQL Python HTML Collection of data on the internet Uploading data to a website 2019.07.09
30 - 150 USD
i am looking for an EA which will forward notifications to telegram. the notifications will be generated by an indicator. The EA will have to scan the experts log and forward the notification to telegram, EA will not be for orders but for notifications generated by the my indicator
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Experts Integration Strategy optimization Forex 2019.07.04
50 - 500 USD
hi guys i need speed in metatrader 5 backtest optimization i already converted my mql5 code (a full working expert advisor) to work on array of prices that's already about 10 times faster than standard mql5 code, good! ;-) pratically, i'm working already in "math calculation mode" of mql5: https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/4226 but i need more speed again... probably, the final solution is moving to opencl
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Integration Converting 2019.07.03
30+ USD
We have our own feed of Expert Advisor's screenshots, made on MT5 every 1 sec on our VPS. We need a consultation and a developer's work on: 1. Loading our EA's-screenshots continuously into a website chart with an auto-refresh image function which will replace each screenshot in background on the website every 1 sec so that the chart will not blink, flash or blank when viewed with different devices. Each chart window
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Integration Design HTML Uploading data to a website Product Design 2019.06.30
30 - 150 USD
Nadex Robot EA / Script Hi Im looking for a linkup between my Mt4 platform, so when I get a Buy signal from my Indicator it sends 2 x Buy orders to the Nadex platform. On reaching The Nadex platform I require it open 2 x Buy At the money orders simultaneously on different symbols. e.g 1 x Forex and 1x Commodity or 2 x Forex or 2 x Commodity (whatever Symbols are on my Pepperstone Platform. These need to be stated
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Experts Integration JavaScript PHP SQL MySQL Python Linux Forex Options Product Design 2019.06.29
30 - 175 USD
We finally coded the basis for our money management and need to move our code to the cloud and optimize our speed and code to run as stable and fast as possible. Im open too suggestions... The whatever code language we use i need to have it be able to run 247 and needs to be able to handle errors The idea later is to build a good traders interface where we keep track of open trades and have a top down list of results
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Integration 2019.06.29
30 - 120 USD
Hi, I receive signals when I am sleeping. I want to execute them to MT4. Trade Execution process: I want three positions for one signal Singal is like this Sell USDCAD @ 1.31890 Take profit 1 at 1.31690 Take profit 2 at 1.31390 Take profit 3 at 1.30890 Stop loss at 1.32390 Each position is for each Take Profit at 0.01 lot as of now. Below is trade execution When you open position place take profit to level of target
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Experts Integration Statistics and mathematics C++ C# JavaScript SQL MySQL R Python Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Strategy modules Collection of data on the internet Uploading data to a website Forex Stocks Data mining Product Design Text translation Text writing 2019.06.26