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30 - 500 USD
Hi, I would like to learn Metaquotes Server Api of meta trader 5, is there anyone experience out-there who is willing to teach? Particularly i want to learn how can i add hook etc for processing deals, positions via custom plugin / interface. Regarding pricing, days, hours etc we can talk more in detail as well
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Consultation C++ 2020.07.06
100 - 2000 USD
Hello, I am looking for a proven working EA with these requirements: 1. No martingale, grid, hedging or any other dangerous strategy 2. Greater then 15 orders per month with stable profit of 15% each month 3. DD Profit <= 3%, DD Equity <= 7% 4. Able to pass 5 years of backtest and with 1200 orders 5. Works on major Forex pair and 4 other pairs making up 10 pairs 6. Provide demo copy for backtest with set files 7
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Scripts Consultation 2020.07.05
30 - 100 USD
Here is my request: I am looking for a MT4/MT5 platform Tutor who can walk me through a few functions I have yet to learn. (Setting up trailing stop losses, stacking multiple indicators, and including my EA on multiple currencies). I am a quick learner and have taken a course on python. I am willing to pay on an hourly basis. If someone is fairly patient, a good communicator and has a strong handle on using the
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Experts Consultation Python Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex 2020.06.30
30 - 300 USD
A simple daily breakout system for the YM futures contract. variable session times separate long and short entries variable trailing stop-loss variable entry distance from high or low variable profit targets one trade per day all variables required for back-testing optimisation easylanguage code for tradestation first then after optimisation convert to C# stop entry orders for when prices are hit separate prices
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Consultation Futures C# 2020.06.29
30 - 150 USD
Hi There I currently have the PZ trend trading indicator, which I use for trading. The indicator gives setups, which are then sent to my phone/email via push notifications The problem I have is: The indicator gives setups which are false most of the time. I have devised a set of rules that allows me to filter which setups to take. The problem is that I have to filter it manually and it is very time consuming I would
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Consultation 2020.06.29
30 - 250 USD
I need a M and W indicator using specific Fibonacci ratios. What I am trying to do is detect M and W patterns using the C leg of the harmonics for entry and BC projection for take profits. The A Leg should not be violated. I would only be using specific ratios using the gartley pattern butterfly pattern and bat pattern. I would need this done within 4 hrs to 5 hours. Please respond if you have done this type of work
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Indicators Consultation 2020.06.27
20000 - 500000 USD
I use to be businessly with Personal a trading service with website in Hong Kong.i want to serve customers: a Crypto a Fiat autobot to App development. To set manually Budget on bot, too, in Crypto and in Fiat. A shares Portal App to buy all shares by for own company use: MetaTrader-own software to desktop and follow function for multi customer care with trading fees calculator, and All developing with much
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Consultation Trading robot/indicator debugging Uploading data to a website Options Data mining 2020.06.21
40+ USD
Looking for a Mentor: Hi, I scalp Index Stocks such as TQQQ, QQQ and SPY on the Interactive Broker platform. As you would imagine, the scalping process is quite tedious and I am looking for someone to help me automate that scalping process for me on MT5. Can someone help me with 1) configuring my MT5 to trade via my broker Interactive Brokers? 2) Set up a free robot to do that scalping activity for me. (Agree there
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Experts Consultation 2020.06.07
30+ USD
Looking for high quality 1 min tick data from 2004 - present. Or 2006 - present is okay too. We will be testing the data to make sure it is the quality we need, but if it is, we will be happy to pay for the advice. Thank you
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Consultation 2020.06.05
30+ USD
Hello, everybody. I would like to know if any of you have a dashboard with the 28 forex pairs and a "buy" and "sell" button for each pair? For MT4 Thank you Free developer please
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Consultation 2020.06.04
30+ USD
Senhores: Possuo um indicador ... E gostaria de promover estatísticas de tempo até hoje, e saber se o fator "P", estava abaixo de 5%. Os ativos, incluem todos os pares ligados ao: EUR, USD, JPY, GBP. (Incluindo GOLD e Silver). Seria tecnicamente um backtest, para saber se está no modo "Hackink P". (Margem de erro, de menos 5%). O backtest, pode incluir dias de notícias, crises e o cenário mais adverso possível. E um
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Consultation Statistics and mathematics 2020.05.31
30+ USD
Senhores: Preciso de um indicador para trabalhar em confluência e (possivelmente) evitar as entradas com falso rompimento de fibbo. As imagens em anexo, demonstram os stops que quero evitar. Por mais que tenha respeitado posteriormente, eu stopei... E pretendo diminuir stops deste tipo. Caso exista um padrão
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Consultation 2020.05.31
30 - 50 USD
Read this post from 16-Jun-2018 (check attachment)... need the same job HI I am from India, I am trading in Indian markets with mt4 data feed of my Indian stocks, I would like to have trade simulator with buy and sell and take profit and stoploss buttons, I would like in real time to test ,here I need to have virtual money in Indian rupees and lot size ,margin required to trade and amount required to trade one lot
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Indicators Consultation 2020.05.28
30 USD
Hello, I am looking for a Developer to create C++/C#/Java program to download datafeed for selected pairs via datafeed api and present it to another Metatrader client (or Server). For example, I am using broker X and they don't have an exotic pair like PLN/JPY in their symbol list. I want to see my additional pair downloaded from Broker Y's datafeed and listed in Broker X's Metatrader. Developer should have good
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Other Consultation 2020.05.26
35+ USD
Myself and a few others are looking for someone to provide profitable trading signals and post them to our private group (4members). Not looking for dozens of signals per day so preferably not scalping trades. Most people we've spoken to say that there average is around 500 pips per week. We would like to find someone who can provide this or close to this. Jay
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Consultation Forex Stocks 2020.05.26
50 - 1000 USD
I am looking for programmer (developer) to set for me special alerts for few indicator please if any programmer can do so to contact me on 00972547040464 I want my own program to set Tareq
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Indicators Consultation 2020.05.23
30+ USD
Hi there- I'm brand new to well ...all of this. I bought FOREX FLEX EA and downloaded version Forex-Flex-EA v4.66.zip. i funded my TradersWay live account with LItecoin, and then did my best to install the FLEX EA trading bot. Currently, under the "Expert Advisors" tab in the Navigator window, I'm seeing the Forex-Flex EA 4.66 there- so then I dragged that into each of the 4 boxes, entered my username and let the
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Experts Consultation Trading robot/indicator debugging Uploading data to a website 2020.05.23
500 - 1500 USD
hello, I Need Gateways to connect MT5 to CQG, DGCX , (MCX AND NSE) INDIAN EXCHANGES . need prices with market depth and order routing thru MT5,should have option to put order as per client like in percetange or total A book or B book
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Consultation 2020.05.21
30 - 400 USD
We have an EA business that sells high performing EA systems to clients. Right now we have the following securities in place : - Account validation - Expiration However, hackers have still been able to hack our EA and remove these functions to create unlimited version of our EA and give it away for free on the web. We have considered doing a trade copier and sending signals to an EA that validates users accounts and
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Consultation 2020.05.21
100 - 500 USD
Admin able to create a sub-admin account Admin able to delete, edit, suspend all account Admin and Sub-admin able to add MT4 & MT5 accounts Admin and Sub Admin able to set the total profit sharing based on percentage for each account. Admin and Sub-admin able to track how much the total profit for each account based on daily, weekly and monthly Admin and sub-admin able to see the total profit based on daily, weekly
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Scripts Consultation Statistics and mathematics Custom graphics PHP Strategy optimization Collection of data on the internet Product Design 2020.05.14