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I need a complete system with GUI , bridge to copy trades from MT4 to Crypto platforms Binance and KuCoin... 1. I want any trade I open on Mt4(EA or Manual) should copy to Crypto platforms: i. Binance ii. KuCoin **will have to create an GUI with subscription feature *Full complete system *I will get X% of profit sharing *There would be X charge Service fee charge at that would be deducted from deposit *Service fee
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1 minute scalping trading strategy: 1 minute chart Moving average 1000 Stochastic oscillator 14 3 3, 80 / 20 When the price is above MA 1000 stochastic needs to be oversold to enter a position that is long. When the price is below MA 1000 on M1 chart, stochastic needs to be overbought for searching short position. Entry position is when 1 minute candle closes with stochastic indicator crossing above 20 mark. TP for
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Hello .. pls first off all developer must fully understand that he must finish the job in one day ... one day .. after one day i will reject the job and go for arbitration .this words will be my reference in arbitration . The modification will be on my EA which will be added bellow ... 1) change orders from buy limit to buy stop .. and sell limit to sell stop.. 2)in the settings you will read take profit for trade 1
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BuBd Strategy ½ Lot 0.01 or 0.10 ONLY WHEN THE ATR or VOLATILITY IS HIGH ½ Stop Loss per point 50.0 ½ Take Profit per point 100.0 Trailing Stop percent Expire Time after Open Pending Order 1 Hour ½ Draw down percent (0=not use) Stochastic Parameters Price Method Low/High MA Method Smoothed Bollinger Bands Parameters BB Period 22 Price Method Close Price Deviation 2.0 Compare back ward 15 1. ALL THE BELOW
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somthing like the well-known Excel RTD server, but function set is tiny, not as complicate, no order placement from excel to mt4, no historical data retrieving from mt4 to excel
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Hi. I would like to have a simple personal BOT (EA) to execute transactions automatically based on an indicator available on trading view, with some additional features of risk management. attached is the file with details
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I want an expert advisor built that 1) picks up support and resistance very accurately 2)counts the amount of touches of support/resistance and buys in on point 4(see charts attached). Price action must do resistance,support,resistance,support or vice versa. it cant do a double touch Each touch has to be a rebound off the support/resistance 3)RSI has divergence on each touch of support/resistance with an input
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Im Looking for someone to code me to draw a rectangle using high and low after breaking the line i draw . This is the starting stage , i will develop this further after this first phase. Contact me if anyone able to do this Requirements shall be below 1. I will manually draw a horizontal line (Head & Shoulder - Left shoulder line, 2. And I I will choose the head , and indicator shall be able to provide me ability to
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Tma fast ha una banda centrale che cambia colore in base all'andamento, devi dare un avviso quando cambia colore, verde, bianco(pausa), rosso, ad un certo numero di barre indica nelle variabili esterne. Non deve osare più segnali quando si tocca la banda laterale. Con codice sorgente MQL4
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EA should be coded to make only loss on each trade covering brokers spread.EA will only open loss trade with order from $0.5 above and must close at a loss of $0.50 or above. The EA should be coded against the market using broker spread, open each trade starting from $0.5 loss. EA will only open trade once the above specifications are reached. EA will be tested for 1-3 days to fully comfirm the above specifications
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I'm looking for an EA which is opening after definated candle numbers in a row and trend, Pendings orders, which will be then good for xhours (example 23 hours after orders are placed- the pending will be deleted - if they are not executed). For orders which will be executed in Market, if they executed with profit, they will be replaced as pending direct after TP - the expiry hours work again for the new pending
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Hi, I am looking for a coder who could program me a bridge between MT5 and DTTW's own platform PPro8. Just one basic function to copy exactly all the trades when it opens/closes orders
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