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Im : shayanazami , indicator edit request for mr atif (personal job)
50+ USD
Hello . I have requested changes to the scanner app. My main request is that if all the symbols pass the specified limits in the desired time frame and the software informs me. My other request is that the dashboard be updated every second. Thanks a lot (full explain --> attached image)
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MQL5 Indicators Design
30 USD
Hi I wish to have an EA built in MQL 4 with signal from Trading view. I can send you the pictures when contacted by any experienced programmer, the alerts In the script are already completed and I just need an EA built
2 Applications
MQL5 Indicators Design
Ninjatrader 8 Strategy based on AuSuperSmootherFilter indicator (personal job)
200+ USD
Ninjatrader 8.00 strategy based on SuperSmootherFilter Indicator This Ninjatrader Strategy is based on an Indicator called AuSuperSmootherFilter. AuSuperSmootherFilter is a line (Some type of moving average) that turns red and Green. The AuSuperSmootherFilter indicator has two basic parameters , the number of Poles and the period. The number of poles and the period should be also set as parameters in the
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Other Design Statistics and mathematics
350+ USD
Bonjour, je cherche un développeur, sérieux fiable réactif et disponible , francophone , pour développer un petit logiciel qui puisse copier des positions prises sur certains comptes (MT4 et MT5) en automatique ou en manuel, avec ou sans TP ou SL, vers d'autres comptes ( MT4 et MT5), sous divers courtiers, avec possibilité d'adapter le levier pour la copie vers chaque compte. Je ne suis pas informaticien, donc un
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MQL5 Other Design
30 - 200 USD
1. EA will put in Trades when the market creates one of the structers provided in the attachements. 2. EA will move the Stop loss to breakeven as soon as the trade's running profits are equal to the SL. 3. The SL will always include spread and is above the highest wick of the point of interest or order block. 4. The TP will be the high or low created by the market when structure was being formed. 5. The EA will have
500 - 1000 USD
I am looking for a programmer to design a social trading website. The website platform should be able to connect MT4/MT5 platform and allow investors to copy trades onto there MT4/MT5 platform via social trading website. Option to add master and slaves accounts where the slaves accounts would follow the master trades. Option to add packages for extra costs if someone wants to have more than 1 master and 1 slave
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Other Other Design
300+ USD
Am in need of Tool/Program that runs on MT4 (Metratrader 4 platform) that removes the process of me manually updating the timeframe charts one at time. Video link provide below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i6g8be2nhc6z8jb/Data%20Loader%20MT4.mp4?dl=0 Function: The tool collects the symbol window and knows all the pairs/instruments selected . Tool/Program provides option (Tick Box) to update following timeframes as a
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MQL4 Other Design
80+ USD
Please make a design that is different from others, because I want to develop a robot for personal use, for that I open for anyone to help me make a program framework so that I just need to design the algorithm
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MQL4 Experts Design