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120 - 200 USD
1. Set certain price range for entry. for Example, gold price 1998 to 2000. 2. Set first entry price. for Example, gold price 1999. 3. Enter another trade when price increase or decrease by certain amount without duplicate. for Example: Enter new trade when gold price increase or decrease by $0.50. 4. Set stop loss at certain price. 5. Take profits when hit certain value. for Example, to close each trade with $500
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(1) MQL5 Experts Design Forex Trading robot/indicator debugging
30+ USD
Extract information from multiple .CSV's file exported from MT5 strategy tester's graph. I will also need to see an equity graph generated. Information needed from file: - Maximum Drawdown Add User inputs to filter out results, i.e Drawdown Threshold, DD Hits, etc The program created will have to be ran in a standalone website
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(1) Python Design C# Python MySQL JavaScript Java SQL PHP Uploading data to a website
30+ USD
Hello, I need a conversion from a Tradingview indicator to MT4. I have the pine script, and basically is buying and selling bars indicator. I have attached images for reference. Regards
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(2) MQL4 Converting Design
30+ USD
I have a dashboard Indicator that mainly shows technical data of market trends with arrows. it created on EMA 50 & 200, MACD, stochastic and RSI. Just need to change Background Graphics and make it responsive without any error. A simple update. I need it urgent, so only apply who is free to do the job immediately. I'll share the code after confirming the job application. Thanks
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(3) MQL4 Indicators Design Forex Python Custom graphics Product Design
Add button to channel indicator (personal job)
30+ USD
Add button to Trendline channel indicator NLR mtf. This is the job we just did, so just use that indicator. I've got many downloads, so perhaps just start name with a _ That way it is also in top of my indicator list. End name with btn (for buttton)
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(8) MQL4 Indicators Design
70 - 100 USD
The required conditions are met 1- Dashboard information and conditions: 2- If the price closes on a candle on a day in the current month above or below the specified area, it gives a one-time alert with the name of the pair, the frame, and the transaction whether it was buying or selling. The color is determined according to the trend in the dashboard. 3- Click on the desired frame to open a new chart window
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(6) MQL5 Indicators Design Forex
I need a logo (personal job)
30+ USD
I need a logo for my brand if you want to do the job. Accept the offer. The brand logo was a complex thing that was takes around 24 hours
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(1) MQL5 Experts Design Photoshop
35+ USD
I would like to add a graphical look to my EA . Giving it a better look. I would also like to redesign the box which has the equity ,acc balance and lot size
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(2) MQL5 Scripts Design Forex Panels and dialog boxes Python Custom graphics Product Design Java Text writing Photoshop
125 - 175 USD
trade copier mt4, with reverse copy feature, sl and tp levels copied, the usual. READ TWICE : the copy order from master to slave must go in as a limit order. example: master buy market at 1.25 the slave will copy as buy limit at 1.25 if the price moves away from 1.25 the order will just sit there at a 1.25 waiting if reversed then the slave will have a sell order at 1.25 limit ,( filled or waiting ) i can
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MQL4 Design
30 - 60 USD
Hi! I need a copier which will be integrated to MT4 and MT5 and will send the trade details to my Telegram Channel. The format in which the text will be send to the Telegram Channel is given below: EURUSD BUY SL XXXX.XX TP XXXX.XX In case of giving TP , it will be sent to the telegram channel after the execution of the trade in a separate message and the format will be... SET TP XXXX.XX To set the SL, it will be sent
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(8) MQL5 Experts Design Forex Product Design
55 - 150 USD
Hey there, I need a trade panel. All information is in the doc. Please let me know what your price and time estimation is. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1w3HmYKx4QaFPEV0wkMk1IZHuWbuTi7zC7qeH4b85pdQ/edit?usp=sharing Project Overview: We aim to replicate and enhance a trading software similar to "Forex Trade Manager MT5" available on the MQL5 marketplace. The objective is to create a user-friendly trade panel for
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(3) MQL5 Indicators Design Forex Panels and dialog boxes
30+ USD
I am looking for graphic designer who can write code for EA (i will not provide my EA source code ) . On chart must show trading infomation , profit, loss, drawdown on open pairs must inside box
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(14) MQL4 Design
Trading Panel for MT5 (personal job)
160+ USD
A trading panel / interface for the MT5 is to be programmed. The setting options and contents are described in the following attached file. the panel should be able to be inserted into the chart
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(9) MQL5 Other Design
30 - 35 USD
Can you make a plug in or any program that create a timing schedule on auto trading bottom of Mt4? as you know we can only turn the Auto trading On and OFF, i need a time scheduler on Mt4 that without affecting the EA(that is already running) can manually be adjust the timing (exp, Turn OFF at 10.00PM and Turn ON at 1.00AM...) if it is possible, could you provide price and availability please? Thank you
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(6) MQL4 Experts Design Forex Trading robot/indicator debugging Statistics and mathematics Stocks C# Python Futures
30 USD
Looking for experienced programmer to an alert , as soon as the colour changes from red to green and green to red. I like to only use TF1 in the indicator, and a button to change the values up or down. The input is currently at 35 in the Indicator
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(9) Other Indicators Design
35+ USD
Input of panel: ⁃ Magic number 01 ⁃ Comment 01 ⁃ Magic number 02 ⁃ Comment 02 ⁃ Spread Need panel with 2 magic numbers : 1st Magic number for left part (see image below or in attach file) : ⁃ Buy button : execute buy market with the 1st magic number ⁃ Take profit : close all positions when the total amount of running profit of all opening positions with the 1st magic number hit. ⁃ Stop loss : close all
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(9) MQL5 Design Panels and dialog boxes
VPS configuration (personal job)
40+ USD
Hi, please confiq forextrademasters.com engine in this vps SERVER IP:- USER ID:- Administrator PASSWORD:- i9Pph4YZCuJ9xeQsi2 After that i will create new order for weblice.in please complete as soon as possible
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(8) MQL4 Other Design
NINJATRADER 8 strategy based on Trendmagic indicator (personal job)
150 - 200 USD
Ninjatrader 8.00 strategy to be created based on Trendmagic Indicator (name of strategy : Trendmagic_v1 ) This Ninjatrader Strategy is based on an Indicator called Trendmagic. Trendmagic is a line that turns red and Green. The parameters of the Trendmagic indicator must be also parameters on the new strategy. The strategy should be able to open and close trades with the following rules : When trendmagic
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(13) Other Experts Design Product Design
Ad the rsi indicator to trigger alongside my ea set up (personal job)
30+ USD
I was to ad the rsi to my ea bot in order to refing the trigger to open trades. I want it to work in reverse after triggers over bought or under bought. It should trigger woth the macd and stoch set up that is already on my ea system
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(1) MQL5 Experts Design Forex JavaScript
65+ USD
I would like the developer to code a complete MT5 Forex EA based on a relatively simple Heiken Ashi chart that utilizes two other indicators in a strategy that I shall document with a template. There must be a news filter to filter medium and high impact news. 1) News filter must be able to be turned on or off by either or both medium and/or high news. 2) There should be a before and after timer, in hours
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(5) MQL5 Experts Design Forex Trading robot/indicator debugging Statistics and mathematics Strategy optimization Strategy modules Options