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30 - 80 USD
Hello, I have an expert advisor who works with hedging. I want to amend it and add some advantages to it. The strategy depends on technical analysis, then draws a defense zone manually, on which the expert advisor works. It is preferable that the developer speaks Arabic for me, for ease of communication
30 - 80 USD
مرحبًا ، لديّ مستشار خبير يعمل مع التحوط. أريد تعديله وإضافة بعض المزايا إليه. تعتمد الإستراتيجية على التحليل الفني ، ثم ترسم منطقة دفاع يدويًا يعمل عليها المستشار الخبير. يفضل أن يتكلم المطور اللغة العربية لي لسهولة التواصل
100 - 200 USD
İyi bir yazılım geliştiricisi arıyorum. Bu bir kripto ticareti, Binance için bir arayüze sahip olacak bir al ve sat botu. Size stratejimden özel olarak anlatacağım. türkçe konuşan yazılımcı arkadaşlar varsa eğer daha iyi anlatabilirim
100 - 200 USD
I'm looking for a good software developer. this is a crypto trade.A buy and sell bot that will have a me interface for Binance. I will tell you privately about my strategy
30 - 300 USD
Hello, i need a copier that work by API I want something simple... Master account copie the positions opened to the "slaves" account. Need it to recognize the balance of the slaves accounts in order to get the same % of risk. Example: If master have 100$ and open 10$ The slaves account have 200$ will open 20$ Best Regards
30 - 200 USD
need to external program making charts simliar to mt4 We want to design a graph Plots Japanese candlesticks on all time frames As in the MT4 currency trading platform So I enter the prices manually: Ask / Bid/ high / low The date, time, and price grid should also appear on the graph And analysis tools can be used inside the chart And this fee is required to keep the entered data. In other words, it should have the
30 - 200 USD
When candle sticks is above the 50 exponential moving Average buy when below the 50 exponential moving Average sell when the 8 simple moving Average crosses the 21 moving Average above buy when the 8 simple moving Average crosses the 21 moving Average below sell when the relative strength index is above 50 leverage level buy when below sell
30+ USD
Hi! need some help on that. There are outhere many informational sites like myfxbook or fxblue or similar, where you can connect your mt4 live account and see all the statistics. I want to build my own personal site for that, that i dont use thirdparties. how this can be made. Has someone some instructions for that or can someone link me where can i find that? If somone can program those thinks it would be also
40+ USD
Build front-end and back end of a website. the landing page is ready ( two areas to build: client Area and Admin Area. CLIENT AREA Pages: Log in, Register, Forget Password. -Personal Data -Account status -Withdrawals -Referrals -Support Ticket ADMIN AREA - Dashboard (analytical dashboard) - Clients -Withdrawal Requests -Registrations and Account Requests -Support ticket -Verify Documents there
50 - 500 USD
Building a Special Robot for Binary Trading with MT5 Signal Service Trading Scenerio Receive Signals from MT5 as Trading Signals with special trading instructions on signals to trade, time to spend within a trade, profit target, Stop loss and daily profit and loses threshold The Robot sample, sample is simple to allow us trade on Binary platform with specific details on trades, barrier offset, time frame and daily
30+ USD
Hi all, i urgently need someone to convert a tradingview indicator to a meta trader indicator. I have attached the a screenshot of the indicator with the name. It is a candlestick pattern indicator but i am specifically interested in the harami pattern, hence i want an arrow on the chart on the next candle after the pattern is fully formed. Please if you can do this message me ASAP. Thanks
30 USD
w ant binary bot get 20 $ Daly investing small fund good working bot used to all market can you help me and you can give me a bot plz
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Experts HTML
350+ USD
I need an auto trader for trading on Capital Street. I like their signals and I want to be able to auto trade ALL of their signals on their platform. 1. They provide three sites where they post their signals. 2. Their signals also come on Telegram in form of text, images & videos - this is a public channel which can be monitored as a web page The application will have to keep refreshing the sites to get the latest
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30 - 200 USD
Need EA programmer to develop trading bot making use of other EA's, indicator's on the chart, calculates entry based on balance, equity and margin/ free margin- robot ought to provide the option to place manual trade or offer a higher possibility on win rate and DD TO increase lot size for the highest TP available- furthermore the robot/algo ought to take into consideration breakout/pullback strategy, any news that
100+ USD
Statistics and mathematics Panels and dialog boxes Custom graphics Futures OpenCL ALGLIB C++ C# Java JavaScript PHP SQL MySQL PostgreSQL R Python HTML Linux RegExp Photoshop Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Strategy modules Collection of data on the internet Uploading data to a website Forex Stocks Options Data mining Product Design Text translation Text writing
30 - 200 USD
I'm looking for NASDAQ TRADING CHEATING CODES that real work. Please assist me with it if you have it or if you can create it, I'm willing to pay any reasonable price
30 - 100 USD
I am looking for someone who can create a M and W formation indicator. You must shown that you have experience in doing this. I would like to see a picture of what has been done before. I am willing to pay good money for the indicator that would be created. Non-Repaint indicator please
150 - 300 USD
Hello I looking for a professional developer to design me a WordPress site for selling forex signals for membership basis . Home page or signals page will display all daily trade open signals like : currency , entry price , SL / TP and report only paid members will have access such entry price SL/TP Non paid member will only see the currency but not entry price ST or TP . Site will also have all others widgets like
30+ USD
احتاج مبرمج احتاج اي رسله تظهر علي المنصه تنبعت بشكل اتومتك الي الوتساب او تلجرام وشكرا لكم جميعا الموشرات موجوده لكن اريد الرساله الي بتجي بتنبيه توصل مباشر الي التلجرام تنبيه اعرف انعا توصل للهاتف ايضان عن طريق المنصه لكني احتاج ان رسله توصل لتلجرام لمجموعه من الناس
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