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1. The idea of the trading system is as follows: To receive an alert when MACD histogram bars reach trend continuation on MT5. This EA and signal will be applied to the M5, H1 and H4 timeframes. The EA and signal will be applied to the following instruments: US500Cash, UK100Cash, GER30Cash, Nasdaq, Gold, Silver, GBPUSD, USDCAD, EURUSD 2. Trend: This is determined by the MACD histogram bar. If the previous histogram
30 - 100 USD
I am looking for a coder how can build me an excel RTD sheet. I like to import real-time tick data from MT4 like date, time, ask, bid, last price, from two different brokers for EURUSD. I also like to execute buy and sell orders from the excel sheet. The latest 10 000 real-time tick data need to import. I am also interested in sub-minute data. Is it possible to import 10 second or 45 second data from MT4 to excel
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I require an EA that will enter and exit the Futures market at preset times of the day. It needs to place and cancel buylimit orders with stoploss and profit targets based on tick price. It needs to be able to add contracts to an existing trade based on tick price. If possible I would like for it to be able to refer to futures markets as indicator for trade entry
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İyi bir yazılım geliştiricisi arıyorum. Bu bir kripto ticareti, Binance için bir arayüze sahip olacak bir al ve sat botu. Size stratejimden özel olarak anlatacağım. türkçe konuşan yazılımcı arkadaşlar varsa eğer daha iyi anlatabilirim
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I'm looking for a good software developer. this is a crypto trade.A buy and sell bot that will have a me interface for Binance. I will tell you privately about my strategy
200 - 3000 USD
Hello, I'm not very technical. I need somebody to run and keep track of the ea indicator. So I can focus on getting people to invest. We can arrange a profit split. It doesn't cost you a lot of time. Consistency, punctuality and trust is key here. Preferably European timezone, and Dutch citizen
30 - 300 USD
Hello, i need a copier that work by API I want something simple... Master account copie the positions opened to the "slaves" account. Need it to recognize the balance of the slaves accounts in order to get the same % of risk. Example: If master have 100$ and open 10$ The slaves account have 200$ will open 20$ Best Regards
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I would like to have an EA created similar to the one attached. It appears to be using a martingale strategy. This is working ok but sometimes I want to close the EA or the entire MT4 application so that I can perform certain functions like restarting the computer/MT4 application or moving the EA to a different computer. I would like to implement a safe way to do this. Another way perhaps would be to close all orders
30 - 100 USD
I'm looking for an experienced developer to code an EA for boom and binary indices. If they already have one that is profitable will be an added advantage. I will give my strategy if the developer doesn't have his/her own strategy. The trading bot is required asap so if you are interested be online so that we can chat and hire you immediately
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I have a non repainting mt4 indicator I want converted into a expert advisor. The indicator generates signals by painting a white arrow for buy and a red arrow for sell. Below is how I want the Expert advisor to work. Once the indicator paints a white arrow from below the E.A should buy immediately and if the indicator paints a red arrow from above the E.A should sell immediately
100 - 500000 USD
I'm looking to bring on a full-time person to develop, backtest, optimize, and forward test a portfolio of strategies to trade forex and futures. Initially, the focus would be on commercially available EA's, as well as coding and testing several of my own trading ideas and strategies. In addition to MT4 and 5, I plan to use Strategy Quant extensively. I don't expect the applicant to have experience with SQ, but a
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Hello everyone, I have an MT4 indicator witch I want to run on Sierra Chart (language ACSIL/DLL unsure) If you can make it, contact me with pleasure. Thank a lot Pierre
500+ USD
I need a good developer and with demos and samples on back testing I need samples and demos on forex trading with backtest results C++ Python Forex bot Trading bot Strategies Demos
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Abstract The following document describes the requirement plan. We need a Utility Dashboard for MetaTrader 5 for the 28 major pairs of forex, that is mainly an EA Manager and a Daily Equity Guard. The Utility Dashboard must give signal to user as to when to turn robots on (user has many personal robots that trade one direction only) and close positions when target 1 hits and close all robots when target 2 hits
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I like to cross-connect two different MT4 terminal and measure the bid and ask quotes last price differences by tick by tick based. Only two MT4 terminal need to be linked together
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I like to develop an MT5 EA based on an indicator. I need five input into the EA. Input 1: buy threshold level Input 2: sell threshold level input 3: buy and sell exit level input 4: lot size input 5: comment input 6: magic number Position opening and closing done by market orders. The system has to open and close position if the tick is closed
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Hello, i need a very effective forex trading bot for MT4 with Profitable Strategy! trading bot Statistics and mathematic Panels and dialog boxe# Custom graphics Future I want the bot to perform at high level of profitability and Also want it to give me up to 300% profitt per month! I would really this to make my retirement great! i am planning to invest forex for my retirement! thanks
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I like to crossconnect two MT4 terminal by python and measuring the two terminal bid and ask tick data. I like to execute order by tick data volatility. The bid and ask tick data need to visualize on real-time
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Hi, i am looking for 5 minute reversal order block indicator/EA strategy which will place orders and trial stops below most recent high or low. Find attached images for both buy & sell entries. The rules for the EA are outlined below: EA will run from 7am - 3pm GMT Trades not entered unless High or Low of asian session is broken (12 - 7am GMT) When Asian high is broken, sells are looked for. When Asian low is broken