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50 - 250 USD
I would like a complete automated licensing system that I can integrate into my website to automatically email a licensing code to my clients after they make a payment for my MT4/MT5 EA or indicator. I am open to ideas, though I do have detailed specs (as for my Google doc) on the locking options for the license code, and dashboard I would like to have for managing licenses. The primary options would be: I can add
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Experts Integration PHP MySQL HTML
50 - 150 USD
Need a EA/program built for MT5 that can open multiple identical orders (same currency/symbol) of at least basic buy and sell orders at once up to the maximum of 200 orders for any lot size (100 lots max), so it should be able to open 200 x 100 lot buy trades (total 20000 lots) at once. I also need it to be able to modify the stop loss of all orders simultaneously and/or be able to apply a breakeven stop loss to all
30 - 35 USD
I Need to work closely with a developer to turn my strategy into a trading bot, Whilst backtesting i have a 93% win rate and even manually trading i have weeks of 100% win rate however psychologically i run into issues and creating a bot would elminate this but i want to develop with someone to ensure i can create a great bot. I iam a student and so i have very little money but if you help me create the bot yo will
30 - 50 USD
Hi, I am looking for a indicator or EA that will scan my market watch list in all time frames, and give a list of any currency pair, or item that has gapped up or down, ( that is opened or closed higher or lower than the previous candle). It would be great if: 1) It had the option toggle on off time frames of choice 2) Show how it pair/item has gapped up/down in pips/points or percentage 3) give the ability to choose