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30 - 150 USD
I need an MT5 programmer who can produce an EA that can ASCERTAIN the currencies which are very strong daily and currency which are very weak among 28 pair of currency USD, JPY, CHF, GBP, EUR, AUD, NZD, CAD pairs. Example i do my market pair analysis myself to help me know which currencies are strong and which currency are weak and it takes me a lot of time sitting on the system. Let me explain more with EUR/GBP
30 - 200 USD
I am looking for someone to optimize a commercial EA I bought long time ago (not available for sale anymore); the strategy is scalping during Asian session. I can also show the current history of the EA in order to understand the changes in the settings that have been done by the owner during the years
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30+ USD
Hello developers We want Indicator and EA based on Super trend Indicator but not on normal candle. its should use the calculation of heiken ashi candle to generate signal. Like this - And we can change the parameters of Super trend and in Ea we want option for 2 targets and sl we can put sl and targets in % and in points
30 - 50 USD
Looking for a trading system based on moving averages,rsi,stochastic oscillator that works on 1minute to Daily, triggers a trade when conditions are met. works manually and automatically with money management and risk management. I want EA to take a trade when conditions are met trendline or horizontal line is broken I will draw them manually. It must also trade automatically when i'm not around. it must work on
100 - 200 USD
İyi bir yazılım geliştiricisi arıyorum. Bu bir kripto ticareti, Binance için bir arayüze sahip olacak bir al ve sat botu. Size stratejimden özel olarak anlatacağım. türkçe konuşan yazılımcı arkadaşlar varsa eğer daha iyi anlatabilirim
200 - 3000 USD
Hello, I'm not very technical. I need somebody to run and keep track of the ea indicator. So I can focus on getting people to invest. We can arrange a profit split. It doesn't cost you a lot of time. Consistency, punctuality and trust is key here. Preferably European timezone, and Dutch citizen
30+ USD
I want system with price action and trend in forex. Give me signals and auto trades. Send signals to auto in telegram with tp1 tp2 tp3 and stoploss. Pls contact me in telegram for more information @RaybalThind
100 - 300 USD
I would like to have an EA created similar to the one attached. It appears to be using a martingale strategy. This is working ok but sometimes I want to close the EA or the entire MT4 application so that I can perform certain functions like restarting the computer/MT4 application or moving the EA to a different computer. I would like to implement a safe way to do this. Another way perhaps would be to close all orders
300 - 400 USD
Objective: Combine a series of five indictors from Pine Script to MT5. There are multiple inputs for these indictors they should be added to the input section of the EA, with the same variability of the indicators themselves. The inputs of EA as well be in a neat and concise order with clear labelling of indictors for optimization. All of the indictors are open source. Some the indictors have components which are
100 - 200 USD
Hello Am looking for a developer for and Mt4 that will make a bot for me with a profitable strategy with i will be making Daily, weekly, monthly profit.... I need the EA to open max 5 position with define SL/TP of 1:3 which can trade with minimum capital of 100 USD and lot size and SL and TP can be changed EA should work with trend like if down trend than only sell position and with uptrend buy . EA has to manage
30+ USD
I’m using an EA that I need optimized to limit downdraw for all major currencies. It’s an EA from the market. Would like it done ASAP. There are about 10 parameters that need to be optimized for about 8 currencies
2 Applications
30+ USD
I have a non repainting mt4 indicator I want converted into a expert advisor. The indicator generates signals by painting a white arrow for buy and a red arrow for sell. Below is how I want the Expert advisor to work. Once the indicator paints a white arrow from below the E.A should buy immediately and if the indicator paints a red arrow from above the E.A should sell immediately
30+ USD
I am looking for someone who can code a EA for the volatility index for because i from amsterdam we have issue with binary options regulations. So this is all i can trade ... i really would like to discuss what it possible. Like any other person i would like to have the best of the best just kidding. What is important for me are the quality of the signals not the amount i dont care if they are based on 1
100 - 500000 USD
I'm looking to bring on a full-time person to develop, backtest, optimize, and forward test a portfolio of strategies to trade forex and futures. Initially, the focus would be on commercially available EA's, as well as coding and testing several of my own trading ideas and strategies. In addition to MT4 and 5, I plan to use Strategy Quant extensively. I don't expect the applicant to have experience with SQ, but a
30 - 200 USD
Hello Am looking for a developer for Mt4 and Mt5 that will make a bot for me with a profitable strategy with i will be making Daily, weekly, monthly profit.... What is my requirement for this to get started with the uses of Python, C++, Java, forex language. I need the develop to code for my forex trading bot
500+ USD
I need a good developer and with demos and samples on back testing I need samples and demos on forex trading with backtest results C++ Python Forex bot Trading bot Strategies Demos
5000+ USD
Hello there, I need you to get me a responsive MT4 Trading bot which can manage up to $50K+ Accounts. and Also, the Bot should be able to Make good profits! Show me your Proofs and I will choose you
500+ USD
Hello, i need a very effective forex trading bot for MT4 with Profitable Strategy! trading bot Statistics and mathematic Panels and dialog boxe# Custom graphics Future I want the bot to perform at high level of profitability and Also want it to give me up to 300% profitt per month! I would really this to make my retirement great! i am planning to invest forex for my retirement! thanks
100 - 300 USD
Hi, i am looking for 5 minute reversal order block indicator/EA strategy which will place orders and trial stops below most recent high or low. Find attached images for both buy & sell entries. The rules for the EA are outlined below: EA will run from 7am - 3pm GMT Trades not entered unless High or Low of asian session is broken (12 - 7am GMT) When Asian high is broken, sells are looked for. When Asian low is broken
30+ USD
Hi dear developers plz make mql non repaint alerts indicator based on following video,+arrow +sound popup showing price n time of cross +SHL small horizontal line sticking with current candle body where it crossed previous candle, thanks khanatd Good luck Cheers