Let's discuss video "Price Action Trading FULL Course"

Nguyen Trong Thanh  
I am learning about price action, thank you for your video
Dani Rukmana  

I followed your youtube channel. it's amazing training about price action.

Thank you 

Angelo Duca  

Great video thank you

I got some good points from this

Angelo Duca

Arpit T  

I avoid using price action, Floor trader only do calculations and still trade using line chart, so i believe there is some way more better than 

price action which is only based on price (eliminating action) as its believed action is made only when floor trader reacts on interesting supply and demand zone. Since every trader on the earth does not have insider info, so there is definitely a mathematical model which exists and which never require a trader to even see a chart but only info of OHLC and high low.