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Active Control Panels, scroll control not functioning

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I have added a scroll (CScrollV, Controls\Scrolls.mqh) control to the basic active control panel example in the mql4 includes library. I have been playing around with active panels for several weeks now and have even programmed a very detailed panel, but I cannot get the scroll control to work. Common controls are activated via the Event map as below. However, for some reason this will not work with the scroll control, it will not jump to the OnScroll1 function like the other controls jum to there functions. Nether can I see any .Value() member for the control. Does anyone know how to use this control? If anyone has a simple example, please include it. I have attached my source file to make things clearer.  

Many thanks... 


//| Event Handling                                                   |






   ON_EVENT(ON_CHANGE,m_scroll,OnScroll1)          //not working

   ON_EVENT(ON_CLICK,m_scroll,OnScroll1)           //not working





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