Problems with seeing profit when selling my CPU in the MQL5 Cloud Network Program



I've downloaded the MetaTester 5 Agents Manager and completed the agents installation process.

The agents are shown to be connected and running.

After a while they appeared in the "Agents" tab on my profile but after around 200 tasks the profit is still "0.00$".

They also tend to appear and disappear from the tab, like right now i can see only 2 out of the 8 agents i have installed.

Any idea on how i can tackle these 2 problems?

Thank you very much.


The amount of money you can earn is related to the performance of your PC: physical(!) kernels, speed, ..

Do you know this (

My agents are loaded with calculations, but no payments are transfered to my accounts.

All charges for calculations run in the MQL5 Cloud Network are made at the end of the day, you'll see them the next day in the Payments section of your Profile.

If your account is banned or blocked, the agents work for free through the entire blocking period.

Questions Concerning Payment for Participation in the MQL5 Cloud Network
Questions Concerning Payment for Participation in the MQL5 Cloud Network
Questions concerning payment for participation in the MQL5 Cloud Network - distributed computing network


Thanks for your help but unfortunately its not an issue of performance, 1300 passes across eight 125PR cores should have generate some profit by now.

I noticed that my account name in the "metatester 5 agent manager -> mql5 cloud network" has a red background suggesting me there is something wrong with my account and that i'm giving out my agents for free.

However i don't have any errors or warning on my account.

Any idea on how to move from here?

Thank you so much.